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Zimbabweans Criticise South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Over "Xenophobic" Remarks

Zimbabweans Criticise South Africa's Home Affairs Minister Over

Zimbabweans have criticised South Africa’s Home Affairs Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi, over his recent remarks on unregistered foreign immigrants resident in that country.

Addressing an African National Congress (ANC) regional conference in the Eastern Cape province this week, Motsoaledi said:

Why is the ANC keeping quiet and believing [this problem] will go away? It is not going to go away. I am in Home Affairs. I know what I am talking about. We are the only country that accepts rascals. That is not the meaning of democracy. We are not going to allow that. I am coming for them. When all of them are in jail, locked in and the keys have been thrown away, then I will step down — only then.

His remarks are being interpreted as an endorsement of violence perpetrated by vigilante groups such as operation Dudula and some say such utterances only have the effect of worsening tensions between local citizens and foreign nationals. Analyst Effie Ncube said:

He should be extremely careful because he is likely to be taken by the Operation Dudula gangsters to be giving an official recognition of their criminal activities.

He said there was no evidence supporting that foreigners in South Africa were engaging in criminal activities.

Political analyst Dumisani Nkomo said:

These are shocking statements apparently from an ignorant minister, who is not even aware that it was foreigners who helped South Africa to attain independence. It was Zambia that harboured Umkhonto Wesizwe, while Zimbabwe harboured the ANC.

Political analyst Vivid Gwede said urged the Zimbabwean government to engage South Africa to get unequivocal assurances and guarantees of protection of all Zimbabwean migrants.

Gwede’s remarks were echoed by academic Methuseli Moyo who said the government should push South Africa to condemn and act on the attacks.

Foreign Affairs ministry spokesperson Livit Mugejo said the government would continue engaging its South African counterparts to find solutions to the xenophobic attacks.

Recently, a Zimbabwean Elvis Nyathi was burnt to death in South Africa by a mob from Operation Dudula after he failed to produce a passport.

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Cash Talker 3 months ago

Where on this earth can you find a country without foreigners? This is just utter rubbish.

Machiavelli 3 months ago

Therein lies the problem @belly. These liberation parties, ZANU, ANC, FRELIMO, Chama Chamapinduzi, KANU etc, gang up for each other. Witness what happened in 2018. AU and SADC tobed down criticism of the Zimbabwean elections while the rest of the world was very critical. Consequently nothing happened. It became business as usual.

Any opposition parties born after independence are labelled reactionary/neo-colonial and all that trash. We hope that the new winds of change in Zambia and Malawi coupled with open democratic governments such as Botswana brings a change in discourse in the SADC AU corridors of power.

To place hope in SADC and AU is an exercise in futility. Its the western democracies that are forthright, which explains why totalitarian governments hate them and support the likes of Russia, China which are repressive regimes in their own right.

Herein lies the conundrum. We as Zimbabweans have to fight for our rights

belly 3 months ago

the only permanant solution to end this southern migration is for Sadc,Eu& ANC sort the pollitical messy in Zim

good sound political reforms to be implemented Zanu pf to accept defeat & hand over power to whoever wins on the presidential eections

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

Aaron you a dull and dangerous to your family, it will end in tears...

Chazunguza 3 months ago

Chingwa chakwira $341 apa chine ma slice 18,meaning kuti slice one riri kuita $20

Air Zimbabwe flight banned
✔️ National team banned by fifa
✔️ Local stadium banned by Caf
Zimbabweans are busy running for their lives in SA....

Wonzwa Makandiwa achikuza Mnangagwa kkkkkkkkkkk

✔️ Vasikana nyengeterai n please register to vote.... ma1

Moyoz 3 months ago

Maths ndzotobuna pachingwa kkkk

MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 months ago

Kkkkkk matoita macalculations echingwa kare


ok 3 months ago

why put sanctions that hurt the entire country. there is no justice in these sanctions.

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