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ZINARA Condemns Local Authorities Over Poor Workmanship On Road Projects

ZINARA Condemns Local Authorities Over Poor Workmanship On Road Projects

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) has condemned local authorities for shoddy work on some road rehabilitation projects that are undertaken using funds disbursed by ZINARA.

In a statement, ZINARA also chided local authorities for overcommitting or signing contracts that are way above the resources allocated. ZINARA said:

Another area of concern noted by ZINARA in 2022 was the low quality of work by some local authorities.

There is a need for local authorities contractors to ensure sustainable quality work because the resources that ZINARA has are limited compared to the work that needs to be done on our roads.

Analysis of the 2022 disbursement statistical data, ZINARA noted that some local authorities overcommitted and entered contracts that were way above their allocations.

Going forward, ZINARA urges the local authorities to budget within their allocations and ensure timely acquittals of disbursed funds.

This is prudentially important in terms of value preservation of their allocated funds.

ZINARA has unveiled ZWL$93 billion towards road rehabilitation and maintenance this year while over ZWL$30 billion was disbursed to local authorities last year.

According to the latest funding disbursement report issued by ZINARA on Sunday, 22 January 2023, Harare Metropolitan Province received the highest funding of $1.73 billion in 2022.

Matabeleland region, which includes Bulawayo and sister provinces of Matabeleland North and South, got a combined total of $1.24 billion.

Matabeleland North Province received $422.9 million, with Victoria Falls receiving the highest amount of $120.8 million for road rehabilitation and maintenance under the urban councils’ category in the province.

Umguza Rural District Council got the lion’s share among rural local authorities in Mat’ North Province. It received $70.9 million. | Chronicle

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1 week ago

What do you expect when they arr instructed by ZANU to contract Mayor Wadyajena to do the roads?

Manikiniki 1 week ago

You give them worthless Rtgs to maintain the roads when you are collecting millions of US dollars on our toll gates and car licences. Where are US dollars going to? I knw yo s i l l y response is that they are converted yo rtgs at prevailing rate. But we know you have looted the bulk of US dollars and 'burned' a few at black market rates to create those millions of rtgs.

. 1 week ago

Ukaenda Vic Falls unonyara uchiona road yakadhakwa especially wakunopinda Vic falls

1 week ago

Here in Masvingo potholes are covered using sand just send without tar. On top of that its done by the council on its own. Then they expect that send to last.
Within a week especially when its raining potholes will be deeper that before after the send has been washed away.

We need proper use of funds in this country we're sick and tired of people pocketing funds which mostly would have been taken from citizens who earn nothing

pk 1 week ago

I will send you a bucket of sand so that you can fill the potholes with sand.

Yo send me back a picture of the sand-filled pothole so that I can send some more sand to fill more potholes with sand.

@Pk 1 week ago

Asi URI muZanu

Bright 1 week ago

Ma road vachinenguva kumagadzira kune imwe inonzi marirangwe road inodarika nekunogadzirwa ma ice cream uko ummm haa yaipa unotoona mapurisa aripa roadblock hawo

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