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Zimbabwe's Inflation Returns To Three-Digit Inflation, Biti Says It Will Reach 1 000

Zimbabwe's Inflation Returns To Three-Digit Inflation, Biti Says It Will Reach 1 000

Zimbabwe’s annual inflation has broken a three-digit barrier after jumping to 131 per cent in May due to the massive depreciation of the local currency and runaway price increases.

ZimLive reports that a Wednesday Zimbabwe National Statistics Agency (ZIMSTAT) report says annual inflation stood at 96.4 per cent in April before the return to triple-digit inflation. Month-on-month inflation was 8.7 per cent in May from 9.6 in April.

ZimLive reports that Zimbabwe had triple-digit inflation was Jun 2021 when it stood at 106.6 per cent.

The government blames inflation and depreciation of the local currency in the last month on “saboteurs” while critics attribute the crisis to maladministration.

This is happening when labour unions are demanding salary increases after watching their pay being eroded by the high cost of living.

Former Finance Minister, Tendai Biti, questioned ZIMSTAT figures and referred to an International Monetary Fund (IMF) report on Zimbabwe released on April 8 last month. He said:

The IMF says our inflation in 2020 was 837 percent. The IMF also says our economy shrunk by 11.7 percent in 2020 and uses the words ‘Zimbabwe has been a deep recession.

Now, what’s happening in 2022 is nothing compared to 2020. Things are terrible. Fuel, cooking oil, sugar, meat – just about everything has gone up. Prices are raping our people and I reckon in the last two weeks alone inflation has gone above 80 percent. Now, once you have month-on-month inflation of 80 percent, then you have hyperinflation.

He added that based on IMF figures, Zimbabwe’s inflation is going to be 1 000 and the country will probably have another 2008 when the country recorded a record high hyperinflation of 231 million per cent, as per official statistics. 

Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube has projected the economy to grow 5.5 per cent and inflation to end the year at around 35 per cent.

Analysts urge the government to ditch the Zimbabwe dollar which was re-introduced in 2019 and dollarise, but the government maintains that this option is not o the table.

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Indica 1 month ago

That's why Mugabe ddnt want to leave, he knew these guys were incapable...he actually fired them

Freda 1 month ago

Casino economy

! 1 month ago

Hameno,hatimudi pano too much vulgar from that guy.Tinevana pano paPindula

povoo 1 month ago

chakafugidzwa dzimba matenga hachiregedze kuitwa nekuti une radio one.wanzwa here iwe !

. 1 month ago

Nhai mboko akaendepi


Citizen 1 month ago

This administration lives, eat, walk, dream corruption. It has become so normal , natural and run in their veins of which kuwora kwavo havawoni se corruption. Try to make them see " you are a saboteur"

general 1 month ago

what Biti says always come to pass

getto yutti 1 month ago

go and register to vote

100%Correct 1 month ago

zvakangofanana nyange Chamisa wacho akatonga muchangofa nenzara muchafuratirwa mambot matanga hre hamusat pamber napresident ED Mnangagwa

Vote Zanu pf 2023

Dr Herc 1 month ago

You are failing to see wht is happening now but want to prophesy about the future of Zimbabwe under Chamisa. ****ish man

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Hausi n'anga inofembera zvichaitka zvisati zvaitika mhani. Please do not predict CCC failure before it happens.

Rather talk of ZANU failure for the last 42 years. That is real failure. Unmitigated failure

The Mberengwean 1 month ago

As long as Zanu pf is in power, Zimbabwe will keep on struggling like this. No one from anywhere trust these guys. Chero mukati machinja hunhu hwenyu hatichakuvimbai zvachose.
Vote for Chamisa 2023

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago


zanu pf for life 1 month ago

farira chamisa wako asi usiyane nekutuka mwari iwe.

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