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ZIMSTAT Says Zimbabwe's Exports Increased In June 2022

ZIMSTAT Says Zimbabwe's Exports Increased In June 2022

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) has released the latest trade statistics which show that the value of exports in June this year surpassed the value recorded in May.

ZIMSTAT said the value of total exports in June 2022 was US$666.6 million, signifying an increase of 29.9% from total export earnings of US$513.1 million in May 2022.

Meanwhile, imports increased by 4.9% to US$750.5 million in June 2022, from US$715.7 million in May the same year

In June, the agency reported that the value of total exports in April 2022 was US$587.3 million, signifying an increase of 5.3% from total export earnings of US$557.6 million in March 2022.

The agency also announced that during the same period, imports decreased by 10.7% to US$637.2 million from US$713.8 million in March 2022.

ZIMSTAT produces the monthly summary of External Trade Statistics report using data on merchandise statistics from the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) and secondary statistics from companies and trade organizations.

Zimbabwe’s major imports are mineral fuels, mineral oil products, vehicles, electrical machinery, plastics, cereals mostly rice, animal and vegetable oils and fats, pharmaceuticals, paper and paper products, and fertilizers.

South Africa, Singapore, China, and India have over the years been Zimbabwe’s biggest trading partners with Zimbabwe importing more than its counterparts since its local industry is collapsed.

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citizen 1 week ago

imports are still more than exports so equation yakatitsikirira. apana break even ipapa. importing cereals so dhiga udye iye ikutotiuraya

Zuze 1 week ago

Yaimbonzi Timbaugute, iye zvino yave Timbaufe.
That's Pfumvudza for you. And I feel sorry for the white guy from Glen Forest who started Pfumvudza concept

enumerator 1 week ago

ko Mari yedu yatakafira Zimstat woyeeee

zimstat 1 week ago

hanti takakupai maTshirts nema hate here

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