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ZIMSTAT Struggles To Pay Census Enumerators' Allowances

ZIMSTAT Struggles To Pay Census Enumerators' Allowances

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) is yet to fully pay allowances to census enumerators days after the Population and Housing census was completed.

Some of the enumerators who spoke to on condition of anonymity said they have not been told when they will be paid. Said a disgruntled enumerator:

I am yet to be paid any cent for the entire ten days training period and the enumeration exercise we have done so far.

What hurts the most is that there is no official communication on the exact situation prompting these delays.

It is so demotivating considering the laborious nature of the exercise.

Another enumerator said she had received payment which did not however cover the entire period. She said:

I have only received payment for the first five days of the training exercise and I am yet to receive the remaining portion.

Meanwhile, ZIMSTAT spokesperson, Mercy Chidemo told that all the payments had been processed. Said Chidemo:

As far as we are concerned all payments were processed unless you can assist me with the centre details for those who have not been paid.

However, reported a source at ZIMSTAT as saying the delays in payments were caused by the late disbursements of funds from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development.

Treasury is alleged to have disbursed just 60% of the total required.


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