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ZIMSEC To Announce Zim Dollar Rate For Registration On 22 July

ZIMSEC To Announce Zim Dollar Rate For Registration On 22 July

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) will announce the Zimbabwe dollar rate for examination registration fees on 22 July 2022.

ZIMSEC delayed announcing examination fees in Zimbabwe dollars in order to cushion itself against inflation since the exchange rate changes every week.

Speaking in an interview with The Sunday News, ZIMSEC spokesperson Nichollete Dlamini said the rate will not change when schools register candidates from 22 July to 29 July.

She also warned schools against setting their own deadlines for payment of exam fees. Said Dlamini:

Since the interbank rate changes weekly, we will announce the rate that will be used. It will be a blanket rate that will apply to all schools.

From 22 July to 29 July, we will hold that rate and it will not change so as to allow all parents to pay in an equitable way.

We have also heard of schools setting their own deadlines for the payment of fees and we want to make it clear that it is not allowed.

Some schools might perhaps say they want to end payments on 25 or 26 July for administration purposes so they remit to ZIMSEC and that may be understandable, but they have a month to do that.

It is also important to note that registration is not the same as payment.

Schools have been allowed to register pupils while they wait for payment which is forthcoming.

Registration serves as a way of helping schools determine just how many pupils, they can expect payment from.

Dlamini said parents and guardians are allowed to make payments using any of the currencies in use in the country.

Initially, ZIMSEC had announced that examination fees can only be paid in Zimbabwe dollars but this is no longer the case since the government recently passed a law making foreign currencies legal tender.

According to ZIMSEC, Grade Seven examination fees will be US$30 for all the subjects.

Ordinary Level fees were pegged at US$11 per subject for candidates in public, local authorities-run, and non-profit making schools with the Government paying a subsidy of US$24 while those in private schools and colleges fork out US$24 per subject.

Advanced Level candidates in public and local authority-run schools will pay US$22 per subject with the Government contributing US$26 in subsidy.

Private schools and college candidates shall pay US$48 per subject.

More: The Sunday News

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