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ZRP Scoops 6 Gold Medals At Southern African Regional Police Games

ZRP Scoops 6 Gold Medals At Southern African Regional Police Games

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) team has scooped six gold medals at the ongoing 11th Edition of the Southern Africa Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organisations (Sarpcco) Games which began here yesterday.

The 11th Edition of the SARPCCO Games will end on September 15.

The games began with the athletics teams participating, according to The Herald.

Team Zimbabwe has also scooped four silver medals and three bronze as the games continue.

In 2019, the ZRP won the overall trophy at the 10th edition of these games, which were held in Angola, for the fifth time in a row.

Team Zimbabwe scooped 20 gold, 25 silver and 21 bronze medals to make it a total of 66 medals.

The team also received trophies for netball, athletics and darts.

The games are meant to create a platform for police officers from the region to engage, share ideas on policing traditions and foster regional friendship, understanding and cooperation through sport.

Brief History:

SARPCCO is the primary force in Southern Africa in the prevention and fighting of cross-border crimes.

It was formed in 1995 in Zimbabwe.

The regional organisation is supported by the Sub-Regional Bureau of Interpol in Harare, which coordinates its activities and programmes.

Priority crimes in the SADC region are terrorism, motor vehicle thefts, drugs and counterfeit pharmaceuticals, economic and commercial crimes, firearms and explosives, trafficking in gold, diamonds and other precious stones and metals, crimes against women and children, illegal immigrants and stolen and lost travel documents, wildlife crime and endangered species and human trafficking.

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Mr Xx 3 weeks ago

As kwaiitwa corruption here?

Tintin 3 weeks ago

nice one.

munhuwashe 3 weeks ago

You deserve a loud palmpalm I'm proud of you guys

@munhuwashe 3 weeks ago

it's either u are zrp or ungori nedzvene.

Tintin 3 weeks ago

movapa rimwe gold medal recatch and release.nerimwe rekutambura kudarika mapurisa enyika dzose pasi rose.ndatenda.

k**** k**** 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂wandisetsa muzukuru.

nyobvo 3 weeks ago

Tintin 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏

Lion from woods 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂😂😂 well said

@tintin 3 weeks ago


Gwedu 3 weeks ago

vangatadza nei ivo vakatorerwa basa be ZDF. Nguva zhinji ye ZRP iri kuperer a mu Practice while time for ZDF iri kuperera mukuuraya unarmed civilians. Saka vakaita 0 out of 100 ku Russia games. Muno mukaita Hondo totopa ZRP basa coz military ava mamvemve

Tateguru 3 weeks ago

Zvagara zvinogona zvikomana zvekuZRP.
Dai vepamaRoad Bloc vachidaro dai ZRP iri Class 1 muAfrika


Tee Ladee 3 weeks ago

Tin tin musaseke kaapa. 👏

JAH B 3 weeks ago

Madels uhwuwori

JAH B 3 weeks ago

Mamedals ehuwori

Suspect 3 weeks ago

Well done our guys from zrp, you have managed to scoop these medals for quite a long time. When it comes to sarpco games they know zim police tops

pk 3 weeks ago

well done my team. missed this year's edition. varatidzeyi kuti zim kumberi

Sorojena 3 weeks ago

Welldone guys you gave us pride unlike our army guys who failed the tank games in Russia. Keep it up.

Manikiniki 3 weeks ago

Problem is u carry the corruption tag wherever you go. I am pained with the way you steal from motorists who are trying to make a living, leaving real criminals to roam the streets. It will be very hard for me personally to celebrate anything associated with Zanu under these circumstances where ZRP arrests only opposition supporters and allows Zanu hooligans to commit violence knowing that nothing will happen to them.

CIO 3 days ago

muzhara henyu asi munozama
kasizve kuzobatirira vanhu pama roadblocks

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