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Zimstat Speaks On 'Males Only In Ward' Census Figures

Zimstat Speaks On 'Males Only In Ward' Census Figures

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) has explained unusual census figures it recently published after members of the public queried their accuracy.

Critics have questioned Zimstat’s integrity after official statistics showed that Ward 20 in Matobo District has only 85 people, all males.

In a statement explaining the unusual statistics, Zimstat Manager Public Relations and Communications one M D Chidemo said the area has no permanent residents but is inhabited by semi-nomadic pastoralists from time to time. Reads the statement:


Ward 20 in Matobo falls in an area called Emlageni along the Shashe River. It is council land with no permanent residents. Residents from neighbouring communal areas practise partial nomadic life.

When feed for their animals diminishes in their usual areas of habitation, some locals take their animals to ward 20 for grazing. They put up temporary structures as shelter.

They will reside in this area for months and then go back to their usual places of residence when summer sets in.

When our enumerators entered the ward, they accounted for 85 males who spent the census night, 20th April 2022, in these temporary structures in ward 20 of the Matobo area.

Kindly note that the census was conducted using the de-facto method that entails enumeration of persons who slept at a given place on the census night irrespective of their place of usual residence.

These figures are comparable to what was accounted for in the 2012 census when our enumerators accounted for 15 females and 49 males giving a total of 64 for the ward.

We kindly ask stakeholders who have any queries about the 2022 Population and Housing Census figures to contact ZIMSTAT for clarity before disinforming the public and condemning the census process with a likelihood of triggering alarm and despondency.

This article was written to clear misconceptions on queries being raised on population figures for ward 20 of Matobo.

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Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

Apa ukuedza kuti kudii nhai @RobertRuine😕

chibaba 2 months ago

pindula must do something with this person Robert Ruine

pk 2 months ago

akutijairira munhu uyo. what has that to do with us. tsvagai mabasa,

mutori uyo

Fari 2 months ago

Thot ndini ndega ndiriuzviona, RobertRuine uyo haaa

🐗 2 months ago

This is work of assumptions only...

Sodindo 2 months ago

Kuda kubidira. Mthwakazi Republic where art thou? Sebeqalile boED..

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