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"ZRP Borrowdale Is Closer" - Wadyajena Responds To "Noise" Allegations

ZANU PF’s Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator, Justice Mayor Wadyajena, has denied allegations that he has been making noise disturbing his neighbours in Borrowdale suggesting they would have reported him to the Zimbabwe Republic Police(ZRP).

Wadyajena was responding to a Twitter post by journalist Hopewell Chin’ono which read:

I have received 13 calls from residents in Borrowdale Brooke complaining about ZANUPF Gokwe MP @JusticeMayorW He spent more than 3 hours making noise with his sports car going beyond midnight! How can a parliamentarian behave like a lout? Citizens should respect community rules!

In response, Wadyajena described the anonymous complainants as racists. He said:

Cde Hopewell, I moved to The Brooke in my 20s a decade ago, so I know the regulations just as you know the road to the American Embassy. Tell the 2 racists & 11 lowlives who called to name their price so I buy their homes. Besides, they need not run to you, ZRP B’dale is closer!

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The Adjudicator 1 week ago

What a pathetic answer from a delusional fanatic.Can that be a role model more so a parliamentarian.He lacks everything that is expected of him.We are tired of such poor narrative.Instead of of swallowing his pride and apologizes he wants to parade his barbaric and thuggery behaviour.

Wadya**** Jena .

Borrowdale Brooke Residents Association 1 week ago

Update on Residents reports and queries:
Our headboy Hopewell is now running his own Police Station from his Laptop.

ini 1 week ago


bhuru 1 week ago

chahototo chemota wadyajena usacheuki

boss 1 week ago

you are very **** Wadyajena. Come next year you will be history in Nembudziya.

blaah TT 1 week ago

Tiriko kuGokwe tosangana 2023 comrade.


Asalif 1 week ago

ladies and gentlemen from were this guy came from he doesn't know loud music even keeping road runners or goats never the less your yard is 2ha large is a punishable offense he came from Gokwe and there are no leafy suburbs in Gokwe

chahototo 1 week ago

saka vaiudza mbudziyadhura ndiye police here,, enjoy zvako Cde, tuvanhu twe CCC tune jerasi

STALIN 1 week ago


Dhuterere 1 week ago

How do people elect rude and arrogant clowns as their leaders?

🤦 1 week ago

we all equal citizens no one is entitled to be above the law, whether mayor or whatsoever. so this nonsense of defending offenders thus nonsense and barbaric

Borrowdale Brooke Residents Association 1 week ago

Residents are advised to forward all queries and complaints to our 2022 headboy journalist Hopewell Chingori. He aspires to own a property in our prestigious complex in the near future.

Conquer 1 week ago

wadyajena wat makes you think that u r so special

Zzzzz 1 week ago

Humble yourself before the Lord....Your pride has a Price tag. One day!!

Mhondoro 1 week ago

Hapana nyaya apa he’s very right to tell them that the matter is to be reported to the police. Kahunhu kekuda kuzviita ma self appointed prefects kana Hope kakadhakwa. The matter of the fact that they didn’t take the proper channel simply illuminates their agenda. Hope ndiye achadii? Achaisa pa Twitter? Pamberi nemi henyu cde

Jaison Ndlovu 1 week ago

Kudyajena hako kwakanaka. Hamhenowo paNoise apa kana yakaitwa zveshuwa.

Ghetto Yut 1 week ago

People of Gokwe you r low lives for voting this **** apa achigara Borrowdale nxaaaa people o Gokwe u deserve your leader

zvichapera 1 week ago


zvichapera 1 week ago


Mahere 1 week ago

Do you know kuti I'm an Advocate I can sue you who are you telling me to get married. mind your own business.

Leave a Comment 1 week ago

Advocate Ku CCC

Leave a Comment 1 week ago

uyu anonzi Mahere uyo ngachiroorwa hatidi vatungamiri vasina dzimba

Leave a Comment 1 week ago

Why doesn't she have kids if she is married

charlie Charlie 1 week ago

Maher Fadzai muroora wangu musadaro kani vakomana..takatobvida danga

nc 1 week ago

she is married

Da truth 1 week ago

Inguva tirimbwa nhai ,shuro, lowlife kittens ,chero asi tichakutaridza door ,be gud to pple on your way up the ladder bcz you gonna meet the same pple on your way down ndapedza hangu .

