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Zimbabwean Schools Hikes Fees To ZWL$1.3 Million Per Term

Zimbabwean Schools Hikes Fees To ZWL$1.3 Million Per Term

Falcon College has set school fees for the 2022 second term at ZWL$1 290 000 and advised parents and guardians with children enrolled at the school that they may be asked to pay top-up fees as the term progresses.

The college, located in Esigodini, Umzingwane District, Matabeleland South Province, said parents who wish to pay school fees in US dollars will be exempted from any top-up.

In a letter to parents dated 11 April 2022, Andrew Marchussen, the Chairman of Falcon College Board of Governors, said parents who attended the School Fee proposal meeting overwhelmingly voted in favour of the proposal. He wrote:

Dear Falcon Parents,

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all those Parents who either attended or sent proxies to the School Fee proposal meeting which was conducted by Mr John McTaggart at the College in the Turner Hall on Wednesday morning during the completion of FoundersÔÇÖ Day.

Without Parental support, it would be very difficult for the College to maintain the high standard of education to which we have all become accustomed.

We had an overwhelming vote in favour of the proposal, which is outlined below:

  • The fee for the Second Term has been set at Z$ 1 290 000. This is to cover the period from May through to the end of August.
  • Please note, as always, clearance certificates will be required for entry to the College at the beginning of the term.

Unfortunately, given the difficulty in accurately forecasting inflation trends, especially given the recent volatility, parents should note that we may have to raise a further fee by way of a top-up.

Those parents who wish to pay the fee in US$ will be exempted from any top-up. If this option is of interest to you please see either Mr Alistair Speirs at the Bulawayo office or Mr John McTaggart at Falcon to discuss this.

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dzoroyoooo 3 weeks ago

yoooo uuummm

gadget 1 month ago

$4300 US

Jack Sparrow 1 month ago

ayaa How much is this in USD­čÖä­čÖä!?

Chen 1 month ago

Ndekwevana vane vabereki vakaita Vision then put it into action. As long usina your own vision uchishanda under someone vision ,ukuuu hakudikwakoo

THE FIEND 1 month ago

That's my former high school, it's a great school indeed.

cms 1 month ago



Miss A 1 month ago

How much is this in USD???

Machiavelli 1 month ago

As Moses Chunga once said, "Pay peanuts and you get monkeys".

Falcon College may not achieve a 100% pass rate, but the output is a well-rounded citizen. Certainly much better than graduends from St. Nyoka or Sir Robati Gabrona Magaba High School in nxale Emaguswini.

zimboy 1 month ago

shem...mugabe whre au father zim...this country missed you honaa tavekubhadharaa million fees

zimboy lite 1 month ago

paaivepo cld you afford it zvagara zvinongodhura zvikoro izvo

­čĹŻ 1┬ámonth ago

falcon nePeterhouse siyani nazvo
isusu tinonodzidza Pakuraneshungu ndopatinokwanisa

fizi 1 month ago

Mugabe aingoti ngazvidzike.
ndakusuwa ini,

gamba 1 month ago

hakudzidzi vana vevanhu vanohora nhoko uko,the parents who attended the meeting agreed to pay,I see no problem in it

falcon 1 month ago

this is a private institution mr

muoni 1 month ago

hapana zvauri kuona?

Kkkkk 1 month ago

Zanu wandbaya apa ndohora 26000,ne175us, ndichishandisa free pindula

lite 1 month ago

tsano its a private institution akuendeswe vana nemi munoita zvekutamburira uko soo garai henyu pasi

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