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ZRP: Robbery Cases Becoming A Challenge In Harare | FULL TEXT

ZRP: Robbery Cases Becoming A Challenge In Harare | FULL TEXT

Statement Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Harare Provincial Spokesperson Inspector Tendai Mwanza on the increase in armed robber cases in the province.

Robbery cases are becoming a challenge in our Province.

Most of the cases involve a group of robbers numbering from 4 to 12 armed with various weapons including guns. They’re targeting cash and valuables.

They are pouncing on homes and businesses, forcing entry through breaking doors or screens. They also waylay their victims in the yard and take hostage anyone found outside the house or business premises.

They use that person to communicate with people inside the house to open the door. They also use very threatening language to instil fear into their victims before taking away cash and other valuables.

After robbing they disappear using gate away car or cars. They mostly operate during the night. Their modus operandi can only be subdued through coordinated efforts to combat this menace.

We need to form patrol teams, mobile and foot patrols. Each team is to be accompanied by armed police officers from the local police station. Stop and searches should be conducted on all those who are found travelling at night.

All suspicious persons are to be taken to the police station for questioning. We are all potential victims hence the need to have the spirit of teamwork.  If we fail to contain this challenge surely businesses will be affected seriously.

Those who have businesses they operate please stop carrying any cash home. Do not keep cash on your person. Do not announce the person who takes safe or door keys after closing of business.

Never trust your employees because we suspect some robbery cases are being planned from within. Have armed security guards manning your business or tell other business operators to comply with this advice.

Businesses should form patrolling teams to protect their businesses. Never leave doors to your home open when you’re at home.

Always try to minimize your chances of getting outside the house especially after dawn. Once attacked please do not resist.

Let us join hands with ZRP to fight crime in our community. It is everyone’s responsibility. Always keep the local police station contact number on your phone. Exchange phone contacts with your neighbours. Be a brother’s keeper.

Your local police station is ready to work with you through Neighborhood Watch Committees. Let us value our safety as united citizens.

As ZRP Harare Province we will always strive to undertake our constitutional mandate through all-encompassing, holistic, pragmatic and strategic ways in a professional manner.

Provide us with information on criminal activities. Report any wanted persons to the police. Do not hide them.

Tomorrow you shall be the next crime victim. Let us work together to create a crime-free environment.

For any information please feel free to contact:
Harare Provincial Community Relations Liaison Officer on 0242 771874
Harare Operations 0242 748836
WhatsApp 0782 475 000

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