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ZIMSEC Extended CALA Deadline To Today

ZIMSEC Extended CALA Deadline To Today

The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) last week extended the deadline for the submission of Continuous Assessment Learning Activities (CALA) work by a week.

Schools were expected to have submitted CALA by Tuesday last week but ZIMSEC extended the deadline to today.

Some schools had failed to meet the deadline prompting the extension by the examinations body. ZIMSEC director, Lazarus Nembaware said:

CALA was extended by a week because most schools were facing logistical challenges.

However we understand that schools are now ready to submit, with ZIMSEC set to receive the grading from the schools.

He said examinations were progressing well without any challenges.

Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education spokesperson Taungana Ndoro said there were very few coronavirus cases in schools. He said:

So far everything is going on well. Of course cases of COVID-19 are there in schools but there are only a few.

Students who test positive will be quarantined or isolated but will still be able to sit for examinations.

Schools are implementing the Ministry’s Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and the WHO guidelines.

Some 338 000 Grade Seven pupils, 255 000 Ordinary Level and 50 000 Advanced Level candidates are sitting for the 2021 ZIMSEC examinations.

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Brian 5 months ago

Mapanzure gvt high school in mvg could not finish mathematics exam due lack of stationary.The was no graph papers and the pupils left the questions unanswered because of limited graph papers.Some of the students are talking of reporting to zimsec in Masvingo town.This is because the administration is corrupt and they eat exam fees and could not buy the stationary.Basure the siniour teacher and the gvt high school told the pupils that Zimsec was supposed to provide the stationary not the school which is incorrect.Mapakomhere high school nearby had enough graph papers for the exam about 4 graph papers each which is correct. Chauraya head of Mapanzure gvt high school is said to be tyrant and running currupt administration.Everyday he goes to town Masvingo using school resources but he could not buy the stationary for the poor pupils.Chiweshe the deputy head of Mapanzure high School is believed to the who was in charge of the paper 2 mathematics.I think Pindula news and the Anty corruption council of Zimbabwe should visit the school to investigate the issue because most of the stack holders and community are complaining of the currupt adminstration of Mapanzure high school. Head's office is in the school car and most of his teachers are subotaging the head.The ACCZ should visit the school and community to investigate this mathematics exams because the future of the students is in danger.Can you guys help to reach Pindula news so I could give the news in full

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