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ZITF: Ice Cream Vendors With Yellow Jackets And Hats Barred - MP

ZITF: Ice Cream Vendors With Yellow Jackets And Hats Barred - MP

Bulawayo central MP Nicola Watson has claimed that some yellow-wearing ice cream vendors were Saturday denied entry into the Bulawayo exhibition park, where the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF) is being held.

Great Flavours ice cream men, who wear yellow and green uniforms, were forced to remove their hats and jackets by police before being allowed entry.

Yellow is the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change’s (CCC) colour and has been banned in parliament while the Harare city council tried to follow suit in vain.

There are also reports that an unwritten decree was made by some government officials to the effect that schools with yellow uniforms need to find new ones.

However, the Great Flavours uniforms did not bear the CCC logo. Said Watson:

Another trade fair gem, ice cream vendors with yellow jackets and hats had to take them off to go into the trade fair grounds.

The toxicity from Zanu PF to CCC is hindering so much and yellow is a banned colour.

The CCC rebranded from MDC Alliance in February this year after MDC-T leader, Douglas Mwonzora claimed ownership of the name MDC and all its derivatives.

The Nelson Chamisa-led party participated in the 26 March by-election and won most of the Parliamentary and local government seats that were up for grabs.


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Blessing 9 months ago

With such behavior it will be difficult for us bt I'm very sure the president is not in support of all this pane vanhu varikushandisa Zita raPresident kuita zvakashata

From Russia with Love 🇷🇺 9 months ago

Ndovaya vakaita ma PHD..... Pull Him Down

STALIN 9 months ago

Yellow Fever 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

From Russia with Love 🇷🇺 9 months ago

Kungovhundakavo uko. Zanu pf yagara inoshandisa yellow colors. So its better vawedzere yellow regalia so as to dilute that ccc yellow narrative...... Nhasi zvangu ✴️

ZANU zanu 9 months ago

Nyika ichiurawa nevene VA you o zvekare

From Russia with Love 🇷🇺 9 months ago


super 9 months ago


Jinn 9 months ago

Hahaha lol yellow again 😂

Ramaphosa 9 months ago

Pamberi me yellow
#Vote for CCC 🚁


Maparamuro 9 months ago

Good job ZRP, you have no other way of participating in the campaign for CCC but this and it works excellently

wazara 9 months ago

zvese hazvina basa tosangana mu ballot box

sugar boy 9 months ago

ma zanu-pf apererwa zvine basa rei.kwasara kuti mabanana e yellow nema yoke emazai haachabvumidzwe kutengesa.kunge ndizvo zviri kuuraya economy ari Iwo ma-zi- mbwa iwayo.

Chawabvunza 9 months ago

I just wonder why Old People's Home apportion the blame on sanctions on CCC Political Party ? Last week it was disclosed in the House of Commons in England that Zimbabwe was not ready for the lifting of sanctions because the country does not respect the rule of law, human rights and principles of democracy. Old People's Home government must stop talking about the uplifting of sanctions if they continue behaving like cowboys. These are signs showing that they are shivering in their long trousers about the likelihood of them being beaten by CCC Party in the Harmonised Elections in 2023.


chenhamo chimutengwende 9 months ago

So the event is not International,but for zanu and friends,if the president is inclusive,why ban yellow, you are busy campaigning for ccc

Mkanya 9 months ago

Chinjai futi yellow number plates, yellow traffic markings, remove yellow from national flag, yellow packaging ye lacto in fact ban yellow colour in Zimbabwe because it is associated with CCC

master E 9 months ago

kkkkkk payellow ipapo haaaaa hiwororo zanu yarwadziwa

🤦 9 months ago

😂😂😂😂😂😂 political lemme reforms....

wait and see white gawns will be a thing of the past soon yellow wedding gawns yellow suits bridal team yellow dresses.
everything yellow menu will include yellow rice.. 😂😂😂😂

yellow 9 months ago

paYellow ipapo.ngaapinde hake mkomana.

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