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ZANU PF Blames Mugabe For Electricity Crisis

ZANU PF Blames Mugabe For Electricity Crisis

ZANU PF has blamed the late former president Robert Mugabe who was ousted in a military coup in November 2017 for the prolonged power blackouts currently being experienced in Zimbabwe.

Speaking in a recent interview with South African broadcaster eNCA, ZANU PF spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa said Mugabe’s mismanagement of the country over the past two decades was to blame for the current energy crisis. He said:

The power crisis that the country is facing currently is a product of years of neglect within Zimbabwe in particular.

The mismanagement, the arm-fisted mismanagement of the last two decades of Mugabe and his G40s obviously has a negative pull.

It is retarding the speed of recovery, but you can’t doubt that recovery is going on.

Zimbabweans are spending at least 18 hours a day without electricity and this has severely negatively affected business.

The state-owned power company, Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA), says low water levels at the Kariba Dam are triggering the country’s current blackouts.

The failure of ageing equipment at its Hwange Thermal Power Stations has also played a part. | eNCA

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Tajamuka Group 1 month ago

Kupomera ishasha ,luck manyarara maSanctions these day

-_- 1 month ago

komaiitei Mugabe wacho achiporonga?

chris 1 month ago

aivepowo mgabe paaiwondonga nyika you should stop blaming mgabe instead blam the old and the new zanu mese makangofanana zvamakaona kuti ndokwazvirikuenda mukagoiteiko nazvo

You should know 1 month ago

Zanupf supporters, MP's, ministers and leaders are to blame for their incompetence and lack of intelligence for the situation we find themselves in.
Bad manager's need to be replaced.

strings 1 month ago

zanu pf has failed us and can't hold accountability for their corrupt actions

Dira wekwaJecha 1 month ago

Iro rinotopenga iro rinonzi Mutsvangwa...that failure is due to mismanagement of resources by everyone in ZANU PF zve G40 zvaurikutaura zvakazotanga after 2008 and what was ZANU PF doing since independence nhayiwe dununu?Let uncle Bob rest in peace

imbeciles 1 month ago

zanu pf blaming zanu pf 🤷 pliz don't insult our intelligence nxaaaaaa

Bright 1 month ago

Mudhara wekwa Monica uyo akakwana here hanty vaishanda vese her mugabe adii vasade kunyepa apa nguva yamugabe magetsi aisanyanya kudai so apa zva worse apa


democracy 1 month ago

vote for whoever you think is going to solve today's problems and also secure tomorrow's future
But honestly Zimbabwe has a shortage of leaders,,,l hope God intervenes.

1 month ago

God does not exist.

1 month ago

Handiti maishanda mese here nhai imi muchiba mese futi

sekiru gora 1 month ago

siyai mugabe azorore

👥 1 month ago

now you blaming him come on, who was advicing him back then. Why blame the old man blame his close man, it's point less to point fingers at the former president because that doesn't change anything.
those who were there also should be blamed for enforcing developments..

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Mutsvangwa is empty upstairs, his mentality shows we have the wrong people in political offices as we speak. Mutsvangwa has been part of zanupf since before independence, he has been sitting in the decision making bodies of zanupf and gvt for ages, the failure to plan is not a one man responsibility, it's a collective responsibility. Idhi has been in cabinet since independence and can't be exonerated from what zanupf and it's gvts have been doing since then.
Mustvangwa thinks we are all fools, right now instead of focusing of the energy crisis affecting the nation they have given each other loans of $500k, $350k and $40k, with that they can install the best solar systems and power generators available on the market, they will never think of Zesa they will never know blackouts and they will never think of fixing the power shortages. For the povo it's indoda iyazibonela for them it's us taking care of their welfare.
What are we getting for keeping these people in office?

Fred 1 month ago

Mutsvangwa is right in saying tht Mugabe is responsible for the power crisis and others we have in country. What he omits is that 80 % of the politicians and bereaucrats we have in gvt (including Chris) were part of tht gvt. He was an ambassador to China at one point. He was a cheerleader to Mugabe. Mugabe could fart and they will be clapping hands. The current president was a very senior politician during Mugabe s era and Mugabe dd nt make decisions alone. At one point they said they d die for Mugabe the same way the are saying they will die for the current leader.

