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Ziva Mwari: Church Of Beer Drinkers Opened In Zimbabwe

Ziva Mwari: Church Of Beer Drinkers Opened In Zimbabwe

A church that allows beer drinking has been opened in Zimbabwe with members saying they felt they were outcasts in other churches due to their love for beer. reports that the Ziva Mwari Church which is located at Trojan Mine, Bindura, about 86km from Harare was formed just under a month ago and has about 140 congregants.

It has already hand branches in Shurugwi and Gutu districts.

Congregants are allowed to behave anyhow every other time except for the one hour (9-10 am) of every Sunday dedicated to the service of the Lord. was told that congregants can drink, smoke and do anything else they want as long as they remember the one-hour Sunday worship time.

As if to cap it all, their place of worship is a disused bar with an equally funny name: Six million.

The church’s founder is Richard Twabi, a diesel fitter/engine technician at Trojan Mine. He used to be a Muslim.

They say an unidentified person reported them to the company authorities that they were up to some political games, resulting in them being locked out of the beer hall-turned church two Sundays ago.

They then approached the local police post; pleading to be given permission to worship under the tree.

The church has become popular in Bindura and Mashonaland Central, with some congregants saying they travelled 20km for the service.

Twabi that they conduct their services like any other church as they start with the praise and worship session and then pray before hearing the word of God. He added:

We said since we do not a proper pastor among us, we better invited preachers from other churches and we have hosted a number of them here, including Methodist, Seventh Day Adventists, CCAP and AFM.

We have an open-door policy, we want to learn from other churches, that is why we invite them to our church.

Twabi said there are other people who have shown interest in Shurugwi and have had calls from around the country. was told that the Ziva Mwari congregants do not take alcohol at their church.

Soon after the service, they disperse and normally get to the nearby compound bar where they enjoy the drink as a group.

Twabi said as a church they are trying to mould their congregants into reputable characters.

For instance, if a member is a female who is in the habit of snatching other women’s husbands, they preach against that. They also preach against gender domestic violence.

Twabi has plans to take his church countrywide and also has plans to open another branch in Harare soon.

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Christian 5 days ago

Why judging people, you're not God, let them do what they want as long they know the living God is here

🤦Ka face 2 weeks ago

Thus nonsense and demonic hell on planet earth, insanity is what we see.

cde 3 weeks ago

regayi tione kunowira tsvimbo nedohwe

fifi 3 weeks ago

is beer drinking encouraged by God? Founder of church lack seriousness

Johnson bolognese 1 month ago



postor 1 month ago

mangwana kuchechi

Zuze 1 month ago

Jeso mbune akashandura mvura kuita doro (wine) pamuchato kuti vanhu vafare.

Dira rizare sahwira 🥂🍾

stallion 1 month ago

chekutanga don't judge because you are waiting to be judged these people they have joined this church because of passion vazhinji vanoyenda kuchurch nekuda kwenhamo kufuma etc Saka hakusiri kunamata Ava they want to know God nemoyo unoda

Christian 5 days ago

I support you

Godia 1 month ago

Vanhu ava varikutamba naMwari
havana mugove hwekudenga

1 Corinthians 6:10
[10]Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

Joe Brownn 1 month ago

All are sinners, we all fall short of glory according to the Bible but zvekuita mafunnies naMwari you'll live to regret it. Hatitambe mahumbwe naMwari izvozvo yaramba.

Matts 1 month ago

" was told that congregants can drink, smoke and do anything else they want as long as they remember the one-hour Sunday worship time."

prophet makandigaya 1 month ago

we raise our glasses in praise 🍻🍻🍺

Moses 1 month ago

Galatians 5:19-21
[19]Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness,
[20]Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies,
[21]Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

the church calls people as they are so that they can be like Christ
not as they are so that they remain as they are

A. J. C. S. 1 month ago

Che****u ndeche ****u, hachiswededze kana kusudurutsa munhu pana Mwari. Asi chiri mumoyo mako ndicho chino tariswa naMwari.
Not a single soul is going to hell because of sin. If that happens it means the blood of Jesus was not enough price to pay for the penalty of sin, and that tarnishes the glory of Christ for eternity. Chino tadzisa munhu kupinda denga kuramba JESU.
Zvema don'ts and dos ndezvedu vanhu, that's religions.
May God bless them with more and more revelation.

Tio4 1 month ago

Makushaisa shoko raMwari simba,Galatians 5:19 is clear on this. Musazvinyengedze henyu muchiti vagona, its better vabuda pachena than to sin in secrete uchinozotsva ku lake of fire.

shaya dzembongoro 1 month ago

Luke 7:34 The Son of man is come eating and drinking; and ye say, Behold a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners!

shaya dzekiti 1 month ago

Romans 14:17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

soothsayer 1 month ago

salvation is a process.let's not be quick to judge ..Jesus Christ associated with people of ill-fame who eventually got converted. am not condoning drinking ,smoking etc zvinozopera zvega

Bee 1 month ago

Let us not judge them.Kuenda kuchurch does not mean that you are perfect .Vamwe tiri kuchema nokuda kwevanwe vatendi . Ndiwo madanhirwe avowo.Ndafarira kuti havade ma congregates anodanana nevarume vevanhu n beer is not allowed at the church

