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Police Intercept Trucks Loaded With Lithium Ore

Police Intercept Trucks Loaded With Lithium Ore

The Zimbabwe Republic Police has intercepted trucks with lithium ore in Mutoko at a time all exports of lithium ore and inadequately processed lithium are now banned to promote value addition and beneficiation of the mineral. 

The intercepted loads are stored at Mutoko Central Police Station, according to The Herald.

The publication did not disclose the quantity of lithium that was in the trucks.

The government recently claimed that potential revenue was being lost with illegal lithium mining and smuggling.

Lithium is processed in several steps with most global trade in lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide since the actual metal is highly reactive and bursts into flame on contact with water or in moist environments and corrodes very quickly in the air.

Mutoko villagers are reportedly selling lithium ore for between US$15 to US$20 per wheelbarrow load, or US$100 per tonne, to middlemen who would resell it for US$350 to US$450 a tonne. 

Mines and Mining Development Deputy Minister Polite Kambamura who toured some of the sites of illegal lithium mining in Mutoko said Government never issued a lithium licence.

Kambamura said registering a lithium claim was no guarantee of being allowed to mine and sell it since partial processing of a minimum level is now required. He said:

For one to mine, we need to know your beneficiation plant in line with NDS1 where Government is encouraging local value addition and beneficiation. So, as Government we need to stamp our authority at the roots so that we deal with the main problem of illegal export or smuggling of lithium.

Currently there is a lot of illegal lithium mining especially in this region because of near surface lithium ore. Despite Government banning export of lithium ore, there is still plenty of lithium mining happening with buyers all over.

We do not know where they are taking that lithium after the ban. If they are buying lithium illegally which means they are also exporting that lithium illegally which is smuggling.

Some reports suggest that the Chinese and Indians are the main buyers of lithium.

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Manikiniki 1 month ago

Obviously the smugglers are well connected Zanu pf bigwigs whose illegal operations are known but are not touchable. One Henrietta Rushwaya exposed the illegal gold deals when she got caught red handed but what happened to her? Nothing She is free and enjoying the procceeds!

Führer 1 month ago

Nowhere did it say the name of a mighty Zanu Of member stick to the story CCC members are just as corrupt

1 month ago

Ko mari yebullet proof car yamarii?🤣

pk 1 month ago

ndeyangu hapana zvandoitwa nduchangichinja load ndoisa isina dhiri Iyo ine lithium ndotoda.

Sabhuku 1 month ago

tichasara tisina chatinacho muZim, coal chaiyo is being shipped to China by the elites

Führer 1 month ago

Ziva zvekumwa ndovera,akambodya nyika akaipedza ndiani?

Boyze in the 'hood 1 month ago

Vana Fuhrer ndimi vataikwatura kumombe, pfungwa dzikatwasuka. Wotohwanda nepindula. Uri mu s.t.u.pi.d

a looter continua 1 month ago

we all know who the looters are we need to name and shame them

seer 1 month ago

asi kuba kwaakurambidzwa?


mutsa 1 month ago

i think its better to let locals mine and sell to these buyers coz they benefit directly unlike bringing a foreign invester who will give them 80us per month taking everything away from their villages to their countries

1 month ago

👏 positive contribution

Dispenser 1 month ago

Yu are talking sense chat Mhama. The so called investors, are nothing other than looters nothing even to offer to communities they rob of their precious minerals

@Furhrer 1 month ago

This Furhrer guy is the same person with Annonymous he has just changed is name but he is still the same Zanu Pf bootlicker

muZANU PF akatendeka 1 month ago

zvakaipei kusapota party yakaunza independence

Fari 1 month ago

All they know is to ban ban ban and ban but what pains is that the majority is not benefiting from these minerals.

gad 1 month ago

what is the value of lithium yacho?

anonon 1 month ago

you didn't read the article?
zvakanyorea wani kuti $15 pabhara

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