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Zimbabwean Woman Dies "After Being Neglected" At A South African Hospital

Zimbabwean Woman Dies

A Zimbabwean woman is said to have died at Krugersdorp hospital due to bleeding after giving birth allegedly after being neglected by health caregivers at the institutions.

The Star reports that Luyanda Moyo, 21, a Zimbabwean immigrant who visited South African medical centres to give birth but was allegedly met with poor treatment and lack of attention because of her nationality.

Moyo gave birth at the Yusuf Dadoo hospital in Krugersdorp to a baby weighing 4kg.

Despite complaining of pain and excessive bleeding, she alleged that the medical staff in the maternity ward did not pay attention to her.

Luyanda’s uncle, Gibson Tshuma, told “The Star” that she was so neglected to the point of being the last patient in the ward.

Nurses found Luyanda dead hours after giving birth, according to The Star.

Her family is calling for an investigation into her death.

Tshuma said the family was concerned that the statements uttered by Limpopo Health MEC, Phophi Rmathuba, could have caused the staff at the hospital to have a negative attitude towards illegal Zimbabweans seeking medical attention in parts of South Africa.

Tshuma said when they found Luyanda’s body in the hospital her clothes were covered in blood.

The hospital failed to explain what happened to Luyanda. Tshuma said:

Based on the messages on her cellphone she was overdue and she was given an inducing pill even though they acknowledged that the baby was too big for her to deliver naturally.

We are demanding answers as to what happened, we are not getting clear answers.

They induced her even when they had observed an operation was necessary and then she was ignored when she was bleeding to death.

In some voice notes that Luyanda shared with her mother before she died, she said:

It’s so painful… they haven’t checked on me, I think they will come today. 

Luyanda’s baby boy survived and is with his grandmother but the family said it was still left with a million questions concerning how Luyanda died.

The family is preparing for Luyanda’s body to be transported back to Zimbabwe where her funeral will take place.

Zimbabwe’s healthcare system collapsed decades ago and most public health institutions do not have even the basics while the cost of medication in private ones is beyond the reach of the common man.

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Ini 6 days ago

It's quite obvious that woman was a huge influence on this. Yet there were people siding with such psychopathy

Gwedu 6 days ago

Whan an Embarrassment for Zimbabwe's health sector. If you are a Zimbabwean and you still hope the country will be solved by the current bstae of politics , you are a psycho. Something unique is required to solve this. One of it is to convince zanu key figures to kill one another especially big wings

Where are the jobs 6 days ago

So if we remove Zanu PF from power all Zimbabweans working in RSA will come back and work here? Mabasa acho aripi?

Sixpence 6 days ago

43 years ZANU ichikonewa!
Kana Charuveki yachembera isisagone kushonza Gejo, munopingudza Bandom.

Timbiedza zvimwe

bvananguy 6 days ago

It's not so long ago a video of a SHE SA DEVIL went viral as she tormented a very sick Zimbabwean woman who had gone there for surgery.
It's amazing some of us still see it fit to still visit those death traps we call SA HOSPITALS🤷‍♂️

kk 5 days ago

it's true that our health sector.has collapsed but visit SA for any operation of a 4kg baby zvakangooma Zimbabwean hospital could done better

Sixpence 6 days ago

Zimbabwe yacho itori worse.
Haina paracetamol
Haina bandages
Haina Cotton wool
Haina Intra Venous glucose feeding bottles

Ooh, sorry haina Minister of Health

Another one dead 6 days ago

zvinorwadza who feels it knows it anacherondadya vachifara havo

dambu 6 days ago

zvakaoma hzvo

Kho 6 days ago

So sad eish


Mike😩 6 days ago

So sad eish

Maparamuro 6 days ago

Sad sad sad may her soul resting eternal peace.

That said I pray for Zimbabweans to stop worshipping politicians and start using them for what they should, they are servants not masters of the people. People should understand the power of the collective over individualism. United we can make this country work and provide for us all but first stop worshipping politicians

gora 6 days ago

zvinoitika shewee

Duduzani 6 days ago

South Africans I warn you, your castle is trembling and is about to fall. A more vindictive situation will visit your country in few years to come. You're repeating the same mistake when Zimbabwe was a war against the white settlers, but Zimbabwe never gave you a cold shoulder, instead, it helped South Africa to end Apertheid

Makosi Mashamba 5 days ago

Abantu base South Africa bane nhliziyo ezimbi shame .So painful it is

fish 6 days ago

it's a pathetic situation

MHisBlessed 6 days ago

This is so sad. As Zimbabweans this could have been any of us. At this point those responsible will answer to God.

Sixpence 6 days ago

Vakaenda kuchikoro chehugweta vakati " Vox populi, Vox Dei" Hanzi the voice of the people is the voice of God.

So we as the people need to speak next year, 2023. Then our voice will be the voice of God that will punish those responsible by voting them out of office

Blue💙 says 6 days ago

Eish so sad

mai sheu 6 days ago

zvinorwadza izvi

Richcracy 6 days ago

Am sorry hangu to the deceased family but one day our beloved Zimbabwe will be ok like fellow Countries such as Dubai, chigago let's pray brothers and sisters because where we are going that's where we coming from. One day our dear Zimbabwe will be blessed with Economical growth with good sanitisation, health centers where fellow Zimbabweans will adhere to seek held in Hospitals such as Parirenyetwa, Impilo etc. Let's stay humble and win the #2023 Elections with honor rather than fraud.





Whatever iltreatment Zimbabweans are getting in South Africa rests squarely on the shoulders of the ZANU PF government.

The so called second administration destroyed our Healthcare system by mispostings at the top levels. How can a person who has no medical training even at Red Cross level posted to be in charge of the Ministry of Health and Childcare ?

A responsible government can not post a man with the sole mandate to silence striking doctors and nurses. It is being irresponsible to post a man with full instructions to drive doctors and nurses out of the country.



Yours truly
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Nimrod 6 days ago

MHDSRIP. Very tragic

tk 6 days ago

someone must resign

5 days ago

Unfortunately because it's a Zimababwean afa zvichangotsikirirwa ,and I'm sure the cases are many .So sad,MHSRIP

mubhabhatidzi 5 days ago



Pinga the Great 5 days ago

oh Lord solve this mess plzzzz

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