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ZRP Secures Muvevi's Extradition From Mozambique

ZRP Secures Muvevi's Extradition From Mozambique

The former policeman who allegedly shot dead three people and critically injured another in Wedza on 13 January before his arrest in Mozambique was extradited to Zimbabwe on Tuesday.

The suspect, Jaison Muvevi, attempted to flee into Mozambique but was arrested by citizens and handed over to Mozambican police officers on Monday, 16 January.

The Herald reported sources as saying Muvevi was brought back to Zimbabwe this Tuesday after some formalities had been completed.

On Monday there were concerns that Muvevi was likely to first appear in a Mozambican court to answer to charges of illegal entry into the country and pointing a firearm at a police officer.

However, a team from the CID Homicide Harare managed to negotiate with their counterparts for his repatriation back into the country.

Muvevi was reportedly taken to CID Mutare where he was being interviewed.

ZRP national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told The Herald he will provide more details later. | The Herald

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Tk 3 weeks ago

Zvaendw izvo akungobudisa mari otobuda

Pasi neZANUPF 3 weeks ago

Saka munhu uyu aitoona kunge Hupenyu hwakafanana neGo Chanaiwa Go handiti?Manje azobatwa

kobiri 3 weeks ago


Gangemukange 3 weeks ago

Dead man walking

Apolitical 3 weeks ago

this man is normal we do want to hear that he is not stable in his mind for doctors have confirmed.
They is no need to examine his mind, let the prison sentence examine him for life.

Major 3 weeks ago

I hate to say this but usually people of such caliber are sentenced to life or death then secretly recruited into Secret Operations of the state etcas Assasins... Check records of most deadly criminals even in Zim, you can't know what happened to them after sentencing... Worse towards elections etc... Muvevinow has nothing to loose besides his life.... Kungopfuurawo nepo hangu

3 weeks ago

Mukuwanha kuona ma spie Movies kkkkkk

Ipapa achanzi haasi mentally stable 3 weeks ago

Vaakuda kutoti aite makore mashoma


@major you have a point there, food for thought.


Kjj 3 weeks ago

Kusungwa netambo

citizen 2 weeks ago

Mubairo werufu irufu
uyo Dai zvaigona auraiwa ka 1 than kuwester maresources ekumushungurudza kkkkk

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