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"Ramaphosa's Resignation Will Turn South Africa Into Zimbabwe"

A close friend of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, James Motlatsi, said that if the president resigns, South Africa will turn into Colombia or into Zimbabwe.

Colombia is a South American country that experienced a civil war for decades and has a reputation as an unsafe place to visit.

Motlatsi on Friday told top South African presenter, Clement Manyatela, that Ramaphosa should not be told to resign by criminals, in reference to the President’s opponents within the ruling ANC. Tweeted Manyatela:

Cyril Ramaphosa’s close friend James Motlatsi tells me on #TheCMShow on @Radio702 that Ramaphosa told him he is gonna resign & fight from outside. He says he told Ramaphosa “no don’t resign, this is an attack on you. You can’t be told by criminals to leave”.

James Motlatsi tells me on #TheCMShow that his close friend could have handled #PhalaPhala better. “He was careless about how he handled that, but it was his money, not the state’s money”

Motlatsi on #TheCMShow tells me “those who want Ramaphosa to go want South Africa to turn into Colombia, to turn into Zimbabwe. These are criminals” he says.

ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe on Friday called on Motlatsi to withdraw his remarks that Ramaphosa can’t be told by criminals to leave. Said, Mabe:

While the ANC holds no right or authority to dictate personal relations, it is insensitive and rather disappointing that someone of his stature can make such reckless insinuations at a time when the movement and the country are faced with a dilemma emanating from the parliamentary Section 89 report on the Phala Phala saga.

… We call on Mr. Motlatsi, who is also a veteran activist, to consider withdrawing his unfortunate divisive remarks which are harmful and hurting to our movement. The same goes for others who may be tempted to engage in such a public spat.

Ramaphosa is under pressure following the release of the report by the independent panel, which found preliminary evidence that he violated his oath of office in relation to the theft of US$580 000 (R10 million) from his game farm, Phala Phala, in Limpopo.

The ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) was expected to meet to discuss Ramaphosa’s fate following the release of an independent panel’s report. | News24

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SADC 2 months ago

Go you betray us Zimbabweans, Go away!

CIO 2 months ago

That's a bad comment why mentioning our country
The barberic south Africa
Xenophobic people
I hate south Africa people

Hallmark 2 months ago

best candidate to take over is Patrice Motsepe, the only who can make SA great again

2 months ago

There goes another mtt lookalike who thinks businessmen necessarily make good politicians.

Motsepe like Strive Masiiwa is comfortable in his own sphere of influence. Don't drag them into politics

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

That's why ANC & Siriro Rhamapithecus keep supporting the criminals & murderers of ZANU PF. For South Africa to prosper, Zimbabwe must remain chaotic & disorganised. That way South Africa will keep benefitting from selling everything to Zimbabwe, from electricity to basic goods & using Zimbabweans for cheap labour. ANC does not support CCC bcoz CCC will improve the Zimbabwean economy & South Africa will lose revenue & it's economy will collapse. ANC knows that Zimbabwe is a banana republic, but they keep supporting ZANU PF anyway. Zimbabwe is a province of South Africa.

comment critic 2 months ago

you are a gifted conspiracy theorist 👏👏👏

☝️ 2 months ago


Tindo 2 months ago

Very true, so Ramaphosa and his inner circle know that Zimbabwe is a a failed country like Colombia? and he keeps supporting the people who are turning Zimbabwe into a failed state? This **** must be benefiting from his association with the president.

patriot 2 months ago

Gvt yese yemutema inotori ne dambudziko bedzi. African democracy being seriously compromised by imperialists.

Tateguru 2 months ago

Is he saying Zimbabweans and Columbian are criminals just like that independent commission in South Africa?


Jeremiah Mafirakureva 2 months ago

Salute, Fellow Patriots!
Eyes on Cyril (See Real).
I suggest that the SA President 's resignation may lead to a cataclysmic implosion within the ANC.
That will obviously have negative effects on the SA political landscape.
What does it then mean for Zimbabwe?
On the diplomatic front , Biden and King Charles have been lobbying for their policy on Zim via Ramaphosa and Tony Blair.
Now that Cyril may be pushed out , what becomes of the Harare project?

Dofo 2 months ago

Haiwa ngavapedze madhiri avo Vega ukoko Zimbabwe kudii kwayo

👤 2 months ago

nhai hako titoriwo nezviri kutinetsawo isu,ngavatisiye zvedu

CAN'T GET 2 months ago

kiliminari uuummm so are we

mutsa 2 months ago

This guy is ramaphosa friend and he knows Zim is dead like columbia. So ramaphosa knows.. ummmm

Feedback 2 months ago

They could have left us out of their chat. We're not xenophobic barbarians like South Africans. Never compare us with them. Havana form 4 vose

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