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ZIMSEC Blames COVID-19 For Failure To Release Results In Time

ZIMSEC Blames COVID-19 For Failure To Release Results In Time

The Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) has failed to release the 2021 Ordinary and Advanced Level results in time.

In previous years, the examinations body would release results in February, giving ample time for schools to enrol Lower Sixth pupils in the first term.

The first term ends on Thursday, 7 April 2022, with both “O” and “A” Level results for 2021 yet to be released.

The delay in the release of “A” Level results has forced some universities such as the Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) and Midlands State University (ZIMSEC) to defer their intakes.

Speaking to NewsDay on Sunday, ZIMSEC spokesperson Nicholette Dlamini said the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the normal school calendar resulting in delays in the writing and marking of examinations. 

Dlamini said the ZIMSEC board will release the results “soon”, but did not provide the exact date. She said:

The year 2019 was the last year we had the normal school year. This is 2022 that we are now having a normal school year.

If you look at 2021, the first term started in March and last year, the results came on April 23 and we haven’t reached the date.

Our examinations were written last year. They started in December and they finished on January 31, so according to the cycle and the timeline, we have not yet reached that. The results will be released soon.

Teachers’ unions have, however, cited a dispute between ZIMSEC and examination markers over allowances early this year as the major reason behind the delay in the release of results.

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Zozo afrique 1 month ago

Sfuna amaresults eeyy ..

xavi 1 month ago

hanzi last year akabuda 27 april soo maybe edu munaMay

De Great 1 month ago

yeyi sifuna amaresults ethu , we want our results , 😅😆🤣😂

examiner 1 month ago

sorry tanonoka nema results hant u know kut tanga tiripa go slow blah blah blah

Mk 1 month ago

Haa nezvavari kutaura izvo mototarisira monthend

★ßoy 1 month ago

maresults edu takamada manje..musade kutinzwa

cms 1 month ago

yadii zvayo covid isiyei yakazvinyararirwa kudai


Kardashian 1 month ago

tipei maresults edu musarebese munamato sadza richipora aaa

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