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Zimbabwean Woman Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison In Seychelles For Drug Trafficking

Zimbabwean Woman Sentenced To 5 Years In Prison In Seychelles For Drug Trafficking

A Zimbabwean woman has been sentenced to five years in prison for the importation and trafficking of controlled drugs in Seychelles.

Seychelles’ Supreme Court on Thursday sentenced Elsie Esther Vambe (45) to five years in prison for the importation of a controlled drug and another five years for trafficking a controlled drug.

According to the Anti-Narcotics Bureau (ANB), the sentences will run concurrently, which means Vambe will be imprisoned for five years.

Vambe pleaded guilty to both offences. She was given two five-year prison terms instead of the six years each, which apply to such offences after the judge considered certain facts.

The presiding Judge, Mohan Burhan, noted that Vambe is a first offender and pleaded guilty to all charges and this was considered by the court before she was sentenced.

The court heard that Vambe was arrested on October 26 after the ANB found 1.51kg of heroin and 503.70g of cocaine that she had hidden in the toilets on an Air Seychelles flight from Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Zimbabwean is the first foreign national to be sentenced on controlled drug charges in Seychelles this year.

The Indian Ocean island nation has a zero-tolerance drug policy and has recently put in place several measures to combat the trafficking of illicit drugs on its shores.

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aazz 2 months ago

why engathengisi imbambayila than to being a drug traffic . mondoro ppl so use yo brains properly. she deserves 10yrs in prison.

Tanu Mark Finnity 2 months ago

Where on earth did she take all this heroine

traffic police guruve 2 months ago

it was discovered that voting of police force b4 rest of the population was a recipe for a election theft ballots aizouya akaitwa stashed nema voting slips t gave Zanupf an advantage of rigging so chinhu chakaita police itange kuwana first its a vaccine but pama elections same day mu hu wese
ED nemhiri vakavhotera Tendai Biti manhga makazvinzwa here

mukanya 2 months ago

police yaksoregera ku vhota first kare kare!

THRIVE UNION 2 months ago



Gaffer light 2 months ago

chuma nagaffer voting of security personnel first b4 th general public was suspended durin Mugabe era ,from 2018 election no security sector voted first that setup dissolved a way back ,so ukundiudza kuti most public service personnel will do the same b4 general population ?

Anonymous 2 months ago

Gaffer lite not light

Totito 2 months ago

Sorry havo amayi ava, vayizamawo kushandira mhuri yavo. At least jeri reku Seychelles riri nani pane aya aZiyambi. However vachabuda mujeri vaguma ura.

inini 2 months ago

Ccc inofemesa zanu nadhagirasi

iwewe so 2 months ago


mupurisa 2 months ago

Gvnment is doing a massive transfer of police who served 5years in a station e transferred its one of the strategy used by Zanu pf to reduce votting from Police camps ,ccc had won resulndingly on most urban camps for axample muchikurubi,manyame air base,hre central police camp ,

Harare have 50 000 police officers statistucally 42 000 ppl voted for an opposition inshort police yose ndeye opposition,Right transfering means a police will not be able to vote from the area they have registered,we are saying aBindura policemen is now working in mazoe ,when they are in Mazoe they will be assighned to be a plolling agent or an ellection observer automatically they wont have time to vote to their area they have registered A lot of families are going to be inconvinienced.I smell a rat,The Junta might have been shocked with the by-election outcome.I was fortunate not to have served for the Government under this New Dispensation.

Chunga 2 months ago

Iwe urimusecurity kwete mupurisa,**** usingazive kuti mapurisa agara achimbopihwa mukana wekuvhota first

Gaffer 2 months ago

You are an attention seeker 😏.. when have you ever seen police voting on e same voting day with the public???

Don't expose your naivety....

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Ka ccc ne mapirisa apindira papi panyaya yemadrugs

Sir Batson 2 months ago

Hey.... nana Mai makudaiwo here nhai

The King of Serpents 2 months ago

Kkkk ndokuratidza kuti Zimbabwe yashata. Unemployment inoita kuti any person aite anything kuti ararame.

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