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ANC Leadership Meets Over President Ramaphosa's Future

ANC Leadership Meets Over President Ramaphosa's Future

The executive committee of South Africa’s governing ANC party met this Monday to consider the future of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

A parliamentary report has accused Mr Ramaphosa of misconduct and potentially violating the oath of office.

Public Protector of South Africa’s inquiry relates to findings that large sums of foreign currency were hidden at Ramaphosa’s private game farm and he failed to report the money missing when it was stolen in 2020.

Ramaphosa has denied wrongdoing and has not been charged with any crimes. He has said the money stolen was the proceeds of the sale of buffaloes and far less than the millions of dollars alleged when the theft came to light in June.

Ramaphosa said on Sunday he would attend the meeting of the African National Congress National Executive Committee (NEC) and would accept its decision.

Party leaders and supporters of Ramaphosa clad in the colours of the ANC party were seen arriving at the venue of the meeting on Monday, according to Reuters.

Having received firm backing from his allies within the party, Ramaphosa has vowed to fight on, with his spokesman saying the panel’s findings would be challenged.

Investors fear uncertainty and that any other president could slow down or reverse economic reforms and increase government spending and take on more debt at levels they deem unsustainable.

Despite the doubts raised over Ramaphosa’s integrity, he is still seen by investors at home and abroad as cleaner than any of his rivals.

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Tang ku 1 month ago

S.Africans must take a legal action without delay any thief can not plead guilty so if SAfricans should give Rhamaposa another chance then they will cry foul ,ini ndirikufarira kubva kwake bcz he is dinning with our enemy mnangagwa and his zanupf culprits who busy looting and personaling our natural resources saka Rhamaposa must go

Njengu 1 month ago

Nhau dzekuba chete maAfrican leader kkkk mumwe wake akaba akavaka Inkandla/ Musha unenge town uyuwo same same

Bright 1 month ago

Kkkk vakomana vacho avamire kuba mutevedzeri wemutungamiri wepa Malawi apa akasungirwa yekuba iyoyo

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Power games at play. The Zuma camp is busy stoking fires to torpedo Cyril. It doesn't help that Thabo Mbeki, who originally pushed Cyril out of the succession battle after Madhibha still harbours enmity.

Substantively Cyril hasn't done much wrong. His mistake was trying not to parade his domestic issues in public- and it's not as if he tried to cover up. He simply let his close security sort out his domestic issues. It would have been unforgivable if he had personally dealt with the matter.

If the worst came to the worst, South Africa would be the loser. Cyril has International stature, plenty grassroots support and heads and shoulders above any alternative that the ANC can come up with.

Having attended a CPTM summit with him in the late 1990s and having watched and interacted with him while he brokered the Anglo-Irish truce just prior to that, I have personal trust and faith in the man's humility and greatness.

I pray he rides over the gripes of petty men

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

👏👏👏👏 @Machiavelli. The Prince. Where have you been? It's always a pleasure to hear from you. Pindulans missed your laser precision style of analyses. Good to have you back buddy... Chimdhara changu Machiavelli chine swagger...

Dofo 1 month ago

Machivel ingoti ga ga semunhu wemurume straight to the point

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

Musaita hunyope bambo. Shingai semurume muverenge. The Devil is in the details not in the summaries.

patriot 1 month ago

muchaneta nekuabvisa ma president asi pasina chirikufamba


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