Hunter 1 month ago

also sanctions have caused the problem

1 month ago


Ndini ndareva 1 month ago

Kutonga kusvika nyika yaita rimma.Tiiitirei serious mdhara imimi

tgt 1 month ago

Mugabe ndiye ari kumwa mvura muKariba nhayimi mbavha ku mh ata kwaAuxilia

Firelady 1 month ago

Kkkkkk aaah bvunzawo hako

Cde hondo 1 month ago

Nonsense Chris just shut up. Ed was mugabes no1 adviser and vice president for years so how do you exonerate him. He was part of everything mugabe did. It's zanu pf not mugabe alone.

ccccc 1 month ago

Mutsvangwa unyatsveruka zi mbwa.Mange musiri mese here na Mugabe muchiuraya nyika.Mha. ta yamai vako Mutsvangwa

guys this situation is beyond 1 month ago

embarrassing what do you want him to say on an international news channel 😂😂😂 musadaro munhu panenge pasina chekutaura musadaro munhu 😂😂😂

1 month ago

adii mugabe tibvireipo

Machiavelli 1 month ago

In the United States of America there is a plaque which announces "The buck stops here", meaning that the President of the USA is accountable for everything that goes on in the nation. Meaning that the President cannot blame anybody else for anything that goes wrong in the nation. That is accountability.

In our basket case called Zimbabwe, Mugabe used to blame everything on colonialism. We got so indoctrinated about "Zimbabwe will never be a colony again" mantra. Yet we never acknowledged the sound infrastructure of inter alia, roads, dams, electricity, water, railways and airlines that the Smith regime endowed us with. With the passage of time we began to blame sanctions.

The new Deception came in, riding on sanctions which is wearing thin. ED started blaming sabotage by business, opposition, civil service, and literally everyone else. Now that doesn't wash anymore. The latest is to blame Mugabe. Who else are we going to blame tomorrow?

When shall we learn about accountability? Until and unless we learn to say "THE BUCK STOPS HERE" we aren't going anywhere.

concerned citizen 1 month ago

tgt wapedza masports kkkkkkkkkk best comment of the day

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

The situation in Zimbabwe is that of underwear. During the Mugabe era they were pooping inside the underwear, including the incumbent and we could not see it, however after Mugabes removal the underwater was put on inside out now all the 💩$hit stains are now visible for all to see.

1 month ago

Auxilia anonyengana nemupengo chaiye

xx 1 month ago

makanga musipo here achitonga maitova natop shatter ake mukwane mawa

Hondo 1 month ago

Maiva mese naMugabe muchitonga mese muchibva mese nhasi afa makumupa mhosva magetsi acho hamubhadhare munoshamisa

IGwee 1 month ago

zvimwe zvacho nyaraiwo .Munotenga motor dzekudiiko nadzo kuwanda kunyorwa zvakafanana nemipicture yakafanana muchibhadra nei musingagadzrise nyika.magets Mushonga muzvipatara mvura hakuna muZimbabwe .chii chakadaro?zvriko here nhy macdes

Robert Mugabe 1 month ago

Ndisiyei zvangu inga taive tose wani ,,regai ndizorore murugare ,ndchakubatai pamuchauyawo kuno kwandiri mh***ta dzevanhu

cde chipopi 1 month ago

iwe mudhara siyana na Mugabe ari mu hadhesi kutaura kuno.

tik 1 month ago


Ndazvi Shaya 1 month ago

Ku Kariba hakuna mvura what what.. ndi Mugabe akonzeresa blah blah. Eishh ingoitai kuti tiwane magetsi chete.

whiskocracy 1 month ago

The problem of power generation must be solved at regional level. SADC must not exist to protect some errant leaders but must come up with synergies for regional development.

Tateguru 1 month ago

Why not let the deceased rest in peace. This is not African from Mr Mutsvangwa

Anti Rotten Zanu 1 month ago

Chris Mutswangwa i hear you put your tail between your legs when you go home because Monica ussually gives you a t****ugh beating when you misbehave.

blessing 1 month ago

It's either Mugabe or sanctions,Chris Mutsvanga and the entirety of Zanu PF are nothing but ediots

repossesing money 1 month ago

so basically Chris is getting 500ks,Monica 500ks plus freely kline new set of solar systems to Chris ,another set to Monica not factoring in free command inputs haaa vamwe are living large varume nhamo avaizivi uye avamboiona kuZimbabwe ikoko

1 month ago

The likes of Mutsvanga are well known for spewing cheap propaganda even during the Mugabe era They earn their living by licking the boots of whoever is in power

1 month ago

Kkkkkk chasara kunzi itripple CCC yakapedza mvura yekuty tiwane magetsi

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