999 1 week ago

2023 atosvika
mukuchiruza chinhu ichi Mr wadyadema

chipo 1 week ago

legislator anonyadźa kudaro
ane problem he's spreading it around crying for help he needs counselling....ibenzi

Borrowdale Garden Boy 1 week ago

Don't be jealous. Regai mfana akepule mari yakhe

homp 1 week ago

akazonzi naChamisa gore rino unodya dema kwete jena

Machiavelli 1 week ago

Mari yaakapihwa yekugadzira roads tha6he didn't finish yaakumuvava.

Don't worry payback time is near

Chapwititi Kestombela 1 week ago

Lowlife and racists lowlife 🥃 you are a noisemaker and disrespectful. Those who voted for you, what are they??? 2023 isn't far my guy, i will personally be in Gokwe to tell them how you label them as sub lowlife people. It's that simpley guy!!!🥃🍾

Dzvamu 1 week ago

Uyu ndiye wekunzi ndiye akahwina hu MP iye asiriye ZEC ikatozvibvuma ikati enda kuelectoral court. Zvakaoma hazvo kkkkkk

g 1 week ago

ndidexter nduna

Citizen 1 week ago

A disgraceful spoilt brat with a poor attitude.

Mkany 1 week ago

Mfana wafarisa manje... To say your neighbours are low lives what about those from gokwe yu represent in Parliament what are they... One day yu will account for every penny yu have CCC yakutonga your ill gotten wealth to be forfeited to state...

Lowlives 1 week ago

Lowlives are the people he bribes with mealie meal to win votes, the people who vote for someone who lives In the Brooke to represent them

THE FIEND 1 week ago

Pindula pliz bring us the story of the Binga guy who changed to a cow.

Putin 1 week ago

thick head

Annoying 1 week ago

You are filthy rich. Yet we do not admire an iota. We have had several if not numerous successful lads like Mark of Facebook,Dangote & Strive to name just a few. We respect them for their diligence and industriousness let alone honesty and integrity. In our society u drive posh cars and we know u are a thief. Very corrupt. Dayi Jehovah Jaire vakugwamura. Will not shed a tear.

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Making noise by whatever means is an offence under the Miscellaneous Offences Act. Those who reported him to journolist Hopewell Chin'ono knew that he was a decent, honest and a no nonsense man and he just did that by publishing your name in social media. Member of Parliament Justice Mayor Wadyajena's language is uncouth. To show that Hopewell's message was effective is the fact that you have responded directing complainants to Police fully knowing that you will never make that noise again.


Tozivepiko 1 week ago

So to you Wadya you are surrounded by racists and low lives because your party has been looting the national resources since 1980.

shava 1 week ago

very rude nxaaa

g 1 week ago

2023 arikuuya usafunge kuti gokwe yakadhakwa zvekudaro. say goodbye to parliament wobva wazadza zvako

Dhuterere 1 week ago

how can he know about that when there is no suburbs in Gokwe muregerereiwo he is a village boy who came to the city 20 years ago he was a garden boy in Brooke and his boss made him an MP 15 years later it was his payment for hunting girls for the boss

Chichi 1 week ago

Akarambwa kare uyo hatimudi chero akaenda kube rimwe bato

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

LOWLIVES is a word used by business people with a very thin line between them and thieves who call themselves chiefs of society, people of GOD call us CITIZENS 🤔 manzwi iwawo tamabata chasara kuti mwari akueuchidze kwaedza...

cgokwadi 1 week ago

I want to believe what the 2 complainants are saying nyaya dza comrade tinodzinzwa nguva dzose ngavakumbire ruregerero.kuvagari ve kwavanogara.
That machine is capable of making deafening noise if not handled.properly.

cute 1 week ago

we are lowlives victims because of your corruption

youth 1 week ago

Liverpool yahwina nezvingani

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