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ZUPCO Bus Overturns During "Race" For Passengers

ZUPCO Bus Overturns During

A Zimbabwe United Passengers Company (ZUPCO) bus overturned near Mushagashe in Masvingo on Monday morning when its driver allegedly attempted to overtake a small vehicle that was also trying to overtake an Inter-Africa bus.

The small vehicle was sandwiched between the two busses racing in road lanes meant for just two vehicles.

The busses were reportedly racing for passengers at Mushagashe. The small vehicle did not stop after the accident occurred.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Masvingo Province Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the incident to The Mirror.

The publication reported sources as saying there were no serious injuries following the incident.

Passengers who sustained minor injuries were rushed to Masvingo Provincial Hospital. Said the source:

The ZUPCO bus driver was speeding and he tried to overtake at the same time the small vehicle was also attempting to overtake the Inter Africa bus.

More: The Mirror

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Someone somewhere 5 months ago

Sometimes anenge akatonwa kasomething something

Tkt 5 months ago

@Sir king dejavu
wangu recheck your sources again, ipfuti idzo dzawa nongedza i can give your ma pdfs ema specs wangu

Tkt 5 months ago

ZUPCO is not a driving school my friend

How did you, he was a leaner ZUPCO drivers are given,a Permit to drive papa, so maybe he,was just learning the ROAD

it is true that these buses indege baba dont mess out with CUMMINS ENGINES
- High Power output
- Very efficient (less consumption high speed)

worse the CUMMINS L300/360 iri pama DRAGON ayo mmm ma1 wangu

Zupco might be making a mistake yekungo tora a driver just because ane Class 1 DL bt i think they must now start to train drivers the actual bus he is to drive

MuGrade 2 5 months ago

Nowadays e smart buses do clock 140km/h..Zupco, CAG,inter Africa and Stallion..those buses race like no man's for extra city...

Sir king dejavu wejecha 5 months ago

120km/hr max Scania,Volvo and man

Dury 5 months ago

Travelled a long distance journey with Zupco last week.Realised half way thru the journey that the driver was a learner as he disembarked just before a roadblock and let the real driver take over.


chimuti 5 months ago


Thando 5 months ago

Odriver bama bus bazingozi angazi balama licence

Mugo power 5 months ago

I don't think weka mota kadiki has anything to do with the cause of the accident driver we bus aka overtaker iye achiwona kumberi kwake kuine imwe mota iri kuovertaker is the main culprit here kumwe kuda mapassenger kwacho akutauri y putting at risk passengers vaunawo nekumhanyira vausati wanawo it doesn't make sense

My Kayla 5 months ago

these days so ka vanhu vanoita need for speedy ivo vakatakura hupenyu hwevanhu

Chikandamina 5 months ago

Zupco drivers akungonogwa.

Bright 5 months ago

Bus driver anorwara akaona kti mota iri pamberi pake irikuda ku over taker imwe iye akuda kui over taker fti azviiti ka izvozvo

Bright 5 months ago

Ma driver aya ka ma 1 wemota diki uyo pamati ahana kumira asi ndiye aka konzera njodzi yacho hre

Two Boy 5 months ago

What is this 'small vehicle'?...Honda fit?

Small Vehicle 5 months ago

It was me.just a small vehicle.

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