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ZIMRA Invites Candidates To Fill Vacant Posts

ZIMRA Invites Candidates To Fill Vacant Posts

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is inviting applications from suitably qualified persons to fill the following posts that have arisen within the Authority. Pindula News presents the adverts below:


Main Function:

To provide leadership and policy guidance in the collection of revenue, advising government on fiscal and economic matters and to promote and enforce compliance with tax laws.


 Overall administration of Income Taxes, VAT, PAYE, Capital Gains Tax and other ancillary Tax Legislation.
 Negotiate international tax treaties.
 Give expert advice to Commissioner General on tax legislation, policy and administration.
 Give advice and guidance on research and development of all tax legislation.
 Determination of objections and dealing with appeals on tax matters.
 Responsible for the overall management and giving strategic direction to the Tax Division.
 Participate in policy formulation and implementation for the Authority.
 Any other duties as may be assigned and directed from time to time.

Qualifications and Experience:

 A degree in Accountancy, Business Administration, Economics or an equivalent accounting qualification.
 A relevant Master’s degree would be an added advantage.
 At least ten (10) years practical experience, five (5) of which were at senior management level.
 Strong leadership qualities and analytical skills required.
 Should have strong people management skills.
 Exposure on taxation of international businesses.
 Strong practical experience in working with revenue administration systems.
 Experience in a computerised environment is necessary.
 Clean Class 4 driver’s licence is a prerequisite.

Other Attributes:

 Drive for results.
 Ability to work under pressure.
 Ability to communicate at all levels.
 Ability to work both independently and as part of a team.
 Unquestionable integrity.

Interested candidates should submit applications, accompanied by a detailed Curriculum Vitae and certified copies of academic and professional qualifications, by not later than 27 January 2022, in envelopes clearly indicating the position being applied for.

All applications should be emailed to clearly indicating the position you are applying for as your E-mail Subject Reference and addressed to:

The Commissioner-General
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
6th Floor ZB Centre
Corner First Street / Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
P. O. Box 4360
Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be responded to.


The ZIMRA Board invites qualified and experienced Zimbabwean citizens to fill the position of Commissioner General.

Reporting Structure

The position reports to the ZIMRA Board of Directors.

Key Responsibilities

The Commissioner General shall be responsible for the following;

 Provide strategic, proactive and effective leadership for the authority’s operations.
 Supervising and managing the Authority’s staff, activities, funds and property.
 Advising the Government of Zimbabwe on fiscal policy matters, laws and regulations including amendments.
 Overseeing the interpretation and implementation of Zimbabwe’s policies relating to taxation and customs duties.
 Building and leading a modern and efficient revenue administration that ensures all taxes and duties due to the Government of Zimbabwe are collected.
 Broadening the revenue base and automation of ZIMRA business processes.
 Put mechanisms in place to reduce revenue leakages.
 Analyzing performance trends, setting operational targets and reviewing revenue collection strategies.
 Preparing strategic and development plans for the Authority.

 Providing policy analysis and advice in revenue collection and trade facilitation.
 Establishing, developing and maintaining strategic relationships, knowledge sharing, partnerships and collaboration between ZIMRA and multi-lateral organizations such as AfDB, ATAF, IMF, WCO, World Bank and WTO, and with regional organizations such as SADC, COMESA, ESAMI and bi-lateral relations with major trading partners.
 Performing such other functions as may be assigned by the Board.

Job Specifications

 Applicant must have demonstrable leadership capabilities to lead a large, complex diversified institution.
 The applicant is required to have a comprehensive knowledge of Zimbabwe’s tax and customs systems and familiarity with the revenue laws, regulations, treaties and protocols administered by the Authority.
 Excellent planning and organizing skills required in managing assigned projects to accomplish work objectives in compliance with procedural, administrative and technical requirements prescribed by the various laws and regulations administered by ZIMRA.
 Provides the Authority with effective leadership anchored on high ethical standards.
 Good interpersonal skills.
 Good communication and engagement skills.
 Excellent stakeholder engagement and management skills.
 Ability to lead large scale change management projects.


 Degree in Economics, Accounts, Business Studies, Fiscal Studies, Banking, Finance, Auditing or equivalent.
 A Masters’ degree or equivalent postgraduate commercial qualification in areas such as Taxation, Business Administration, Economics, Information Technology, Accounting, Fiscal Studies or Law.

Related Experience:

 A minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in Tax and/or Customs.
 At least 5 years’ experience at the executive management level.
 Experience in organizational management or other aspects of public administration would be an added advantage.
 Regional or international exposure will be an added advantage.
Interested candidates should submit applications, accompanied by a detailed Curriculum Vitae and certified copies of academic and professional qualifications, by 27 January 2022. All applications should be emailed to indicating your E-mail Subject Reference as Commissioner General Position and addressed to:

The Board Chairperson
Zimbabwe Revenue Authority
6th Floor ZB Centre
Corner First Street / Kwame Nkrumah Avenue
P. O. Box 4360

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Analyst 7 months ago

Thanks Pindula for flighting those advertisements. My only concern with most recruitment exercises of parastatal organizations is that their person specifications for managerial positions always seem like they would be a paraphrasing of the curriculum vitae of someone within the organization. To avoid in-breeding, thereby affording cross fertilization of ideas, amongst those who join top echelon of these organizations, emphasis at those levels of recruitment should be on:a) educational and professional qualifications which ought to be specific non-negotiables(as was done there through requiring candidates to hold those particular degrees) and b) transferrable strategy formulation and implementation skills and not necessarily a d strictly restricting the pool of candidates to capture just those who, judging from the wording of the advertisement, could probably be doing those duties already maybe in an acting capacity or something like that.

Adv slamey 7 months ago

Mabasa iwaya anenge akotopindwa advertising is just formality because pane anenge atori pa acting you find that anenge atori the most potential candidate for the job , I personally don't think kuti isu vanenge varikubva from other companies we can merge, basically these are internal vacancies, maonero angu

Analyst 7 months ago

@ Adv Slamey: You raised potent points there. Little wonder one gets no response at all after responding to advertisements where they would be meeting all requirements of said job advertisement. Why don't they just advertise internally then if their intentions are to elevate those who would already be in their employ? Who would they be trying to fool by giving false impressions of having invited external candidates when the wording of their advertisements clearl show that they would be tailor made for some people who would already be doing those jobs in the very same organizations? There is a Commission (exact name deliberately left vague here) that advertised directorship vacancies last year whereat they were asking for undergraduate degree holders which, in spite of having a Master's degree in addition to the required Bachelor's degree, as well as appropriate experience, I was never invited to interviews. I hope that will change soon. For these senior posts, why don't they capture all crucial details of those who would have applied and have those available on some platform which could be assessed by auditors (when they would be doing their audits) as well as each individual applicant (to ensure that their details are correctly captured) before interviews are conducted? That way, though not foolproof, all candidates would know that their application was received and perhaps considered. They could also each be given a unique application reference number which they could use to log in to the screening platform which would enable each candidate to view other applicants' profiles (without necessarily disclosing said applicants' identities), e.g. Candidate No: 001: BSc in ... graduated with a 2.1 from University of Zimbabwe...years experience in...etc.

Truth boy 7 months ago

Taura hako unoti Ari kushambadza haana vekwake vanawo madegree acho vakatopinzana Kare isu vana Jamba kuswero pedza nguva iro basa racho rinongonzi 10years experience ndinenga ndadzibepi .kubva ndapedza degree racho andina kana kumboshanda ndne 12years experience pachirovho saka chikoro mahalalo

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