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Zimbabwean O' Level Student Tops Cambridge World Rankings

Zimbabwean O' Level Student Tops Cambridge World Rankings

A learner at Masiyephambili College scored the highest mark in Food and Nutrition in the Cambridge Ordinary Level November 2021 examinations.

Unathi Viki, a Lower Sixth Sciences learner scored ninety-nine (99) per cent, becoming the second learner at the school to receive such an award.

She also scored six A stars in subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, and Physics among other subjects.

Speaking during a ceremony to hand over a certificate of appreciation the school head, Dr Kesiwe Phuthi said:

We are here today to celebrate a great day, our student Unathi Viki got the top of the World award in food and nutrition, we are very humbled to have won this Cambridge award.

We look forward to greater things happening especially for Unathi our student and many other students.

Besides the food and nutrition award that she got, Unathi scored six A stars at O’ Levels which is a great achievement indeed.

The Vice-chairman of the board of the Masiyephambili group of schools, junior and college, Babongile Sitshoni, said:

We are very much elated with what has happened, we received the award for Unathi Viki who was the best in food and nutrition in the whole World Cambridge O’Level examinations that she did.

The World is inhabited by almost eight billion people and it’s outstanding that a student achieved the best results among every human being in the World whether they wrote or didn’t write in whatever circumstances but Unathi made us proud as Masiyephambili.

We would like to also thank the parents of Unathi, the parents have entrusted us with all their kids from junior right up to the College school and Unathi is the second child to be with us and the results that she has achieved mean the trust that she has in us, we have also reciprocated back and as the school, the teachers have cultivated the young mind.

Sitshoni exhorted other children to emulate what Unathi did so that the school continues churning out outstanding results.

The school board has promised to pay Unathi’s Cambridge Advanced Level examinations fees next year.

Meanwhile, Unathi’s mother, Nyaradzo Viki, said her daughter had raised Zimbabwe’s flag high. She said:

I am so happy about the achievement she has made, getting on top of the World means a lot to the family, the school, and the country.

I would like to thank her for raising the flag so high, the Masiyephambili flag, the Viki flag, and the Zimbabwean flag.

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Tm 3 weeks ago


Nyaradzo 3 weeks ago

Unondipasa manyemwe mwanangu Anesu zvirambe zvakadarooo

Hodza 3 weeks ago


ppp 3 weeks ago

Congratulations chinhanha

Tom 3 weeks ago

🙀 Ndiri sheet yemunhu

Asalif 3 weeks ago

vanotadza kukusiira sei ivo vachida kuti zvivabve

moderator 3 weeks ago

cambridge is easy to Master than Zimsec, its questions are well detailed and structure is on point

Zimsearch yenyu iyo unoshaya kuti varikuvhunza,variku commender vari suggestor varikupa interview or what ini i wrote both zimsec and cambridge both O& A level in june O level i passed 7subjects with A& B in cambridge,Zimsechi i dd a chain of C

at A level i dd the same Cambridge had 11points,Zimsech 7points jus that Mari inonetsa chete parents must pay for Cambridge exams kwete maZimsech ayo anomakwa nemaSoja,Zimsechi unogina kuwana unregistered subjects aripa transcript kana wakapasser woti hero mudzimu waro bonga
my fellow church mate akaisirwa


Never 3 weeks ago

Well done muZimba. We have it all brains,wealthy.

😂😂😂 3 weeks ago

**** jealous

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

Chandinodira Cambridge ndechekuti haichinje mastandards. Ukapasa wapasa, ukafoira wafoira.

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

Uyo akagona uyo. Cambridge is not easy I tell you.

The King of Serpents 3 weeks ago

Chandinodira Cambridge ndechekuti haichinje mastandards. Ukapasa wapasa, ukafoira wafoira.

Tigonzi 3 weeks ago

Cambridge yakapusa kkkk mapapers ayo ataidzorera ayo tichirova practice

Calastine Babayaro 3 weeks ago

Nyaradzo chibereko cheshona chakazvara mushona.unodadisa

Tateguru 3 weeks ago

I am so happy and proud for her, Unathi (Anesu)

Sekuru waBona 3 weeks ago

*Munhu haarambirwi kushata asi surname*
*Unonzwa mumwe achinzi BRIAN MUSURI anoda kunzi mai MUSURI ndiyani*


chigunwe 3 weeks ago


Asalif 3 weeks ago

hahahaha 🤣😂😂 🤣😂😂 ndaseka mkadzi wangu akamuka

Asalif 3 weeks ago

congratulations 🎉 Nyaradzo's daughter

999 3 weeks ago

go girl
we proud of you nkazana

bishu 3 weeks ago

know a Viki family and they are zimbabwean first and SHONA although they are not tribalist. with the name Nyaradzo as mother unathhi might be bi-tribal (hope so to spite the tribalists)

mee 3 weeks ago

ccongatulations sister l wish to be like you

SC 3 weeks ago

what is the fun part of tribalism? enlighten me. I think Zimbabwe should just make Shona and Ndebele compulsory for all, a requirement of those two languages. The whole country to speak those two languages I think if we destroy language barrier in time tribalism will end

The Champion Of Truth 3 weeks ago

Unfortunately ,tribalism will never end.It will only get worse and escalate into tribal wars

factos 3 weeks ago

and here shona people saying ndebelez are unlearned.

we are up for the international standard not this zupco zimsec thing

sgetrude 3 weeks ago

forget that lunatic he is a tribalist

factos 3 weeks ago

uzozwa amatshona esesithi ndebelez are unlearned

3 weeks ago

Maduu 3 weeks ago

Makorokoto Unathi

General maontso 3 weeks ago

congratulations Unathi. love you and so proud of you.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago


zulu 3 weeks ago

shona people are only briliant in the zimbabwean stage. i think you now get why.

King Mzi 3 weeks ago

Why do you have to to involve tribalism. We are all zimbabweans regardless of tribe. Thats why the article said Zimbabwean azvina kunzi ndebele student

anonymous 3 weeks ago

enda unochekwa chigunwe

dispenser 3 weeks ago

😁😁🤗 whow . congrats the best

Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago


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