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Zimbabwe's Economy Now Out Of Depression - ED

Zimbabwe's Economy Now Out Of Depression - ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has said the country’s economy is now out of depression and on recovery as evidenced by the size of the 2022 Zimbabwe International Trade Fair (ZITF), which he said is the largest ever.

A depression is a severe and prolonged downturn in economic activity that lasts three or more years or which leads to a decline in real gross domestic product (GDP) of at least 10%.

Speaking after touring various stands at ZITF on Friday morning, Mnangagwa claimed that 75 per cent of the products on supermarket shelves are produced locally. He said:

I have also been advised by the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Dr Nzenza that Zimbabwe is now producing more than 75 per cent of products that are found on our shelves in the supermarkets.

Most of these people are our own people and they come here in order to exhibit their products and do the networking among themselves which is critically important.

It shows that Zimbabwe is now out of depression, we are on the trajectory of recovery of our economy.

The President also said his Government’s policy of engagement and re-engagement is now bearing fruit with countries such as the United Kingdom exhibiting at the 62nd ZITF after 20 years of not participating.

During his tour, Mnangagwa visited every embassy that was exhibiting including the UK embassy, the embassy of Belarus, the Kenyan embassy and the embassy of Japan.

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Google 1 month ago

haa yaaz zvimwe zvinhu zvino pedza power zve sure. I wonder kuti are we living in the same country with this guy. Rtgs is falling everyday and he is busy saying we are developing as a nation. kana kuda kuita vanhu ma **** kwacho . This is just too much!

Kemet Amen 1 month ago

I read all the comment sha noone is on this **** guy side. This shows noone want the clown. Me too i dont want this clown butt

Queen Zumba 2 months ago

This man has been send by 😈 haana tsitsi nevanhu chirwere chakamupinda mu brain

Machiavelli 2 months ago

i wonder which country this gentleman is living in. He certainly isn't referring to Zimbabwe for sure.

All I can say is he started off with New Dispensation, which turned out to be New Desperation, then New Deception. Now he is into Self Deception.

He must be high on Bang. Mbanje dzavakaita legalise dzaakuvapengesa.

Ndimba Ndimba 2 months ago

This is nonsense from a lying President who wants to use cheap propaganda to seek reelection come 2023. We are not fools to bebfed such crap. Our own assessment tells us that the economy is getting worse don't feed us with lies Mr Scarfmore !!! !!

ED 2 months ago

promised everything
deliver nothing
blaming everything
ndirimboko please forgive me my fellow countrymen

Bonzo 2 months ago

Sekuru Munangagwa havachaziva zvekutaura vadhakwa nayo Economy ye zimbabwe havachaziva zvekutaura


Kanda 2 months ago

this guy I think he doesn't know how people survive in the country he should do like what Ramapotsa does he should tour ghettos for one on one interviews with citizens he had a shock of his life when he toured Mbare he said " handizivi kuti munyika muno munevanhu vanogara zvakadai" 2017 thought Mbare residents vapinda kwatsikwa naPresident vomene will see renovations soon but from bad to even worse

CCC 2 months ago

****i iwe ndini ndadaro
you're **** vision 2030 unenge uchirikurarama here nenzara iyi ..awuswike 2030 wacho uchafa urirombe

Ndini Ndadaroo 2 months ago

Kana uchitambura don't think that everyone else is in your sorry state.

Ndiri Ndadaroo 2 months ago

ED Pfeee ✊
Vision 2030✊
Ma Zimbo be patient zvinonaka muna 2030✊
CCC will be crushed like lice!!!
This is a one party state. Opposition parties will come and go!!!
Viva Zanu Pf!!!

Chawabvunza 2 months ago

Please let us forgive His Excellency President ED MNANGAGWA for the slip of the tongue. He wanted to say corruption has fully blossomed and he is enjoying it.


factos 2 months ago

dear people of Zimbabwe
never vote for drunkards

i repeat musavhotere vanodhakwa

i repeat again and again

lingavoteli izidakwa

this man is a drunkard

😖😖 2 months ago

ndosaka waiti bhuu bhuu bhuu Meaning dzakadambuka

factos 2 months ago

lo uyagula lo

gombototo 2 months ago


You are a poultry farmer. You inject your broiler with enhancement drugs. Your daughter is in the University and a major consumer of chicken and chips. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a parent. You buy exams for your child and lie to him he is the most intelligent kid in the world. He goes to university and does the wrong course. Either he drops out or he becomes a quack in that sector. He eventually gets a calamity. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior government official. You take a bribe. Contaminated sugar is allowed in the country. Your aging mother in the village gets cancer due to the contaminated sugar. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior government official. Government provides funds for building a dam to aid irrigation in your village. You loot all the money. Your own kinsmen back in the village die of hunger. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a senior public official. You get CDF funds to build schools. You loot it all and make kids drop out and become armed thugs. They hijack you, break into your house, steal from you and rape your daughter. Wisdom of a fool.

You are in charge of a hospital, you loot money that is meant for drugs. Your brother gets sick at night, he is rushed to hospital but there are no drugs. He dies and you are left struggling to educate his eight kids. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a police man working in Traffic. You take a USD100 bribe to let an overloaded Taxi pass. Your own villagemates and colleagues on leave die in a crash due to the taxi overload. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a rich man. You refuse to assist the poor. They become thieves. They break into your house, rob and kill you. Wisdom of a fool.

You are a voter. You are bribed with a t/shirt, USD500 and some simple promises in fundraising drives. You vote in a thug. Services delivery goes down. You complain for five years. Wisdom of a fool.

“Now look, this is exactly the kind of people that we elect. I wish this poem reaches every African in the world, I wish this can be written in notice boards of all places.
*Copied and Pasted*

pumura 2 months ago

are we living in the same country ne ava???

Tio 2 months ago

What is he smoking this man

Samanyanga 2 months ago

The senile old man is completely out of touch with reality, or he chooses to ignore reality on the ground. Hakuna anomukunda u**** munyika muno mdhara uyu. PDL yapenga, rate radhakwa. Anotemba kuhwina nekuuraya nekuba. Stupid old man

Him007 2 months ago

our ill advised presidente is at it again...nenhamo iri kuwedzera iyi saka recovery yacho ari kuiona papi veuwee????

Mhofu 2 months ago

dura rizare bond rako mdhara asi nyika zviri zvepafeya waitadza... kurikungoguta vane mari chete, civil servant rakutokundwa nemunhu ari pamusika chaipo kuita cash

phil 2 months ago

Varikudriver toy kuhope sekuru ava rate iripa 400 yatova 2008 yatava vote moida here kana motembe kubira but the country remain isolated and ccursed.Gono naMangundya same same

mkoma jojola 2 months ago

zanu yadhakwa ngaipe mufna chimuti

g 2 months ago

zviroto zviroto ngazviperere kudzimba. rate $400 vanhu vachingoti tiku recover aaah aah , dira uzadze 🙄🙄🙄🙄

hompi 2 months ago

uyu anorwara chete

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