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Zimstat Ropes In Chiefs To Spread Awareness About Census

Zimstat Ropes In Chiefs To Spread Awareness About Census

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) has been making visits to chiefs to spread awareness about the national census to be held from 21 to 30 April.

In an interview with Chronicle after a roadshow in Gwanda last Friday, Zimstat public relations officer Roland Chiringa said they are conducting officer sensitisation meetings and roadshows to reach people that are normally difficult to reach. Said Chiringa:

We’ve been going around all provinces and the reception has been phenomenal so far. We have been targeting people with little or no access through these sensitisation meetings and roadshows.

We have met chiefs and continue to do so in other provinces to make sure that the word reaches everyone in the country.

Going by the results and the responses we’ve been getting, I’m positive that Zimbabwe is ready to be counted.

Chiringa also said Zimstat enumerators will be deployed to work in their home areas where they’re familiar with the people and surroundings. He said:

There are however a few technical things that we’re working on because this particular census is incorporating housing which was not included in the previous censuses.

There are certain areas in our country that have little or no reception or even media access hence we embarked on engaging the chiefs and local leadership.

We still trust the traditional means of communication so through our chiefs, we’re getting down to the villager and they’re getting the message using traditional means of communication.

I’m sure by the time we go for enumeration on April 21, people will be prepared. We’ve engaged people to do the enumeration in their communities.

The people that are going to do the enumeration are familiar with their surroundings and the communities they’re going to be working with.

We’ve also hired all-terrain vehicles to offer support to the enumerators who will be enumerating in the hard to reach areas.

He said people living in isolated areas such as the Khoi San communities as well as people with special needs will all be catered for.

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The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Machief avekuto itiswa campaign ye Zanu .Kutanga riini machief achiverenga vanhu???? MBAVHA DZIYE DZATANGA

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Chiefs are Zanupf PCs.They were given farms,cars and their homes electrified to cohess them into being Zanupf puppets.Now they only sing from Zanupf a hymn book to protect their wealth when in fact they are supposed to be non partisan.

Its not just the help as educational enumeraters bt yu want them to help campaign for Zanupf.

Since when has chiefs been involved in this exercise???

designer 1 month ago


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mutadza 1 month ago

42 years of independence kubvuma kuti pane nzvimbo dziri underdeveloped rambai muchivavhotera munoenda ku stone age chaiko

Machiavelli 1 month ago

As usual blame it on the repressive Ian Smith regime 😜😜😜

porisi 1 month ago


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