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Zimstat Applies For Census Extension

Zimstat Applies For Census Extension

The Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (Zimstat) has applied for an extension of the 2022 national housing and population census by five more days to enable the enumeration of those who have not yet been counted.

Zimstat Director-General Taguma Mahonde said that the extension of the census period will enable Zimstat to count everyone in order to have accurate data. Said Mahonde:

The enumeration exercise has been going on well with the exercise having been made easier by the use of technology. The process is now simple.

We appreciate that there are people who have not yet been enumerated because of various reasons and we have applied for an extension of the enumeration exercise which is our mopping-up phase so that everyone gets a chance to be counted for us to have accurate data.

On the issue of “weird” questions that are being asked by enumerators, Mahonde said the questions are relevant to the planning and development of the nation. He said:

We are always guided by the United Nations in our line of questioning and this year they wanted us to concentrate more on housing issues, that is why we had questions that had something to do with houses.

All questions asked were relevant to the planning and development of the nation.

The census was supposed to end on Saturday, 30 April, but there are pockets of households across the country that are yet to be counted.

The preliminary report of the census is expected to be out in the next three months with the final report expected to be out in six months’ time.

After Zimstat tables the final census report, electoral boundaries will be redrawn ahead of the 2023 general elections.

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Tindo 9 months ago

Incompetence plus kuda ma allowance emahara

No more allowances 9 months ago

Yavakapihwa inokwana

Taguta 9 months ago

resources was a challenge musanyeba dei makatora vadhumeni vagara vanemabike to cover remote areas

census 9 months ago

Mayouth avo atadza basa makore ose zvaisipera in time wani tsvatu waro.

Kanda 9 months ago

zvapera sei basa rakapiwa vanhu vakapinda basa nemarathon hameno akapedzisira kubata pen Ari grade ani

aaaa 9 months ago

kkkkk ndosaka waibvunza mibvunzo ykawanda waiti pamwe wachapiwa mari inobatika

Ndini Ndadaroo 9 months ago

We want to count Hopewells goats tmro


Daudi 9 months ago

saka zvikiro zvozovhugwa rini nhy?Hanty mamwe maticha ndiwo arikurava anhu,saka vana vombomira here kukwira mabhazi vatange vapera kuverengwa.Kaakamwe ka lockdown aka kkkk

Chawabvunza 9 months ago

I have always maintained that this Census has been the worst one. I am pleased that they have come in the open and said they had not finished enumerating. Hungry people do not cooperate with Government programs. Apart from that it was manifested with chaos. Enumarators were not paid in time. Some of the enumerators were selected on party lines and not on qualifications. Of all the census I have. gone through since 1969, I take this one as the worst handled census.


kkkkkk 9 months ago

vaitendekerwa madoor anogara vanhu vachinzi iyi Ibedroom iyi ikitchen ko vanomukira kumusika vodzoka usiku how do they count them dira hako rizare 🥃🍾🍷

Moyo 9 months ago

Zimstat engaged illiterate personnel, that 's why they failed to complete e exercise in time. Vazhinji vavo vainetseka nekusha ndisa matablets. Now they will want more allowances with e extension of the exercise, it's a shame

K.C 9 months ago

The census was ill timed,,,, with all the rains ,,,, August was the best time,,,,,,most areas were inaccessible,matablet achinaiwa ,and had nowhere to charge them

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