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ZIMSEC Grade 7 Examinations, O' Level Practicals Begin On Monday Next Week

ZIMSEC Grade 7 Examinations, O' Level Practicals Begin On Monday Next Week

The 2022 Zimbabwe School Examination Council (ZIMSEC) Grade seven examinations are set to begin on Monday next week.

ZIMSEC public relations officer Nicky Dhlamini says it’s all systems go. Dhlamini told ZBC News:

As school examinations council we have finished all the preparations. We have also distributed the papers to their respective centers and this year we expect results to be out on time.

Schools which spoke to ZBC News said they were ready for the examinations.

Meanwhile, candidates who are writing Ordinary and Advanced Level examinations will begin their practicals on Monday next week, while written examinations will get underway next month.

In a related matter, President Emmerson Mnangagwa Monday told the United Nations that the government will progressively provide universal, free and compulsory basic education with effect from next year. 

He made the remarks in a virtual presentation at the High-Level Summit on Transforming Education at the ongoing United Nations General Assembly.

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pm 4 months ago

free education. ko ma books free here uniform free here ball points pencils boe here

Chelsea 4 months ago


Gwedu 4 months ago

Hamuone ka but curriculum iro rakaora make plan

Kudzie 4 months ago

Education is now rot in Zimbabwe

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

People who dislike CALAS don’t know how other countries handle their education system,mukaen**** munonozvisungirira chete nenungo.Nowadays companies hire people with ideas and innovation not someone with degrees.ndobasa remaCALA iroro kuty munhu ave nebrai dzekugadzira something not just cramm questions😂

Mary M**** 4 months ago

Cala irikudhura wangu
Everytime I want to print 1 page for my child it cost me dhola us ende inenge ichidiwa iri in color
Zimbabwe is not ready for cala

JMP 4 months ago

Wish you the best all G7

Mannat 4 months ago



Manikiniki 4 months ago

The problem is that we just copied CALA and we are just administering them haphazardly. For us its just quantity and not quality, its a waste of time and money because teachers and learners are just doing them for the sake of fullfiling the requirement but not unirformity in the marking or checking whether any objectives will be achieved. Children just copy each other and most teachers just write solutions for their pupils to copy so that they dont have a task of checking and correcting these useless write-ups. Imagine 5 CALAS per subject per child multiply that by 35 or 40 you get the number of CALAS that a teacher should check and mark!! Do you think a teacher earning peanuts will waste time checking for quality or will just put ticks to only fullfill his duties and move on. The CALAS are useless in Zimbabwe a waste of precious learning time and waste of hard earned parents money i would be happy if they just remove them and maybe introduce them latter when they have a better way to impliment them and reduce their number.

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