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Zimbabwean Nurses' Morale At Record Low

Zimbabwean Nurses' Morale At Record Low

At least 2 000 nurses left the country in 2021 for greener pastures amid indications that more are likely to leave before the year ends.

Poor conditions of service for nurses have further dampened their morale and the more experienced nurses are reportedly already processing paperwork to leave the country.

Reports indicate that more people are taking up Nurse Aid courses in order to migrate to the United Kingdom (UK) and other countries where healthcare is functional.

Some nurses are reportedly undergoing English lessons and other procedures required for nurses before they migrate to countries with better working conditions.

The Citizens Health Watch (CHW) has urged authorities to address the issue of nurses’ working conditions as a matter of urgency.

Speaking to Health Times, Fungisayi Dube, a trustee with the CHW said healthcare institutions are now understaffed, with the remaining nurses now overwhelmed. Said, Dube:

What I know is that the Exodus is now out of control and hospital departments are being manned by very few people. I think that is where most of the problems are emanating from.

The saddening thing is that if you are to visit a health institution today and you try to talk to nurses, they won’t be paying much attention as they will be busy reading their English notes because they want to leave.

Those who have failed to leave the country believe maybe it is because they are cursed or something because to them, the normal thing right now is to leave and they believe they should have left the country just like their counterparts.

Our government needs to do something, the situation in the hospitals is not normal, and the grievances of nurses need to be addressed so as to address this issue of exodus of nurses.

Dube added that there should be an audit of the health delivery system to ascertain the actual number of nurses who have left the country. She said:

We need an actual audit if they are serious to turn this around. Also, we need to respond to the needs of health personnel and we need to engage them not from a position of threats but from a position of really wanting to listen and understand what’s happening.

There are no nurses and we want nurses. There are nurses who have never worked, we could make use of them.

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nurse 1 month ago

vanonzi Zuze akandibatsira chaizvo paIELTS ndakaita ma7band angu clear and clean

X 1 month ago

Fiend u are an **** like yo president

X 1 month ago

Fiend u are an **** like yo president

X 1 month ago

Fiend u are an **** like yo president

Dhuterere 1 month ago

if you don't want to give these children money give them their certificates and licences of trade so that they go to where they are paid . why do you fear giving them their certificates and licences of trade

nurse hearding to iceland 1 month ago

Practice certificate inobva kuNurce Council of Zimbabwe fair fair u cant get it u have to pay 100usd to be granted with it
council ikudya nawo ma Diasporians iwaya shame


Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

ZANU PF government haina kumbosiyana negovernment yaIan Smith, tikungodzvinyirirwa💔

Vote CCC for change

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

Ian Smith was much better than ZANU

Tintin 1 month ago

Zimbabweans morale at record low since 18 April 1980.kkk

THE FIEND 1 month ago

F ucking nurses, their moral affects our lives.Playing at work, ignoring your work or have no moral at work if one is in the health sector means lives are lost. I won't support Nurses for their satanic behavior.

g 1 month ago

satanic kuita sei. Satan arikushandisira vanhu mahara tsve take take nevarikudzvanyirirwa. dai Corona yambokubata unzwe butter nxmmm

g 1 month ago

**** wako fiend uda kuti vanhu vashandire mahara unoti vana vavo vanodya kukurapa here. enda unofa kana kuenda kuchina kunoenda vamwe vako

fiend 1 month ago

mwari vakunzirewo nyasha

Greenwood 1 month ago

Top Government officials don't worry about such things,afterall they get proper healthcare outside the Cowntry

Asalif 1 month ago

it's good as playing soccer look at Caps united camp they are not being paid and look at the score lines that will soon happen @ dynamos if they keep on doing what they are doing morale is boosted by happiness ndingafarire kuenda kubasa kwandisingawane anything even if you are mad . mwana chaiye ukamutuma can simply say what will you give me

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