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ZUPCO Created 7 000 Jobs Since 2019

ZUPCO Created 7 000 Jobs Since 2019

The Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (ZUPCO) says it has created more than 7 000 jobs since the beginning of its revival programme in January 2019.

The Government commenced the ZUPCO revival after kombi operators withdrew their vehicles in protest over a 150% fuel price hike.

Commuter omnibus operators have been accused of causing chaos in urban areas by their unruly behaviour and also their tendency to wantonly hike fares could have forced the Government to act.

Since 2019, ZUPCO has recruited more drivers and conductors as it increases its fleet through purchasing more buses from China and Belarus as well as by adopting independent transporters.

ZUPCO acting chief executive officer Mr Everisto Madangwa told The Sunday Mail that the transporter now boasts a staff compliment of 7 512, up from just 366 in January 2019.

According to records, conductors, at 65 per cent, make up the largest number of employees followed by cashiers 12 per cent, inspectors 10 per cent, drivers 6 per cent, management 5 per cent and workshop manpower 2 per cent. Said Madangwa:

These are big numbers considering that it took us less than three years to get to this figure.

This is also in line with our own revival strategy as well as the National Development Strategy (NDS1).

For us as a country to achieve Vision 2030, we need a sustainable passenger transport system and this milestone shows that we are in the right direction.

100 more buses were reportedly offloaded in Durban, South Africa recently and were on their way to Harare.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Black Jack 5 months ago

Ok. Dai government yacho yawedzera mabhazi acho zvinoenderana ne population ye Zimbabwe. Kumwe ku area mashoma

Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 5 months ago

Pachokwadi chaipo Zupco yakanaka.mahwindi hunhu hwavo hwekutuka vabereki nxaaaaa zvorwadza sure kti ukufamba na amai vakutuka zvinyadzi nxaaaaa ngavagare ikoko handidi kuvaona pa road kusvika vaita hunhu chaiwo

Zandonga 5 months ago

After destroying 40,000 mushika shika freelance jobs, Zupco creates 7,000 jobs. ED Pfeeeeeeeeeee kuti mumame

ZUPCO Kwenda 5 months ago

Yes we created jobs for educated Zim we don't consider e uneducated vagabonds..they can always go n steal in South Africa like their fellow dunderheads..pamberi neVision 2030

Kadengu5 5 months ago

Zvinhu 2 chete zvandakadira ZUPCO monopoly. Chekutanga: Cheaper and steady fares
Chechipiri: Mahwindi out of the way. Hunhu hwemahwindi hunorwadza vakomana especially when you are going Intercity like pana 4th paya. Haiwa ngavagare vanyatsoita make shuwa Mahwindi abva zvachose.
Asi maprivate kombis haana kuipa as long kombi ina conducter wayo.
Otherwise, to hell with ana hwindi. Wakakubata rough ndopauchaita appreciate ZUPCO monopoly.

Native 5 months ago

7000 jobs created while 21000 lost their jobs through this zupco monopoly & lm supposed to be excited mnxxx...kiss my s


Tonde weMbare 5 months ago

Mahwindi akawachiswa, vangavakutozviona kunge vakanyanya sterek, kubata vanhu rough, kutuka nekungokwidza kwidza ma fares zvisina order, now vakurwadziwa rimwewo wairiwona rakabata mubhadha wembanje rakarembera padoor rekombi inevabereki, pasi nemahwindi pamberi neZupco

Gogodera 5 months ago

Sanity in big city mahwindi my foot munhu ngave necompany we say yes to zupuco magona tofamba tisingabirwe

Chapwititi 5 months ago

That's why the company is making huge losses.The workforce is huge in comparison with it's fleet

Nkululeko sibanda 5 months ago

Lets not be fooled. Checkout the thousands roaming the streets after kombis were removed from roads and their place taken by Zupco. Remember what happened to the erstwhile mighty zupco fleet just after Independance..

Kule 5 months ago

Maths dzemuZimbabwe kunenge kutaura nendimi. Dzinotoda muturikiri kuti udzinzwisise🤔

Mdara Odza 5 months ago

The Zupco monopoly has pushed thousands of drivers, conductors and hwindis into unemployment

123 5 months ago

How many Jobs where lost when it closed thousands of private operators though

Boss Pulo 5 months ago

Fong Kong buses owned by Tagwirei

kudra 5 months ago

Its not zupco that created jobs but the bosses in zupco by corruption enables their l9ved ones

Elyse 5 months ago

It's not Zupco, it's their bosses..
What do you mean man?!??

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