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Zimbabwean Man Convicted Of Raping, Murdering His Boss Says He's Not Remorseful

Zimbabwean Man Convicted Of Raping, Murdering His Boss Says He's Not Remorseful

A Zimbabwean man who was found guilty of raping and killing a British lodge owner in Limpopo told the Limpopo High Court in Polokwane on Thursday that he was not remorseful.

Andrea Imbayarwo who was a labourer at the lodge at the time of the murder told the court that he was not remorseful since he did not commit the crime.

In response to State advocate George Sekhukhune’s question on  whether he was remorseful or not, Imbayarwo first replied: “No comment.” But when the advocate probed further, he said: 

I’m not feeling any remorse because I didn’t commit any crime.

The court can feel sorry for me and give a reasonable sentence so I can go out and look after my child.

He testified that he came to South Africa from his home country of Zimbabwe when he was 17 years old.

At a stage, he was charged with housebreaking and the contravention of the Immigration Act. However, he was later acquitted.

Although his legal stay in South Africa expired after the murder while he was on the run, he told the court that he had an asylum document at the time. However, the State could not verify whether the document existed or not.

The State and defence are expected to submit closing arguments before Judge Marisa Naude-Odendaal.

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3 months ago

Chawabvunza 3 months ago

These are the people who are spoiling Zimbabweans' stay in South Africa. The crimes he committed are both serious, especially the crime murder. He should go to the gallows.


Worzell Gummidge 3 months ago

I notice there is more limelight & publicity on Zimbabweans who commit offences in South Africa. It's as if a narrative is being deliberately amplified by the SA media & government to portray Zimbabweans as evil people. The SA media, nowadays, downplays reports on the heinous crimes committed by South Africans & people of other natiinalities; while amplifying crimes committed by Zimbabweans. Surely, there is an immigration crisis in SA, but Zimbabwe has become the scapegoat. Truely speaking, SA is paying the price for the NCA's support of ZANU PF.

Machiavelli 3 months ago

There's no death sentence in South Africa

bishu 3 months ago

he comments that he cannot be remorseful as he is not responsible. thats logical if true. he implies that hes a scapegoat

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 months ago

Too bad
inyoni ezimbili or ukuya embhedeni kuyafana...

iwatta 3 months ago

mujaya uyu haana mhosva that is why he is not remorseful


inini 3 months ago

has been already given 2 lyf sentences

flag it ethical 3 months ago

flag my comments so that they are removed.we are verifying if the moderator is doing his/her job

flag it ethical 3 months ago

even flag hate speech against political party by a verifying the impartiality of pindula moderators

Nyaku 3 months ago

Haayas Im here to read comments

Chawabvunza 3 months ago

It would seem that you are right #HORZELL CUMMIDGE that South Africa media and government highlight negative stories about Zimbabwe. It stems from that era when ANC send their fact finding mission to Zimbabwe to discuss "crisis" in ZIMBABWE. The delegation was sent back home running with a message from ZANU PF that there was no crisis in ZIMBABWE. It looks as if some Politicians in the ANC, like Aaron Motsoaledi have connived against Zimbabwe.


gogodera 3 months ago

ndoana zhital

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