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Bus Veers Off The Road And Runs Over 3 People On New Year's Eve

Bus Veers Off The Road And Runs Over 3 People On New Year's Eve

Three pedestrians died on the spot when a bus veered off the road and ran over them in Masvingo on New Year’s Eve.

While a statement by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) seen by Pindula News did not name the bus involved in the accident, this publication has learnt that the bus trades under the Inter Africa brand. Reads the statement:

The ZRP Confirms a fatal RTA which occurred at the 15 km peg along Zaka-Nyika Road on 31/12/22 at around 1000 hours when a bus went off the road and ran over three pedestrians who were standing on the roadside. The three victims died on the spot.

In another road traffic accident, a motorist driving a Volvo F series truck lost control of the truck and veered off the road to the left where he hit a stationary Honda Fit vehicle which had five occupants.

Three passengers in the Honda Fit vehicle died on the spot, while two others were injured.

The accident occurred at the 39 km peg along Harare-Bulawayo Road on 31 December 2022 at 1730 hours.

Statistics from police and the Traffic Council of Zimbabwe indicate that human error, bad weather, mechanic fault and poor roads are the leading causes of accidents.

Members of the public are encouraged to observe road rules to save lives.

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observer 4 weeks ago

Heyi vakhithi, zvimwe zvinenge zvakangorongwa kuti zviitike,imagine bus driver suddenly loses control to veer the road and immediately hits 3 pedestrians dead, ko uyo weHonda fit akatoparka hake ane napassengers Ake, ipapo driver wevolvo truck iyo loses control and swerves to the other side to hit and kill 3 of the passengers in the stationary Honda Fit. How can we explain this?

R not r 4 weeks ago

Our roads and bad drives claim innocent lives. These accidents are not due to natural causes. Never stand next to potholes or where the road is terribly bad. Most Honda Fit drivers are a headache. They park and stop in any part of the road. Was the Honda Fit completely off the main road? Not all cases are Acts of God.

Theist 4 weeks ago

😂 😁 😂 "acts of God 😂 so God kills... dammit that murdering son of a ****

citizen 4 weeks ago

Mhepo dze holiday. Sorry to the bereaved families. R.I.P

Fo di pipo 4 weeks ago

Musatya kumutaurra ndimukumba zveevo kobus ronyararwa kufa kwega ndokwamakaziya

NHUBU 4 weeks ago


mlambo 4 weeks ago

zororai murugare veukama the


George Madiro 3 weeks ago

The only remedy to bad driving is good faithful policing, we need unmarked police cars and force bad drivers off the road on the spot. You will see people driving well again.

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