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"Just As Oil Is To Saudi Arabia, So Is Lithium And Iron To Zimbabwe" - Chiwenga

Acting President Constantino Chiwenga has said iron and lithium will be pivotal for Zimbabwe’s economic growth just as oil is to Saudi Arabia.

Chiwenga who doubles as the Minister of Health and Child Care made the remarks while addressing a Family of God (FOG) 2022/23 national thanksgiving and dedication prayer in Bulawayo on Thursday, NewsDay reported. He is cited as saying:

Fear not for the Lord Almighty is with you. Zimbabwe will not die or collapse. Those who want this God-given country to fold will be punished threefold. Yes, it has been painful to our people, but that’s the price we have to pay.

And so, we shall build our nation with the resources which we were given by the Almighty God.  We are faced by unjust and illegal sanctions. We have embarked in the work of re-engaging with hostile regimes, which have imposed illegal sanctions which are meant to cripple us. As we work hard on the frontier of engagement and re-engagement, we can say we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, with our sister African nations assisting us. Iron and lithium will be pivotal in the growth and development of the country. Just as oil is to Saudi Arabia, so is lithium to Zimbabwe. So, we will not die.

His remarks come as the government banned exports of raw lithium last week in an effort to value-add Zimbabwe’s minerals and support local production and employment creation.

The ban was effected through Statutory Instrument (SI) 213 of 2022 titled Base Mineral Export Control (Unbeneficiated Lithium Bearing Ores) Order, 2022.

Lithium is becoming increasingly important as the world shifts towards clean energy systems.

Zimbabwe has abundant deposits of lithium and, with rising global demand and firmer prices, it has become an attractive destination for investment in this resource.

In June this year, the minister of Mines and Mining Development, Winston Chitando said Zimbabwe is on course to achieve the US$12 billion mining industry target by 2023.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia’s 2022 surplus from oil sales came to 102 billion riyals (US$27 billion), according to the kingdom’s finance ministry’s preliminary estimates.

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mlambo 3 weeks ago

maswera cy o

King Kong John Ali chibadura 3 weeks ago

**** chiwenga with his crap his talking , wakomana away wauraya nyika ,there is damn nothing to build Zimbabwe when we have these guys ,pasi me zanu PF corrupt *mf*

dololo 3 weeks ago

where is Chiyadzwaaa for christ sake ? diamonds money , , , , , exaplain ?

g 3 weeks ago

dai vakuru vedu vachitaura nemoyo wese zvino 42 years tichingovharwa

i_am_shumba 3 weeks ago

Guys i am looking for information. The guy wekunzi apedza Phd ne6 months ndiani

Tinji 3 weeks ago

I don't him l don't know you l don't care if he finished his PhD in one day

3 weeks ago

Yes there are people with Phd's who are not very intelligent 😂 I'm not sure why 😂 😂

mlambo 3 weeks ago

Ini hndizivi hncu

3 weeks ago

Wekunyanya 3 weeks ago

Ana Chiwenga u**** hwakawandisa hw do u re engage the west when u deny the opposition chero rally chaiyo?hw do u re engage uchigarisa ma opposition members 6months mujere without trial.. resources only are not enough panoda good leadership kwete ava vana **** ava

pk 3 weeks ago

chiwenga haasi magistrate, haana kumbogarisa munhu mutirongo without trial. ndosaka muchikundwa munopedza nguva muchinongedzera munhu asiriye


More Jokes 😆 3 weeks ago

Patient: Doctor, You Must Help Me. I Keep Losing My Temper With People. Doctor: Tell Me About Your Problem. Patient: I Just Did, You Stupid Bastard.

ComedyHalfHour 3 weeks ago

😂 Next

More Jokes 😆 3 weeks ago

Patient: Doc I keep on forgetting things. Doctor: Since when did you have these problems? Patient: What problems?

ComedyHalfHour 3 weeks ago

😢 Next

mlambo 3 weeks ago

pfeee 2023

Leny 3 weeks ago

Happy New year guys this year hatskuda zvektukana we are all together

3 weeks ago

Indeed Mr Acting President and honourable minister of health lithium is like what oil is to Saudi Arabia but you forgot to mention that in Zimbabwe there is gross corruption and mismanagement of the resources

Double minded 3 weeks ago

The bible says in the book of James, chapter 1, verse 8: A double minded person is unstable in ÀLL his ways.

Dred 3 weeks ago

In countries like Zim it is the likes of Chiwenga who will benefit from lithium

tumbude 3 weeks ago

haiwa kungotaurisa kwavo,m ukagoitei nazvo

dembutu 3 weeks ago

wadii kurara kurikunaya ASI mukadzi hauna shaaa

gumlaz 3 weeks ago

nhema dzinoguma itai tione chisingaperi chinoshura takazviona 2017 pana Bob

lazgum 3 weeks ago

wakafa kare iwe hapana chawakaona

cccc 3 weeks ago

Pasi neZanu

cde chipopi 3 weeks ago

Gyz cde Chiwenga was just joking

3 weeks ago

And it's not even April F. O. O. L day 😂

John John 3 weeks ago

Can someone explain to me how a normal country make sure that the whole nation benefits from it's mineral wealth?l do believe that as Africans we really need to re-work the formula we use to make sure that everyone benefits from our seems like only those who stay kumusoro kwa Samora benefit from all the mining activities whilst those in Plumtree,Dotito,Wedza etc don't benefit.They claim that we are rich and wealth but police officers don't have patrol vehicles, civil servants are now too poor,no electricity ...

Vote4CCC 3 weeks ago

Vote into power the right calibre of the presidium

Gutsaruzhinji 3 weeks ago

To benefit munhu wese upfimi basa rahwo kuita izvi.
Build Hospitals and clinics
Equip the hospitals , have enough qualified human resources.

Build schools, Colleges, Universities and have the necessary human resources.
Create jobs for all those educated or not .
Good transport networks and systems
Good roads
Low cost accommodation
Create employment by attracting investors, Industrialise the manufacturing sector.
Upgrade the Agro Industry
We want Peace and unity.
A NEW JUDICIARY SYSTEM WITH NEW PEOPLE..Current judges and magistrates must go they are captured and corrupt

Dzvamu 3 weeks ago

Gutsaruzhinji statement yekupedzisira inoratidza deficeit in critical thinking on your part

dear 3 weeks ago


3 weeks ago


Jojola@07 3 weeks ago

You defile the church of God by giving pple like VP Chiwenga the pulpit to address a church congregation. ..chii chaanoziva chaMwari iyeyu.Mary akaora ruoko bcoz him...Mary is also being denied access to her kids.

mlambo 3 weeks ago

Malinda munyasha hre 2023

The Adjudicator 3 weeks ago

They indicate right and turn left these blasphemous leadership. Just after the announcement of a law to ban the exportation of raw lithium someone is still caught smuggling it out and minister rushes there....for make a cover up. ..nxaaa.

chinondidya chii 3 weeks ago

it's not about natural resources bt equitable distribution of them ,unfortunately it's not going to happen under this mafia regime

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