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ZimStat Fails To Pay Census Enumerators

ZimStat Fails To Pay Census Enumerators

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZimStat) has failed to honour its financial obligations to enumerators for the upcoming 2022 National Population and Housing census which runs from 21 to 30 April.

According to some enumerators who spoke to, ZimStat pledged them advance payments when they registered nearly three weeks ago but up now, ZimStat has failed to pay the allowances.

40 000 enumerators and 7 000 supervisors were trained to undertake the 2022 National Population and Housing census.

ZimStat director-general Taguma Mahonde said the enumerators will receive their allowances soon. Said Mahonde:

The payment processes have started. Those who are not on Public Service Commission salary services bureau (SSB) will start receiving their money tomorrow (Tuesday).

Due to the Easter and Independence holidays, the process of transferring money from one bank account to another was not functional.

Those that are on SSB will require a day or more to receive their money. We are seized with the matter.

The current government allowances were pegged in US dollars but are paid at the auction rate.

For any civil servant, that should not be new because the government has released circulars on payment of those allowances. That is how the circular operates.


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Dhuterere 1 month ago

The census programme is funded by UN and they are allocated hard USD currency i dnt know why now they resort to paying allowances in Rtgs

tawaz 1 month ago

apa wataura @ sugar boy vanongofunga kuzvifadza ivo

🦡🦡🦡 1 month ago

Hanzi RTGS

Robbers Training Group Services

sugar boy 1 month ago

that money is reserved for 2023 campaign ZANU-PF

sugar boy 1 month ago

ngavangorega kuverenga vanhu zvine basa rei.kuverenga vanhu ndokuvapa basa nechikafu here.zimstat ngai shandise masoja nemapurisa anobvuma kushandiswa mahara.

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