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ZRP Statement On Smuggling And Corruption At Beitbridge Border | Full Text

ZRP Statement On Smuggling And Corruption At Beitbridge Border | Full Text

Statement by Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi on accusations of corruption by members of the security services at Beitbridge Border Post.

The Security Services of Zimbabwe are concerned with reports of rampant smuggling at the country’s borders, coupled with accusations of corruption by some deployed members of the services at Beitbridge Border Post.

The Security Services therefore categorically state that any member who engages in corruption will be arrested without fear or favour as shown in a recent incident where seventeen (17) members of the Security Services were arrested and arraigned before the courts.

We warn bus operators, truck drivers, omalayitsha, clearing agents or any other person who initiates acts of corruption that they are equally liable and will be arrested.

Transporters and clearing agents are expected to lead by example and shun acts of corruption and enticing members of the Security Services through corrupt tendencies.

The Security Services express their most profound gratitude to the public including bus operators and others who have continued to report cases of corruption at the country’s points of entry and exit.

The public is strongly encouraged to report all incidents of corruption to ZRP National Complaints Desk on 0242 – 703631 or WhatsApp 0712800197 for swift action to be taken by authorities.

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Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Mmmn 🤔, saka ndine basa 😂 you need to know local companies and their products then check the difference on shelves
e.g BARBED WIRE, there are companies manufacturing barbed wire in Zim but you can buy barbed wire imported from CWI a manufacturing company in SA 🥱 ngaze ngazamula coz some minds a thin.

Dont think with your mouth guys

jj 2 months ago

@ mkomana kuhigh school we dd comprehension its core aim was read to understand

kindly visit what JAH TSVARI jotted i know Rasta are alwals high with drugs but Tsvari is th one who said some locally made products are being imported and half priced
thats why i asked thus drug taker that questiin

Maravaza 2 months ago

Our border with South Africa and Botswana is very porous and the frequency of smuggling is so overwhelming that even our poorly equipped police cannot handle. Tell me how can a ill-equipped police base deal with a swarm of smugglers alighting in their hundreds. One you have no vehicles, vehicles, not enough holding cells to accommodate all the accused. Only those smugglers with with big items would be prosecuted the rest would be let loose

Chen 2 months ago

Stop being cry babies, when you are the masterminds of Corruption. You cannot put a hungry dog to safe guard for you a bucket of meat. What do you expect will happen. Feed the dog first then post it to safeguard the meat. l tell you an excellent job will be done. How can you allow a male prison who had been incarcerated for 25 years to sleep in the same room with an 18 year old virgin. Don't just play blame game. Gadzirisai chaita kuti musoro uteme, not kutema kwemusoro. l tell you munenge mapedza masports.

Maravaza 2 months ago

Beitbridge border post "The mother of all corrupt practices is initiated at the MALUME BAY. Where the army, police, prisons, customs, immigration operatives and other gvt dept agents including a pvt security detail regulate the collection of bribe money ". If you crush that mafia the bond dollar would rise I assure you

mukomana 2 months ago

@jj your question doesn't make sense, how can you import something thats already loacally made ,that doesnt make sense bro.

jj 2 months ago

@jah tsvarie kindly enlist example of localy manufactured good which are being imported & sold at half prices mayb we can have a light


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

then those*

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Money is evil in the sense that an official at the border allows a robber to smuggle guns into the country to rob and kill family, relatives and friends 😀

its simple to track if someone with a stamped passport smuggle, but all we hear is police have arrested those who smuggled and end there. cameras were stolen at the border how?
This is Y2k, since there is no one to police the police or guard the guards then cameras are there to help and by so doing you deal with one person, the camera man who sees all that happens at the points of entry.

If you shop around you see some companies who import goods that are manufactured in Zimbabwe and sell them at half price meaning they smuggle those goods no duty paid, if duty is paid those then products won't be affordable hear and it makes sense coz its a way to protect our manufacturing industry.

🇿🇼ZIMBABWE🇿🇼 will take time to heal the citizens wounds caused by business people, business people are the leaders we look up to for protection yet they seem much worried about their bank accounts.

Bvambu Bvambu 2 months ago

If you are coward like Mary Chiwenga, that's the end of it. Imagine taking everything leaving your actual husband without even a mini brief

Zim 1 2 months ago

Zanu PF mbavha dzevanhu

Babalao 2 months ago

Corruption starts in the deployment of members to the border post. For a member to be deployed he or she first bride the senior officers.

Babalao 2 months ago

Corruption starts in the deployment of members to the border post. For a member to be deployed he or she first bride the senior officers.

Babalao 2 months ago

Corruption starts in the deployment of members to the border post. For a member to be deployed he or she first bride the senior officers.

chawaz 2 months ago

Kaondera in first meeting with ailing Mubaiwa after 10 years*

HARARE – Ex-footballer Shingayi Kaondera met his ailing ex-wife Marry Mubaiwa bedside in hospital for the first time in 10 years on Wednesday.

Mubaiwa left Kaondera, with whom she has a child, and married then Zimbabwe Defence Forces commander General Constantino Chiwenga in 2001. Chiwenga became Vice President in December 2017.

Her marriage to Chiwenga collapsed in 2019 after he accused her of trying to kill him in a South African hospital where he was on life support battling an undisclosed ailment.

Mubaiwa was thrown out of the matrimonial home, arrested and denied access to her three children with Chiwenga.

After collapsing in court on Monday, she was admitted to a Harare hospital in a “critical condition,” her doctors said. Doctors have recommended that her right arm be amputated after failed surgery to save it. The forearm was ravaged by acute lymphoedema.

“After 10 years, I finally met Mai Dee at the hospital, thank you Jesus,” Kaondera wrote on Facebook on Thursday.

The former Zimbabwe international added: “We spent two glorious hours together. She is still wonderful, some souls can’t be tampered with, trust me. l left her in very high spirits and very jovial mood, and determined as ever to beat her discomforting disease. She said l know Shingi you are a prayer warrior, you will pray for me, and l was like you know l always.”

Kaondera said he thanked his ex-wife for “taking very good care of our daughter together, Destiny.”

“She has grown up to be just like my mum,” Kaondera wrote as he urged his friends to “keep on praying for her.”

The ex-couple have a daughter whom Kaondera says he has not seen in over a decade.

Kaondera has previously alleged that Mubaiwa had used state-muscle to block his attempt to see his daughter.

In a 2020 interview, Kaondera said Mubaiwa left him in Cyprus in 2010 and when he came back home he found her married to Chiwenga.

“She took off with some of my clothes, almost $44 000 and my Compressor C200 after selling our Borrowdale property. She has also barred me from seeing Destiny for the past nine years," he said then.

Mubaiwa is facing a string of criminal charges brought by Chiwenga. They include allegations that she tried to upgrade their customary union to a civil marriage, fraud, attempted murder, assault and money laundering. Her assault trial is on hold on medical grounds.

CHAWABVUNZA 2 months ago


𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 2 months ago

Who bribed the other ???

mupurisa 2 months ago

police we are the chief culprit on this rampat cases,you see that a cross boarder will pay for duty and pass but we kerp extort them some money on our meaningless unlimited road blocks
wil accuse them on petty offences like fault car lights,fire extinguisher rtc & get drivers licence of the motorist

realistically speaking who in his right mind will give a 45tonne truck to someone who dnt have a drivers licence or a passport

sometimes we do this out of frustrating motor rists thats why taba todzingwa kuiswa kumusha kune mbavha dzema garden

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