Dont rush to judge 1 month ago

Dont rush to judge!! Mbavha yakawana salvation thru ishe jesu a few miments before his death warowererwa pamuchinjikwa wese. This may be the case. Pamwe xvidhakwa zvatowanirwa nyasha imi muchis****podza

ppp 1 month ago

Let the Lord judge himself

Imwe Mbeu 1 month ago

Guys help me out.
A friend of mine bought tickets to the UEFA Champions League final in Paris this Saturday ( Real Madrid v Liverpool) now the problem is that he completely forgot that Saturday is his wedding day because he bought the tickets a few months before agreeing on the wedding date. Now he wants to know if any one is interested in getting married 🤔

dispenser 1 month ago

do not comment l suppose someone cld be possessed with e spirit of God ,if yu track back even those whom we consider to be Christians during e time they underwent torrid ,if not hard times during the time of Revelation of Christ .He the Lord said he did not come to justify the already informed but sinners ,inoder that they turn to God s ways

napiri 1 month ago

Iyi yakanaka vanhu vanoenda nematrouse eworksuit .manje dzedu dzezaoga unotambura nekutenga hembe negogo

Black label 1 month ago

Tipei whatsapp group link renyu and open more branch nationwide. Kkkk

The Mega Chain ⛓ 1 month ago

Welcome to Zimbabwe 🇿🇼

huri hwese 1 month ago

dai mavhura mabranch akati wandei muharare umu esp zindoga

Lijac 1 month ago

Vote for ccc

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

Ndin8 muprofita wacho wezvidhakwa ini

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Koo kungozvimwira havo doro vasingatsveti mwari mukati zvinei coz kutamba nezita ramwari shamu yacho inorwadza...

Twabam 1 month ago

I believe that with time most of them will nolonger drink but will be dedicated unto the things of God. Itsa good strategy, very good. Thank you Richard.

Chinese zodiac 1 month ago

Handione chakaipa apa vatogona kuziva kuti kuba Mwari variko vanorumbidzwa vachaparidzirana kusvika rakusavanakira doro racho

Murozvi 1 month ago

Jesus said I came for the sinners. May that is the way they are cold

Murozvi 1 month ago


Chibabababa 1 month ago

Nyika iya yoenda kumagumo Mwari pindirai

Tkt 1 month ago

Seku taurwa kwazvo kuti nyika ino haizo paradzwe paine anoti haazive MWARI, the journey begins

Leee 1 month ago

Inombobatsirawo vanhu hre church iyi kana ndeyemafaro chete

lerr 3 weeks ago

good question

gogodera 1 month ago

vatori nani because vari pachokwadi kwete avo veku afm vokuzobviswa hembe muchurch

Mr 1 month ago


Chikanda 1 month ago

Nothing wrong to worship God &to drink after church service , most of the pastors vamunoti vari right vari kukwira vakadzi vevanhu , havasi kurarama mushoko ravanoparidza

Hameno 1 month ago

Open in Harare next 2 zindoga

cheers 1 month ago

yah waGaya paside pa Papa "Profit" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

zoo 1 month ago

Dirai henyu Man of God, rizare.

Boy 1 month ago

ityai Mwari mumukudze

Busymark 1 month ago

Rinombonyanya kunaka zvakadiiko doro racho

..... 1 month ago

kkkkkk ahayaaax tambai mushe boys

Bishoo 1 month ago

Hameno nhy asi Chingoziva kuti rinopfuura mkadzi wako namoms wako chete

jasi 1 month ago

mwari pindirayi nyika yonyangadzwa

aaaa 1 month ago

zvinokudzwa ndokuti vanhu vazive kti mwari anonamatwa

jasi 1 month ago

mutoriro uuuummm

BUOY 1 month ago

siyai mbanje

Magona 1 month ago

Anglican, Roma, Methodist kunonwiwa doro. Mwari ndewemunhu wese. Chikristu hatisu takatanga nacho chakatouyawo.

Open more branches

Kranko 1 month ago

Cheers 🥃

SC 1 month ago

after quitting Islam he saw it fit to create a beer church. You'll have your reward

》》》 1 month ago

this guy realised kuti church is a lucrative business. he is gonna be super rich soon.

Me 1 month ago


STALIN 1 month ago


Real Chriatian 1 month ago

Havagare pane dirty.

muzimbo 1 month ago

inga vana papa venyu tanzwa nekuvaverenga mumapepa, vachitora vakadzi vevanhu, munhu wese mutadzi, don't judge, at least zvidhakwa zviri kutsvaga mwari, zvisiyei zvinamate

Real Christian 1 month ago

Meari havagare pane ****.

BLUE 1 month ago

I am sorry guys because of this short notice

l have renamed VYBZ KARTEL title to blue meaning that
l support Chelsea in blue as well as in yellow
l will also support Chamisa the Change Champion Chief
l also urge you my fellow brethren to vote for CCC

Real Christian 1 month ago

Kuungana havarambidzwi asi ma gifts emweya mutsvene vanenge vasina nokuti anopa ndi Christu haagare pane ****. Pakati pavo hapana anozogamuchira mweya mutsvene.

Blue 🔵 1 month ago

Church yemarombe. Vote Zanu PF

...... 1 month ago

judge not, and though shall not be judged.

Johnny Walker Black Label 1 month ago

Hareruya Hemeni 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Abonisha 1 month ago

Mwari ndivo vanhu venyu varikuita izvi baba ndinoziva pahondo dzose dzamakarwa hapana yakakukurirai zverudzi irwu baba hamukundikane.🔚

wapusa wapusa 1 month ago

vanotadziswa nei havo hanty vamwe formed avo ekutorera vanhu mari

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Pane zvimwe

menard kanyimo 1 month ago

mashura aka boilisiwa tsvakai mwari kwete doro asi chii nhaiu

Bossolona 1 month ago

Open a branch in byo and I will attend

povoo 1 month ago

ityai mwari

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