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ZTP Leader Asks Court To Remand Him In Custody For The Next Two Weeks

ZTP Leader Asks Court To Remand Him In Custody For The Next Two Weeks

The leader of the Zimbabwe Transformative Party and Mirirai Jehovha Apostolic Church, Parere Kunyenzura, Monday asked the court to remand him in custody for the next two weeks, as he wants to seek legal representation since his case has been politicised.

He was appearing in court with 35 of his followers for allegedly staging an unsanctioned demonstration in Harare’s city centre. They appeared separately.

Kunyenzura (52) is charged with convening a gathering without notifying the regulating authority. He complained that the police had left out another charge of criminal nuisance and asked the State to add it before proceeding with the charge he was facing.

The State led by Mrs Netsai Mushayabasa applied for him to return to court today to allow the State to add the missing public nuisance charge.

On Saturday at around 1 pm Kunyenzura allegedly mobilised his supporters and followers and held a procession in central Harare. They gathered at Copacabana Bus Terminus and started marching while singing along Robert Mugabe Road towards Simon Vengai Muzenda Street.

Police intercepted them at the corner of Patrice Lumumba Street and asked Kunyenzura to produce the notification letter but he did not have one.

The state told the court that Kunyenzura’s followers, clad in apostolic garments, were singing a gospel song “Emmanuel tisunungureiwo tanzwa nenhamo”, according to The Herald.

The police officers ordered them to stop singing and disperse. Kunyenzura and two others, who were leading the group, refused to comply resulting in their arrest on charges of failure to notify the regulating authority.

About 30 minutes later, Kunyenzura’s followers regrouped and started singing while walking along Robson Manyika Avenue. Police reacted and arrested 34 members of the group for blocking pavements and the road along Robson Manyika Avenue.

In the gathering were Kunyenzura’s deputy Simon Goshomi, party chairman Richard Mhurushomana, secretary-general Fortune Chapeyama, secretary of finance Prince Mukozho, plus Solomon Duwa, Noah Dabvu, Jasper Muringanidza, Honoured Mutangadura, Shepherd Mutsonhi, Edson Shonhiwa, Chaora Rovesai, Tafadzwa Musere, Tsverukai Harava, Shamiso Majecha, Runia Musere, Margret Chibwana, Sakile Nkomo, Helen Kuudzewe, Liah Munakandafa, Victoria Changadzo, Restar Kunyenzura, Emmanuel Musere, Godfrey Mashava and Kudakwashe Kambiro.

They are expected to return to court today for their bail applications.

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mnangagwa 1 month ago

vasiyeyi avooo ipisaaaa iyooooo

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Mamwe mazita acho ana Chairs Rovesai🤣🤣🤣

Emanuel 1 month ago

Emmanuel tisunungure tafa nenhamo kkkk

church goer 1 month ago

jail him for two weeks kikikikiki
and the magistrate complied, kkkkkkkk

parasite 1 month ago

mamwe mazita kkkkk chaora rovesai

😂😂😂 1 month ago

kkk Tsverukai Harava

good fighter 1 month ago

chaora rovesa senior muzvinafundo


i 1 month ago

ummm ukaona munhu achikumbira mutongo mukuru haana mhosva

Jonah chibadura 1 month ago

This guy seeks political relevance..... mukavhotera Vakuru ava vana venyu vanoroorwa vane 10 years

Mavharuvhu 1 month ago

Party iyi ine mastructures

XXX 1 month ago

Mviro mviro dzemhanza mapfeka. Sri Lanka way will be the only road to freedom.

o 1 month ago

kunyenzura woyeeee


There is no longer breathing space for citizens. They can not breathe. Law enforcement officers are presing hard on their necks.





Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

fun time 1 month ago

The apostles are quite harmless their kind of demonstration should be allowed. It is just like a prayer on the march which I think is good for our country. Who should seek permission to hold a prayer meeting? It defies freedom of worship and God will fight for them. Please caution and release those poor souls do not put them to trial please @mr president. they will never cause harm to anyone.

fun time 1 month ago

Do not allow those people to stay in custody. You risk fulfilling a prophecy of undesirable consequences upon the future of this present day leadership

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

I eagerly await the arrest of Passion Java and Okisiria at their Prayer Meetings @ No. 1 Chancellor Avenue

zeko 1 month ago

umm ko dzungu ravo iro kuudza police kut wedzerai mhosva kudzungaira they will rot in cells siyai henyu zvakadaro

From Russia with Love 🇷🇺 1 month ago

The longer they will be in prison, the more they will be paid by THE DARK FORCES.

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