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ZRP Update On Stock Theft Cases In The Country [Full Text]

ZRP Update On Stock Theft Cases In The Country [Full Text]

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has issued an update on cases of stock theft in the country applauding members of the public for assisting in investigations. 


The Zimbabwe Republic Police applauds the public for providing vital crime information which goes a long way in fighting stock theft cases throughout the country.

During the period extending from January to June 2022, the Police received a total of 3214 stock theft cases compared to 4053 cases during the same period in the year 2021. So far, the Police has recorded 1644 cases of stock theft involving cattle only compared to 2510 cases recorded in year 2021. The total number of stolen cattle decreased from 5954 in the year 2021 to 3762 in the year 2022.

Meanwhile, 1073 cattle have so far been recovered this year compared to 1054 in 2021. During the same period this year, Police managed to arrest a total of 336 suspects for stock theft involving cattle compared to 398 arrests in the year 2021.

Despite the decrease in stock theft cases, the current figures of livestock being stolen are still high hence the need for continued cooperation between the police and community.

The public is advised to account for livestock at grazing areas on a daily basis. Cattle owners are encouraged to vet employees and report all stock theft cases early. On the other hand, livestock buyers are advised to adhere to proper livestock clearance procedures that involve use of ZRP Livestock Clearance Certificate Form 392 and Veterinary Animal Movement Permits.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police intends to work with the community in the following areas:

❖ Anti-Stock Theft Liaison Committees aimed at increasing cooperation between police and community in the fight against stock theft.

❖ Branding and ear tagging of livestock to improve traceability and identification.

❖ Regulations governing the livestock and meat industries.

Criminal syndicates and individuals involved in stock theft are warned that stock theft cases carry a mandatory sentence of 9 years to 25 years imprisonment.

In Madziva, Mashonaland Central Province a suspect was convicted and sentenced to 27 years imprisonment for theft of 13 cattle. In another case which occurred in Matabeleland North Province, a suspect was convicted and sentenced to 9 years imprisonment for a stock theft case involving one heifer.

The Police has noted that in some instances criminals are preying on livestock in pens during the night. The stolen livestock would then be slaughtered before the meat finds its way to illegal meat outlets and butcheries. The public is advised to report to the Police, suspicious people selling meat at illegal market outlets.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police warns all perpetrators of stock theft that they risk being arrested and the law will take its course. Anyone with information concerning criminal syndicates or individuals involved in stock theft cases should contact the National Complaints Desk on (0242) 703631, WhatsApp 0712 800 107 or report at any nearest Police Station.

(NYATHI.P Assistant Commissioner

Senior Staff Officer [Press and Public Relations]

To the Commissioner General of Police

Police General Headquarters

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terry 4 weeks ago

we buy livestock for breeding Lisheen Estate Ruwa or Mtangazi we need th 3 copies livestick movement permit and livestock healthy inspection permit tobhadharana

nyonosi 4 weeks ago

CCC chete

Wezhira 4 weeks ago

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The company sells goods on hire purchase mainly to civil servants..the company of late is no longer delivering the goods but instead are fleecing them of their hard earned cash even USA deductions they no longer deliver ...Stop thieves!!!!

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