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Power Crisis: Mliswa Says ZANU PF Must Let Mugabe Rest

Power Crisis: Mliswa Says ZANU PF Must Let Mugabe Rest

Norton legislator (independent), Temba Mliswa, has said the ruling ZANU PF must let the late former president Robert Mugabe rest after the party blamed Zimbabwe’s founding leader for the power crisis.

Speaking in a recent interview with South African broadcaster eNCA, ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa said Mugabe’s mismanagement of the country over the past two decades was to blame for the current energy crisis. He said:

The power crisis that the country is facing currently is a product of years of neglect within Zimbabwe in particular.

The mismanagement, the arm-fisted mismanagement of the last two decades of Mugabe and his G40s obviously has a negative pull.

It is retarding the speed of recovery, but you can’t doubt that recovery is going on.

In response, Mliswa said ZANU PF must just admit failure to rectify the problem. Mliswa, a former ZAU PF MP said:

These guys governed together with Mugabe for 37 years. They even had slogans, Mugabe tofa naye [we’ll die with him]. Now he is gone they want to blame him for the rot. It’s rather sad. The honorable thing would be to admit that we made mistakes and will work to rectify them.

It’s an indictment of poor leadership, failing to take responsibility for anything, always finding scapegoats. Is there evidence that you tried to correct Mugabe from making the error? Without that you are equally culpable. Let the man rest in peace.

Zimbabwe’s power crisis is affecting people from all walks of life including businesses, miners and households.

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1 month ago

Zanupf, Mugabe's legacy is that of failure, incompetence, mismanagement, corruption, theft, murder and oppression and human rights abuse.
All those in zanupf are to blame.

hatidi naye nemukufa 1 month ago

he was a no le statesman who had to do a balancing act of technocrats and the takarwa Hondo gunvosters vaakuchimhanya Paris zvino

hatidi naye nemukufa 1 month ago


Mutsvangwa 1 month ago

Mugabe caused these problems, Sanctions also cause problems they tool our water at Kariba

1 month ago

Iwe kwana iwe

1 month ago

Enda unopengera kure nesu nxaaaaaaa

workers 1 month ago

pls leave Mugabe alone . he must rest in peace , endai motenga magetsi chete simple , ungatawura mhunu akaenda Kuna Shee here?

Rigor Mortis 1 month ago

Mugabe should never be allowed to rest in peace.He is the chief architect of all our suffering through populist policies.

Cde hondo 1 month ago

You are spot on Themba. It's not mugabe alone to blame but zanu pf including Ed


Maparamuro 1 month ago

First step in correction of a mistake is admission. Mutsvangwa's statement simply means he is not admitting that he had a role in the mess together with what is being called the 2nd republic. He wants us to believe we got a new zanupf after the coup in 2017. You can't fix what you don't admit is wrong. Mutsvangwa and the 2nd republic are telling us they are it responsible so they would rather cushion themselves with solar systems and diesel generators in their places of residence and business rather than fix the national crisis.
Those who have the brains to understand and are interested in fixing the problem will vote the whole zanupf out or bring in a completely new zanupf with visionaries and not looters.
Ngaiende Ngaiende zanupf I mboko idzi

cde chipopi 1 month ago

problem yavo ndeyekuti vanofunga kuti vanhu vakapusa sterek esp the big mouth Mutsvangwa. Mugabe anga runner gvt Ari one here is it possible?

seer 1 month ago

mugabe haazororezve nyaya idzi dzisati dzapera. Takabvira kare tichiitiswa, now tawana solution moda kuvhiringidza hakuna. Akambozvitangirei, takamuudza kare kuti hadziperi mushe nyaya idzi akaita nharo.

Basa mberi Tinashe Mugabe, ikodzero yemwana wese kuziva dzinza rake. pamberi ne DNA

civil servant leader 1 month ago

soon twuma husa twuri kupiwa ma civil servants twunenge twakutorwa ne gvt kuti igadzirise magetsi

£ 1 month ago

very true let mugabe rest in peace

Doug 1 month ago

The world outside knows that Zanu(PF) is Mugabe, and Mugabe is Zanu(PF). To them, whoever talks bad about Mugabe is an enemy of Zanu(PF), and, whoever talks bad about Zanu(PF) was never a sincere follower of Mugabe. They cheated and betrayed him, and feared him when he was alive. Margaret Dongo said something to that effect. I hope we of the members of that party are also not lying to the present President, and will only come out in the near future. It is such people who make it difficult for the leader to lead as, in African fashion, the leader has to protect the dignity of those elders under him, even if they exhibit some form of delusion or insanity.

mukmeric 1 month ago

kana moisa masolar nemagenerator kudzimba dzemaminister musasiyawo kwana dott,mtt,fake bushlawyer, Vybz Kartel,patriot nevamwe vavo

Ndini ndadaro 1 month ago

Munhu mumwe chete using different aliases

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

@ndini ndadaro you are right. He(They) are part of the ZANU/See10 trolls who patrol electronic media to intimidate free thinkers.

Add to that Vesto (fake), ok, etc. and the other bootlickers. Vanenge vatori kuoffice. They are paid to do just that

orodhi piporo 1 month ago

they always blame everyone else other than themselves they can't own up for their failures

democracy 1 month ago

vote wisely in2023


I used to view ZANU PF spokesperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa, with envy. Now it has all evaporated into thin air.

Christopher Mutsvangwa is an educated man in ZANU PF colours. He should know management principles that when taking a post, you takeover everything including debts.

Their so called second administration has been in power for the past 4 years. This is more than ample time to correct all anomalies. Temba Mliswa is a hundred per cent correct. Yesterday they blamed Sanctions for their failures and today they are blaming the dead for their failures.



Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

ABCD 1 month ago

Mugabe airambidza zesa kukwidza tariff and zesa was selling magetsi at a loss now this has caught up with us .

Zupco 1 month ago

The issue of blame was there in the past , even the time when I was the CEO at Zupco ,

1 month ago

And operation restore legacy..... Which legacy where these Mutsvangwas and co restoring..... The legacy to blame him after his death for all your failures as Zanu and as Zanu pf

1 month ago

muliswa haanyari here kutaurisa iye ari umwe wacho waivamo mugvt nguva yacho

taneta 1 month ago

kana makundikana nyararai, tiri kurwadziwa nekuba kwamuri kuita izvi hazvisati zvamboitika since 1980 tinyareiwo chizororai tave kuda vanepfungwa drink dzonza

Taneta 1 month ago

kana makundikana beter kunyarara muri kutirwadzisa, izvi hazvisati zvamboitika since 1980

country under siege 1 month ago

Mliswa is very sensible sometimes ,though I think he only speaks to gain political mileage as he too is part of the rot.
The incumbent regime never has foresight and if any will just be a gimmick as is Vision 2030 not attainable at all with such rampart corruption and all.
Theirs is crisis management or rather management by crisis as the case now to invest in solar power,etc .Have they known just now that solar has and is energy?
Hence the voice of reason is crying out for change, but alas a change will not be now for the beast time is not yet up.
Aluta continua

ecoz . 1 month ago

if you are a leader and you just want to hear good things from your colleagues, you are a failed person

Black Jack 1 month ago

Vision 2030: TOTAL DSRKNESS. SHAME. Chokwadi ndechekuti ZANU mazvitadza. Chimbopai imwe PARTY itonge nyika muone. You are a failed PARTY

Timothy 1 month ago

Mugabe to hell

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