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ZIPRA Ex-combatants Castigate Arrest Of Colleagues

ZIPRA Ex-combatants Castigate Arrest Of Colleagues

Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA) war veterans have condemned the arrest of their colleagues in Harare for demanding that the Government improve their welfare.

Police on Tuesday arrested 39 war veterans, who wanted to petition President Emmerson Mnangagwa over the ZWL$16 000 monthly pensions they were receiving from the Government.

ZPRA chairperson Ben Ncube urged President Mnangagwa’s government to stop embarrassing the impoverished war veterans and instead address their grievances. Said Ncube:

Government should not wait to be pressured. It is the mandate of the government to cater for the welfare of war veterans. This is a genuine grievance.

It is embarrassing, and shameful to see liberators of this country being arrested with an intention of making them rot in jails for raising concern over their welfare.

We have been reduced to destitutes by this government.

Meanwhile, the ex-combatants were on Friday released on Z$5 000 bail each by a Harare magistrate.

They are being accused of participating in an illegal demonstration with the intent to promote public violence.

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Nkululeko 9 months ago

Haa chinhu chinonzi zapu ndipo pasina nezvechinhu ,ndiyo party yakatitangira nhamo yese iyi Nkomo a man who was on equal terms with Mugabe in terms of arms and army surrendered to Mugabe achiti anoda legacy nhasi ava kungonzi mdala wethu for nothing after vanhu vake vafa wo surrender ini ndikafigwa nevatsigiri vangu handidzokeri shure,kuzoti vana mdc vagoigona zanupf yakatadziwa ne ZAPU vanhu vachine mweya wehondo,nkomo,nkomo mudhala wethu for nothing chero ukaverenga ava mu gnu aingo frustrating Na Mugabe

Chief 9 months ago

Nkululeko you know nothing about zim politics. Zapu was the first political party formed by blacks during colonial era n Nkomo was its leader.. Mugabe n others formed zanu pf i.e zanu was a faction led by the shona tribe which had sold out to the whites n got blessings frm em since mugabe had agreed not to drive away whites from the farms which was contrary to what Nkomo n others had planned (in return mugabe was promised leadership n it happened according to their plans as they rigged the elections which were won by zapu). Aftr the elections mugabe was forced to take action by the minister of defence who was the current serving president Ed along side NATO members who were bitter because they had lost sophisticated planes which were gunned down by the Zipra forces. Those massacres were stage managed by ed who abducted and killed American tourists in vic falls en framed the zapu leader n thats where this brutality started. Nkomo gave in cz he wanted Zimbabweans to be free not to lead the country saka ziva chokwadi wechidiki Nokomo was ryt because civil wars are not good at all

Rev:Mlubale Leonard Ndlovu 9 months ago

The uttered words about Zapu by Nkululeko is so shameful and comes from a person who does not differentiate between democracy and politics.All political parties and pressure groups are welcome in Zimbabwe especially those that originate here in this country.If you play hide and seek with the warvets ,you are playing with fire.All former freedom fighters are one and no body should separate them for his/her personal gains.Names of political parties or associations means nothing without honouring their sacrifice.

Terminator 9 months ago

Thanks for letting them know the truth Chief.I was in the Rhodisian army 2RAR by that time working in Masvingo . Politics it's not what u read in the paper that is really what would have happened.Its sad when pple are let astray by false stories.Akatiregerera ndi Peter Walls

Nkululeko 9 months ago

Yaa I thank all those who tried to correct me and am sure they know better than me,but my point was i am a victim of this unity thing my father was beaten closer to death was an active ZAPU member in shurugwi Ezekiel ndlovu vakazhakiwa musana hauchashandi was working Ku zimasco vakatorega basa tikatozodzidza tichibhadharigwa ne social welfare but has nothing to show for supporting Nkomo but others who are in zanupf and their children are enjoying because their leader never gave up the fight,look even tsvangirai did the same mistake after people died then you get into a gnu and why why vamwe ma contenders would reason kty haa just for peace ngatingobatanai and all that benefiting Mugabe not iye Mugabe oti haa ndakundwa for the sake of peace let me give the winner and if that trajectory continues then we are doomed munhu ngaamboramba tione magumo azvo kufa hakuurayi

Chief 9 months ago

I get bro ini i lost my grandfather whom they murdered because my dad had joined Zipra forces. A lot happened till my dad resigned from the army in 2013.. Zanu is not all of them in zanu are evil but its leadership, these guys are the most evil if hear the truth about them you will be shocked cz they're nothing but sellouts. Our problem in Zimbabwe is not tribalism but those who are power hungry.. Obert mpofu is a true ex Zipra combatant who was trained in Egypt with my dad but he sold out his tribe.. In 2008 many people were murdered in mashonaland by others Shonas who wanted to lead. Tozvisiira Mwari vasingaramb vanyerere

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