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ZIMSEC Sets Deadline For Marking O And A' Level Exams

ZIMSEC Sets Deadline For Marking O And A' Level Exams

The Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (ZIMSEC) says it is targeting to finish marking of O and A- Level examinations this week, with results expected to be released shortly after.

This comes after the examinations body is settling outstanding allowances for markers who had embarked on industrial action over delays in payments.

The Sunday Mail reports that markers have since resumed their duties and are now working round the clock to conclude the exercise.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, ZIMSEC spokesperson Ms Nicky Dhlamini said despite delays, the release of results is still within schedule, thereby giving forthcoming Lower Six pupils enough learning time before the first term ends. Dhlamini said:

Marking is going on well. Examiners at various marking venues are rounding up and we hope to conclude in the next week (this week). Processes thereafter to produce results will determine the date of the release of results.

The payment of markers has been processed and all outstanding allowances are being settled in accordance with timeliness set in the contracts.

As ZIMSEC we do not determine the school calendar but we will be releasing results as scheduled.

Ms Dhlamini also dismissed media reports which suggested that markers were working under protest.

The secretary-general for the Zimbabwe Schools Development Committees, Mr Everisto Jongwe, urged Zimsec to quickly conclude the marking of exams, saying the late release of results puts extra pressure on parents.

The exams, which traditionally end in early December or late November, were completed in late January this year.

More: The Sunday Mail

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aaaa 1 month ago

aarip maresults manje takummada

Tawanda Runyani 2 months ago

Guys we have waited for the results for so long ngaachibuda

Advocate 1 month ago

I'm now tired of waiting

Karinda 2 months ago

Kuchachemwa n hushamwari huchapera

Gerald Torres 2 months ago

Pashata painful

Masikiri 2 months ago

Haa pakaipa apa zvikureva kty e A level anogona kungobuda Monday or Tuesday kaa


Moyo Muti 2 months ago

Ndanzwa hana kuti vhuuu vhuu kuvhutavhuta

Ganvosta Bhuru 2 months ago

2 maU pluz 3 maU ne 6 maDkkkkkkkk

2minutes 2 months ago

highest number of unemployment in Zim is increase

Fanuel 2 months ago

Haaaa maresults ngaabude. Ndakuda kunojoinao either chipurisa nditsvagewo cheuwiri nemabribe kana kuita gunners ndizopindire armed robbery. Zim situation yarwadza😎

Masikiri 2 months ago

Haa vakomana pakipa ini nduku atya ini ummm

LaSilva@ KC 2 months ago

😂😂🤣 meaning kuti neasina kumanager his time to complete the exam anopasser

Executioner 2 months ago

Don't worry you'll make it . Ma teacher aya aiva ongomaka chero nenhema bcz vai clepewa kana vakada kuita zvisina basa

U 2 months ago

Zvamakanyora zvakudzoka aman.Wish u the best

Joe Buoy 2 months ago

Ngaauye fast maresults Ayo ummm taneta nekumirira vamwe isu haaaaaa 🙆🏼‍♀️😥😥😥

Executioner 2 months ago

Hohodo rimwe harichatonzwi mushe ipapa kkkkkkk rimwe rakutonzwa mu****u

Fetso uverty 2 months ago

Taneta nekumirira sure

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