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Zimpost Employee Steals US$3 100, Stages Armed Robbery

Zimpost Employee Steals US$3 100, Stages Armed Robbery

A Zimpost employee based in Buhera allegedly hatched a plot to steal US$3 100 and ZWL$2 500 from his employer and faking armed robbery to conceal the crime.

Brandon Matongera (24) hired four accomplices, Tinashe Juru, Liberty Mwenye, Tafadzwa Joshua Musasa and Anthony Jaha, to rob his workplace and then gave them US$500 as a reward.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) spokesperson in Manicaland Province, Inspector Nobert Muzondo, confirmed the arrests.

He said on March 23, Matongera who was employed as a counter clerk at Zimpost Buhera and also as an agent of Access Forex reported for duty and started cleaning the shop. Added Insp Muzondo:

In his initial report to the police, he said while he was cleaning the veranda, two unknown suspects came to the shop and he went inside to assist them.

Matongera claimed that he was robbed by the suspects after one of them pulled out a firearm.

Matongera claimed that the ‘robbers’ demanded cash and he led them to the counter where he unlocked the safe and surrendered US$3 100 and $2 500 and ZWL2 500.

After taking the cash, the two ‘suspects’ took Matongera’s phone and force-marched him to their vehicle which was parked outside the post office.

Matongera claimed that the suspects bundled him into their vehicle which was being driven by the third suspect.

Matongera also claimed that he was dropped at a bushy area near Nerutanga Business Centre.

According to Insp Muzondo, Matongera said that he then went back to the road and boarded another vehicle which took him back to Buhera and made a police report.

But three days later, police established that a Honda Fit which was registered under Enos Dara had been used to commit the crime.

When Dara was contacted by ZRP, he confirmed that the vehicle belonged to him, before adding that it was being used as a taxi by Musasa.

Musasa was arrested and he implicated Matongera who had purported to be the complainant.

Further police investigations revealed that Matongera had staged the armed robbery case to steal cash from his employer.

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Povoo 2 months ago

kwedu unoroveka kusvika wakutaura kuti ndakamboba mazai muzumbu vanhu vaenda kumunda ndika boilisa 2 months ago

obvious they are paid penuts

Bvambu Bvambu 2 months ago

Are they paid these workers?

Anonymous 2 months ago

haaaa ndomuziva mupfanha uyu totamba naye bhora, shame

VP Chiwenga 3 months ago

Kuda ma usa mwana mudiki.

No to crime 3 months ago

Apa police yaka Bhura cde kusvika vataura chokwadi hapana investigation yak aitwa kutyaya munhu kusvika a taura chokwadi


masvingo 3 months ago

let these companies learn to pay a living wage to their employees rather showering MD/ CEO with lucrative salaries and benefits only

Okofor 2 months ago

@Mutongi gava kungwavha is jus the same as kuvhara an kubira vanhu. We need jobs not hustles andina kuendera kuuniversitty kuti ndihasle kana kungwavha

Mutongi Gava 3 months ago

Kana basa risingabhadhare ngwavha. Ukadya pawakasungirirwa tongotarisa kuti Tambo yako inosvika papi. Uno nyura

Never 3 months ago

But if it wasn't fool's day. It had sounded like it's true true.

Thanks 3 months ago

Famei news

Thanks 3 months ago

Fake news 1 Apr

mupurisa 3 months ago

Gvnment is doing a massive transfer of police who served 5years in a station e transferred its one of the strategy used by Zanu pf to reduce votting from Police camps ,ccc had won resulndingly on most urban camps for axample muchikurubi,manyame air base,hre central police camp ,

Harare have 50 000 police officers statistucally 42 000 ppl voted for an opposition inshort police yose ndeye opposition,Right transfering means a police will not be able to vote from the area they have registered,we are saying aBindura policemen is now working in mazoe ,when they are in Mazoe they will be assighned to be a plolling agent or an ellection observer automatically they wont have time to vote to their area they have registered A lot of families are going to be inconvinienced.I smell a rat,The Junta might have been shocked with the by-election outcome.I was fortunate not to have served for the Government under this New Dispensation.

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

Kana munhu achinzi CID kureva kuti anemaziso four (4) kureva kuti anoona zvirikuseri 😀 Investigations kutsvagisisa your story in real life ma results your story inkuzi its fiction kureva kuti i drama mutambo, vapedza kuona drama rako voti chitiudza real story zvawakaita 😀 wototaura.

#Do not make decisions only when hungry!!!

Concerned 3 months ago

No witnesses to the crime scene Ukateedzera zvemufirimu unouraya vana nenzara uri behind bars for the love of money.

chanzy 3 months ago

kkkkkkk zvinhu zvekudaro hazvidi kudaro kuba kwakangoipa hako mwari haazvide

Leigh Seania 3 months ago

Mhosva hairovi

inini 3 months ago

kkkkk haaaa itsagawo uyu.heee kuzopa vamwe 500 here

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