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ZRP Temporarily Closes Midlands Hotel After Discovery Of A Dead Body In Car Park

ZRP Temporarily Closes Midlands Hotel After Discovery Of A Dead Body In Car Park

Midlands Hotel has been temporarily closed by the Zimbabwe Republic Police after a dead body of an unknown man was found in a dysfunctional vehicle parked in the hotel’s parking area.

TellZim News reports that Midlands Provincial Police Spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko confirmed the incident saying investigations are already underway, with all operations at the hotel suspended.

The Hotel is in Gweru Central Business District (CBD).

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Miles 2 weeks ago

🤔this was bound to happen, most rooms are been rented to prostitues

Melissa / Mai Nattie 2 weeks ago

@Miles, you should know that prostitution is equivalent to self-employment (kwese kuzviitira kana kuti mabasa emawoko). @Miles, if you were born a woman you will understand me better in instances where your husband chases you away or when he ceases to support you financially or when your man departs due to death. Not only that, your own "gorgeous" sister can possibly engage in prostitution should the aforementioned things happen to her. That's why our elders always tell us "Seka urema wafa". I rest my case

Crocodile 2 weeks ago

Haa hapachina hotel paya kuita kuzara nema**** hotel yese here vakomana

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

@ Pindula
why do you chose for me where to comment?
i used to think its netwek but jus realized it might not be.

Inspector 2 weeks ago

Havachade kut u commente zvine politics mukati here...inyaya yekutaura chokwadi wangu

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 weeks ago

Havadi chokwadi vePindula especially comment yacho kana isingasvori ZanuPf haipindi 😂 ini i dont have a party of choice i comment anyhow, Pindula is more like a CCC 😂

№####### 2 weeks ago

this building should have been given to Rainbow Tourism Group,that way maybe it would be in a better state.The current owner doesn't have the right mindset for a hospitality business.

Gweru Museam 2 weeks ago

You probably don't know that this hotel was previously run as Midlands Sun Hotel.Kombayi bought it late 80s, unfortunately no major refurbishment were carried out over a long time.

i 2 weeks ago

@inspector kkk neni ndakutozvionawo izvozvi kuti kana uchida zvePindula ingoti pese pese ngaapinde hake mukoma.kana nyangwe zvikanzi pane mwana atsikwa nemota.usati wanzwa kuti zvikazodii ita ngaapinde hake Mukoma mupindula unolasta


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