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ZIMCODD Calls For Pricing Cap On Data Tariffs

ZIMCODD Calls For Pricing Cap On Data Tariffs

The Zimbabwe Coalition on Debt and Development (ZIMCODD) has urged the Government to impose caps on data price increases to ensure that all Zimbabweans remain connected.

This comes after the country’s two major mobile network operators (MNOs), Econet and NetOne, recently increased the cost of data bundles.

Arguably, the majority of Zimbabweans rely on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter for current affairs but the rise in the cost of data means that more people will miss out on vital information. Said ZIMCODD:

Barely a week after Econet increased its data costs Netone also announced the new costs of purchasing their data packages. Telecel is expected to follow suit soon.

Zimbabweans are at the mercy of the profit motive of the internet market which is controlled by only seven major internet service providers.

The fact that these same private sector companies control the country’s internet infrastructure means that government has little power to intervene on consumers behalf.

It also means that the country’s internet infrastructure and business model is beholden to the debt recovery interests of private creditors who financed the development of the infrastructure.

These continuous price increases by the Telecoms give credence to calls for the government to impose caps on data price increases to ensure that all Zimbabweans enjoy the right to access the internet.

Ordinary citizens who can hardly afford basics, more than half of whom are living in extreme poverty are heavily impacted and thereby left behind.

According to ZIMCODD, the rate that data costs have continued to rise leaves others behind and will increase the inequality gap between the rich and the poor with devastating generational implications.

This violates citizens’ right to access information as stipulated by Section 62 of Zimbabwe’s Constitution.

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Bounty Hunter 3 months ago

Greetings to yu all twins spononos ( original & fake )

Baba Titie 3 months ago

Marombe akaita sana tkt ma youths yakapihwa basa ne ZANU vabva ku Border Gezi nehudofo hwavo kuchikoro Sandi vekutevedzera av. CCC FAMBA. NA NERO TIRI WERO PA YERO IPAPO.

The King of Serpents 3 months ago

The government has the power to intervene in the reduction of data prices but it won't because they don't want the citizens to access the internet. They are afraid that information will flow freely, negative and positive.

Pindula 3 months ago

To the rescure


Mujumba 3 months ago

Zanu ndoiri Ku benefiter apa mbavha idzi munoda uchirikuda Zanu imbwaaaaaa

Tkt 3 months ago

Ours is a listening government...a gvt of a listening party... Definitely,e gvt will take heed e call..

Let's all unite behind one revolutionary party,e only party delivered Zimbabwe from the yokes of devilish Smith regime.. let's all dump and humble e little n imperialist inspired cccc, let's not vote e party led by childish n spaghetti cartoons inspired Chamisa

Tk 3 months ago

@Tkt baba vakatambisa school fees mahara if ndiri mdara wako ndaikudashura nebhandi nekutaura zvusina musoro ikoko dhemeti mhani

Destro Movietory 3 months ago

Tkt usadaro.42 years later u still talk abt smith?our country is becoming a laughing stock in SADC bcz of Zanu pf..hw can goods & services rise by 400% then u give workers 20%..ityai Mwari vanhu VeZanu pf,pple are suffering out there zvekut zvaakutoita sezviri normal.

Mafirakureva 3 months ago

kkkk hanzi kuita famous papindula platform kutambura ikoko 😂😂😂

Z💛D💛CK CHIKAP💛NYA 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 3 months ago

Ummm Tkt are you that backward, you're still living in the early stone age my guy, spaghetti roads are very real.

This life Chamisa is talking about is very real baba. Give him a chance, and then you will see things happening.

Chimbopayi Mukomana mukana Unoswera urikwa bushu woherereka nemufaro. Hasha dzose dzaunadzo kutambura uku. Kuita famous papindula platform kutambura, kana waita cash unoswera uri busy kudya ca$h.

Chikomana chine plan chinokupa mufaro ichi. Zvako izvi zvekuda Zanu nekuti waka traumatiziwa 2018 zvopera wadya cash.

Vote Chamisa
Uitewo rako bag 💰💰💰

Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuwuuu 3 months ago


3 months ago

Sangoma 3 months ago

Mwana wezanu chinyarara

Handinyarare zvinondibhowa ndezvemabanana ananero wanotengesa nyika awa

bhuru 3 months ago

kusvikira riinhi

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