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ZIMSEC Marking Schemes Leaked Before Exams | Report

ZIMSEC Marking Schemes Leaked Before Exams | Report

The leakage of Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) Ordinary Level examinations appears to have been unprecedented in the country in 2022 as candidates had access to marking schemes before they sat for their final examinations in October and November.

ZIMSEC markers who declined to be named for security reasons told NewsDay that there is irrefutable evidence that candidates had marking schemes before they wrote the exams.

Some candidates reproduced the marking schemes for some papers “word for word” in their answer sheets according to NewsDay’s sources.

At some examination centres in Harare, the majority of pupils reportedly got high marks of up to 100% for Combined Science Paper 2 and others. An examiner who requested anonymity was quoted by NewsDay as saying:

Some pupils reproduced the marking scheme in their answers, even the codes that are put on the documents to guide the markers, which the candidates did not know the meaning of.

It was clear that cheating occurred because some would write answers exactly as they were on the marking scheme but on the wrong question.

It is possible that every pupil in class can get an answer right, but not when the answer is the same in verbatim for a sentence. It is impossible unless they are copying from somewhere.

ZIMSEC spokesperson Nichollette Dlamini said a comprehensive report will be published once investigations into the leakage of examinations are completed. She said:

As reported to the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee by our directorate and MoPSE [Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education], the marking activity was part of the measures to find those candidates who may or are suspected to have been involved in examination malpractice.

The comprehensive report and results, including those of other investigations, will be published at the completion of the exercise.

Towards the end of last year, ZIMSEC officials told Parliament that about 590 suspects were caught cheating while sitting for November 2022 Ordinary and Advanced Level final examinations. | NewsDay

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kkkkkk 3 weeks ago

2022 certificates evoked.....don't come with it to my company

Chinese zodiac 3 weeks ago

Zimsec apa makundikana pabasa penyu sure

Zuze 3 weeks ago

ZIMSEC yakoniwa seZANU

King 3 weeks ago

exams leak everywhere, even at pastor's colleges, universities.

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Chero Professor Matuzvi Ncube copies his Ministerial Reports from Europe wanhi?

3 weeks ago

Kucoper ne answer code kkkkkkk hapana kwatirikuenda. The elders dololo ma youths dunderheads 🤦🤦🤦🤦

Vekuye kuye 3 weeks ago

Imwe level yehu**** is baffling!

Vesto 3 weeks ago

So what's new?
ZANU is copying First World Economic Principles in an environment of 260% inflation and concluding that the economy is doing well and growing, and that shortages of electricity are caused by rapid industrial growth in a country with 95% unemployment rate.

3 weeks ago

Ngavataurire pasi zvotidzikisira toda kunditsvaka mabasa abroad
So zve cheating azvina basa atiashandisi muno

3 weeks ago

Kupi kwaunotsvaga basa neZIMSEC Certificate? Kunze kweZimbabwe yakatukwa?

Vaye vaye 3 weeks ago

Apa Zimsec ichiri kungoramba kuti they were the source of the leaks🤷‍♂️

3 weeks ago

Source of leaks = State House.
Ndosaka ZIMSEC isina simba rekuita nullify the results

3 weeks ago

Yaaah ZimSketch ma1


3 weeks ago

Obert Masaraure akamboti ma exams aya ngaave cancelled atangidzwe asi ma professor epano pa pindula vaimupikisa, the whole thing should just be cancelled motangidza kuti 1 Otherwise the results will be meaningless

****kufa 3 weeks ago

Marking Scheme was released before exams started? This is nonsense. The marking scheme is produced towards marking. Noone had access to the marking scheme. The answers were being created by the small colleges dotted around town. These teachers are just trying to tarnish the image of the government but are putting a lot of innocent students in the crossfire who did nothing wrong

Vaye vaye 3 weeks ago

Marking scheme is produced when questions are set. If there is a question paper it means there is a corresponding answer sheet!

3 weeks ago

You talk nonsense 😂

Disgraceful 3 weeks ago

Academically money talks..... Phd's degrees you name it.... Corruption cancer stage 4.
The end result qualifications in this country will not be trusted.

Dr. Gouveia 3 weeks ago

Asi uri kutaura inini naDr. Mufushwa here?

pk 3 weeks ago

zvakatanga kare kare. vamwe vakadzi vakuru vakanyorerwa ku UZ vakatoita graduate but during exams days vakange vari kuAmerica

nhubu 3 weeks ago


Dr. Akusiriya Mufushwa 3 weeks ago

Aah, iwe ndini ndadii?

Dr. Amai Grace Marufu-Goreraza-Mugabe ("O" level Typing, PhD) 3 weeks ago

Eeeh, iwe siyana neni

NHUBU 3 weeks ago


A 3 weeks ago

Zimsec kudemwa ne album ra winky d

jmp 3 weeks ago

This time macertificate avo panenge pakaipa

sandy 3 weeks ago

haaa zimskechi inotadza basa ini wangu mwana ndakutomunyoresa Cambridge zimskechi kupenga chaiko

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