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Zimbabwean National, Ex-British Army Soldier Who Fought In Iraq War Faces Deportation

Zimbabwean National, Ex-British Army Soldier Who Fought In Iraq War Faces Deportation

A Zimbabwean national, who was part of the British Army soldier that fought in Iraq and returned from war with mental health issues, is facing deportation.

Joram Nechironga is due to be deported by the British Home Office, but he says he fears for his life if returned after previously being tortured.

Lawyers are pushing to prevent the deportation of the father of two to Zimbabwe.

Nechironga, who served on the frontline in the British army from 2002 to 2007, at the height of the Iraq conflict, developed PTSD following several traumatic experiences.

His supporters say his mental health was not treated until after he committed drunk driving offences and an assault on a male family member.

His lawyers insist that Nechronga who is receiving help for his mental health and drinking problem has turned his life around.

On a previous visit to Zimbabwe, in 2006, Nechironga said he was tortured for several days on suspicion of being a British spy.

After being released by the Zimbabwean authorities, Nechironga was told never to return.

The Home Office are unmoved and still want to deport him.

He was due for deportation on the 2nd March but that will not happen until a late appeal is heard in court.

Melch Riyo, from Tann Law Solicitors, said:

Taking into account the nature of his offences, it is clear that Joram Nechironga’s offending history is inextricably linked to the PTSD that resulted from the traumatic experiences he had whilst fight for this country on the frontline.

This is a poignant factor which cannot be ignored or disregarded.

Lawyers will argue that it is unfair to disregard the improvements Nechironga has made since getting help.

Nechironga witnessed army colleagues dying beside him in Iraq while fighting for Britain.

He returned from war with a drinking problem, suicidal tendencies, anger issues, palpitations, nightmares and mood swings.

He has since had help for his PTSD from the Veterans Association and got a job in construction.

A supporter said: “Sending him back to Zimbabwe is no different to sending him back into relapse, discarding him and disregarding his self-sacrificial service in the British Army service.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Foreign criminals should be in no doubt of our determination to deport them, and we make no apology for removing them to keep the public safe.

“The New Plan for Immigration will fix this broken immigration system and stop the abuse we are seeing by expediting the removal of those who have no right to be here.”


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Jerah Choko 2 months ago

But guys any infringement of military lubricks ****it's automatic either to be punished and or discarded, it's not racism but lack of discipline always erodes military carreer together with its credentials

Bright 2 months ago

Ane yaaka para chte uyu

Worzell Gummidge 2 months ago

KuEnglabd hakusi kuZimbabwe kwekuti masoja nemapurisa anoita maArned robbery oramba ari pabasa. This guy committed crimes and for that he is being deported. Kwete muno mekuti mhondi dzakauraya vakadzi nevana vacheche paGukrahundi dzinopihwa promoton. Inga muno mune maMilitary attache edzimwe nyika, especially maChinese attache anotoshandira Zimbabwean army wani? Saka zvekuti akawira Britain hazvina basa. Aitsvaga mari. Asi kana akoromora mhosva vane right yekumuranga. Very soon Euroe & USA will need Afrcan soldiers f the lunatic Putin escalates things & starts a world war.

Tsivo 2 months ago

Eish pakaipa ngauye hako asi vakomana ve zanu pf havakuregi asi good for you kana mukomana wechidiki avakutonga .but why akasarudza kurwirwa vavengi vedu haa muface uyu anotoda nyasha dzamwari chaidzo

ngorima mushava 2 months ago

he is now a liability....achine basa rei ,...


factos 2 months ago

Depot Passion Java

chimuti 2 months ago

Makumusvipa nhasi

Bid 2 months ago

This is a real soldier let him come and train our guys

Simple boi 2 months ago

Kt vazonyatsa kukumamisai kaaa when Zanu send them

My zim 2 months ago

They use you like a pony and when you are done, you become gabbage to them. Good for them. End of story for you.

Bok haram 2 months ago

Come back we will bhemba you

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Just at e glance of e pic,you can tell his a tshona ,shoni🐁 Shone,tuvi...he deserted mbuya Nehanda 's country to fight fo Britain..a big sellout

Vera 2 months ago

Kana achida kudzoka kuZim ngaauye apinde muZanu Pf,

General Helen 2 months ago

They should recall and remember his sacrifice....they should have mercy on such hero.... Queen Elizabeth should act like the mother of the great Britain... mercy and hospitality only..

cute 2 months ago

ngaauye a vote kunoku

putin 2 months ago

Ngaauye kuno kurussia

ttttt 2 months ago

Shit gunman

Paul Piki 2 months ago

Sikillaman taura hako mwana waAmai.

Skillaman 2 months ago

Kurwira British army usina citizenship yeBritain. Anga agara aine mental disorder mface uyu

V*D 2 months ago

Citizenship inotwa rivoked. Ukawana basa unoipiwa asi ukakanganwa woraira sekumba ichirova vanokukangamwa


Skillaman kikiki good sense of humor

Rtm 2 months ago

Taura hako ngaachiigare ikoko zve

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