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ZINARA Responds To Harare Mayor's Threat Of Legal Action Over Road Funds

ZINARA Responds To Harare Mayor's Threat Of Legal Action Over Road Funds

The Zimbabwe National Roads Administration (ZINARA) chief executive officer has responded to claims by Harare mayor Jacob Mafume that the local authority has been failing to repair roads since it (ZINARA) took over. 

Earlier on Tuesday, Mafume was quoted as saying the local authority has no choice but to take ZINARA to court so that it can be deconstructed and vehicle licensing be brought back to the local authorities.

In response, the ZINARA issued a statement saying, among other things, in 2021 the City of Harare failed to fully its allocation. Reads the statement:

Whilst we don’t want to respond to rhetoric, we feel duty-bound to inform the nation with facts on certain inaccuracies.

Firstly, we want to categorically state that, ZINARA has consistently disbursed funds for road rehabilitation and maintenance to all the Road Authorities, the City of Harare included.

According to the dictates of the Roads Act, a Road Authority can only access a new disbursement from Zinara after acquitting its previous disbursement.

As for the City of Harare, it is important for the nation to know that in 2020, their total allocation was 86 million ZWL which could be translated using the prevailing exchange rate at the time and ZINARA disbursed 100 percent of that amount and the city of Harare failed to acquit their last disbursement.

As a result, they failed to access an early disbursement in 2021. The City of Harare’s allocation for 2021 was 1, 3 billion which again can be translated to USD using the exchange rate at the time.

However, the City of Harare only requested 154 million ZWL of this total allocation and failed to utilise in excess of 1,1 billion ZWL.

In 2022, they are yet to acquit their fourth quarter disbursement of 566 million ZWL despite the fact that most Road Authorities have already acquitted their 2022 disbursements.

This means that even if funds were to be disbursed today as per the ZINARA schedule for 2023, Harare residents will still be deprived of service delivery until their Road Authority follows the dictates of the Road Act.

We continue to urge all Road Authorities to timeously acquit the disbursed funds in order to access their next allocation.

It is a fact that our roads need to be rehabilitated and we need to work hand in glove to address this.

Whilst some may argue the funds disbursed are not enough to meet all the needs, it will also be noble to be transparent and show the nation how the received funds were utilised.

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cde ostallos chingwahachigutsi 4 days ago

zvobvondorana... hokoyo

jerry..A..O 4 days ago

Yaaaaa itai sure Zimbabwe iyendereremberi gadzirai maroads

citizen 4 days ago

it's so sad how the roads in Harare are potholes infact dicthholes. The roads also have poor drainage leaving ponds of water within the roads. Authorities can you please do something not doing the blame game

Youth Isiri YeZanu 4 days ago

It is very true that since Zinara took over the state of our roads is continously deteriorating. We always ask ourselves where the money from vehicle licencing and Tollgates is going to. Its so bad on our roads and no one seems to care up there. Then you see a f o o l voting for this failed party for a t-shirt and a scud.

Tkt 3 days ago

Baba, vemaSCUD ndimi I will give you a good example where your leader donated maSupper, & some hot stuff in Bulawayo prior to the 2018 White City Stadium Rally
Young man did it for the youngmen yet anofamba achitaura zvisina basa hee NewGreatZimbabwe kudini kwacho uchipa vanhu doro, nxaaaa

Zuze 3 days ago

At least vekuWhite City vakanwa maScud. Ko vekuEpworth vakanzi tokupai maTitle Deeds vakawanei?

4 days ago

Oliver Chidhawu once stated that he did not know where zinara money was going

Graham 4 days ago

Mungati tichibhadhara tolgate neUS mopacouncil rtgs kugadzira road hazvibude rate rinochinja everyday vape maus acho tiwone kuti vanotadza here kugadzira maroads acho

Mp 4 days ago

Ko mbavha dzipi dzakagadzira chimusangano chezinara


Gboy 3 days ago

give council USD mukuisepi ma USD amukutora pa tollgate

3 days ago

zinara zvairiyo irikubata Mari irikudii kungogadzira yega maroads basa rayo nderei chaizvo

lp 3 days ago

ndeyekudya mari

pk 3 days ago

basa rezinara ndere kuita administrate. havasi machapato

.. 3 days ago

Someone plz she'd light paDroid iyi, chinyi..

bata mupfana 3 days ago

anonzi @ mukmeric ndiye ane info anogona kukutumira paapp

naume mlambo 3 days ago

hazvibudiriri izvii

naume 3 days ago

mmkasei vna vevhu

gg 3 days ago

vamwe vanhu muchigungawo kani inga ZINARA yataura wani pane problem. Govt funds are acquitted in order to be given another allocation. Council is failing to account for the money disbursed to them. This shows there is serious corruption in Council. Govt funds have to be accoubted for. Its taxpayers money. People need to know how their taxes are being used.

Kiti 3 days ago

But why do they disburse Rtgs to Local Authorities when Toll Gate funds are paid in hard currency . Are they money changers

pk 3 days ago

iwe rtgs yaibhadharrwa kuma tollgate kubva pataurwa 2020. chero rtgs needs to be accounted for

King 3 days ago

Let them have their day in court

gg 3 days ago

Govt payments are done in local currency

Black Adam ⚡ 3 days ago

Eeeeeh Guys regai ndikuudzei iri kutambika... U see ZINARA gets an average of $10 million USD every month hehehehe. Saka mari iri kurohwa chaizvo izvo not zvekutombo tamba zviya. Vanenge vakagara mumaOffice vasuuuuraaaa rough vachiverenga zvana Ma TT and watching maSkit. MaRoad ayo no potholes will fixed coz they drive Range rovers and SUV Mercs 🤣🤣🤣

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