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ZUPCO Hikes Fares Effective 1 June 2022

ZUPCO Hikes Fares Effective 1 June 2022

The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) has announced new fares effective 1 June 2022.

For buses, the fares have been raised to $140 from $80 (1 – 20km), $180 from $100 (21 – 30km) and $220 from $120 (31 – 40km).

Passengers who use ZUPCO commuter omnibuses (kombis) will fork out $220 for distances of 1 – 20km, and $260 for distances between 21km and 30km. The previous fares were $100 and $120 respectively.

Route Old Commuter Fares (ZWL$) New Commuter Fares (ZWL$)
1 – 20km 80 140
21 – 30km 100 180
31 – 40km 120 220
1 – 20km 100 220
21 – 30km 120 260

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braveheart 3 weeks ago

by year end inenge yava mu1000

Allan 1 month ago

Haaa pakaipa zvakuda kubvunzira kumudzimu.

Tkt 1 month ago

@zep holder
You are a lier bro,
Senda has woken up so some buses that were dead fm& parked for over 10yrs
Pelandaba has bought 2 ZHONGTONG BUSES
Bafana has added 3more Zhongtong buses ontop of the one he had
Senda now has trucks that were not there
The HLABANGANAs have bought new houses my bro
Revival yes agara ane mari but yaku wedzerwa netuma bus twaku fambawo twanga twaka parkwa
Mupfumi tours MTRE now has more buses on his fleet vamwr you think Mupfumi is nolonger there but aku runner as GOLD CLASS

Basically all operators vanga chema havo zvaga hapana anoti mari yandr kuwana iri boe but those guys havr beneffited from the DUTY FREE on everything related to buses

Tangai maita tsvakurudzo hama dzangu not kungo bvoto moka

InterAfrica now avawo nema REAL COACHES maSCANIA on MCV not zviya zvima Zhong chakadaro

All such results of PROFITS

The Mayor 1 month ago

The Government is Failing to pay workers living wages and salaries. $120 bond is Ok If you are properly Paid and its your choice to board Zupco bus not armas twisted. Thus Zupco project is a way of siphoning state money through Sakunda. Am made to believe he has been awarded a contract to supply Zupco With buses and is being Paid handsomely for a sinking company

Jerry 1 month ago

@ Cute how can it be fair when my salary is static?


commuter 1 month ago

When this Zupco started, it was 50 centsfor 1 - 20 km. Now its $140. Whats the rate of inflation????

000 1 month ago

It was 25c not 50c

Conductor 1 month ago


Chawabvunza 1 month ago

While this Old People's Home government allows its parastatals to raise prices of their services, they themselves refuse to award civil servants salary increments. The guys have no mercy.




Machiavelli 1 month ago

I rarely comment on issues other than those that have a national interest, but given that a bogus Machiavelli has surfaced to tarnish my brand, I am obliged to comment on issues I normally would not touch.

As @zep holder has eminently proven, the ZUPCO franchise is a dead dodo, propped up by taxpayers money. If ZUPCO was financially sound private combis would not have entered the urban transport fray in the 1990s. It took the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF), a German Philanthropic Organisation to take MPs to South Africa to see the taxi business and break the failed ZUPCO monopoly which was in place.

Now we have gone back to the non-functional monopoly. And the results are there for all to see - people queuing endlessly for buses that never come.

Yes, ZUPCO is cheap, but some some musician once said, "Zvinonaka zvinodhura". Give people the choice to spend 8 hours in a queue for ZUPCO or pay a little more and get home in 20 minutes to enjoy your family

tongwai 1 month ago

mamusati maudzwa kuti mushishika wakutendegwa kusenga vanhu nhai va machaveli

BUOY 1 month ago

gore rino muchadzidza zvakawanda🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Rank Marshall 1 month ago

Takaenda hedu kumishika shika kwatino chema chema

STALIN 1 month ago

Panorama munhu apa

cute 1 month ago

its fair price

Dr Mahaso 1 month ago

Let us try by all means to write proper English

zep holder 1 month ago

its fair if u are a passenger but to a bus owner who is on Zupco contract the deal wont have a positive break even point

infact zupco get cash from buses daily they spin the money,disburse RTGS to bus contractors after 4months with an ever stuck Interbank rate .
they are no spare part dealers who sale in ecocash u have to pay 400ttgs to get a dollar

i bet you never buy a good preowned buse with such silly rates

since most ppl send their buses to Zupco i had never seen owners buying new buses or add to the fleet

so this deal is floap

Machiavelli 1 month ago

You can't satisfy a human being. You receive cheap transport to ferry you to your destination and still complain. Zupco was put to arrest the sabotage and fare hikes caused by some criminals.

Muzanu pf 1 month ago

Uri benz chete hauna chaunoziva ndozvinokupa kutambura

Machiavelli (The Original Don) 1 month ago

Non contendere (No contest)

Cobra King. 1 month ago

Kkkkk mantras brick by brick, nyika inovakwa nevene vayo, Zimbabwe is open for business. Vote ZANU PF 2023 5000000 votes ED pfee pfee pfee.

Zvagarazviriko 1 month ago

Zimbabwe opens for business apa hauna kakatsi ibusiness rei zvinhu raudaro

jasi 1 month ago

hamusati mati

Ndini Ndadaroo 1 month ago

Ma Sanctions Aya
Vote Zpf
Vote for Real Change

Charger 1 month ago

Uri Dho Dhi masanctions uno mazuva zirombe remunhu nhamo ndokunoita kuti ufunge masanctions

lulalula 1 month ago

Gore rino kusvika mati sorry.

bvanyangu 1 month ago

muchadzidza kuti biko, eke, mba kikikikiki

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