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Zimbabwean Ex-drug Mule Recalls Her Time In An Indian Prison

Zimbabwean Ex-drug Mule Recalls Her Time In An Indian Prison

A former Zimbabwean drug mule who spent two years in an Indian jail says an appetite for fast money and a life of luxury lure women into the drug mule trade.

Cynthia Mpunga (42) told News24’s Lenin Ndebele that she hid her drug mule operations from close family members, including her husband.

Mpunga was arrested at Cochin International Airport in the city of Kochi in India in 2015 after security officials found ephedrine that had a street value of about US$ 1.4 million in her luggage.

Even though it is an over-the-counter drug in some countries, it’s illegal in India.

She said she would have received US$450 for delivering the drug, besides accommodation, flights, food and other benefits. She said:

My family back home was worried. They thought I was held in a dungeon where, probably, there was no one I could speak to in English [while] living in a confined cell. All the scary things you can imagine were on their minds.

Two years was like a death sentence for me, but when I got into prison, I saw life differently.

I took up jobs while inside. I used to clean, and with basic sewing experience, I also did some work with fabrics.

Like other prisoners doing jobs, I earned a decent stipend. That money was deposited into our accounts monthly.

One could withdraw and buy whatever one desired to use after jail time.

She said while in prison, all she could think of was her daughter, who was only two years old when she was arrested.

Mpunga said she was drawn into the industry by a South African woman who she didn’t want to name for security reasons. 

She said the idea of travelling the world and earning money that even some professionals don’t earn was attractive.

Mpunga said she had been to India five times in the space of three months before, and that aroused suspicions.

Her arrest in India was was the second time she had to be detained for a drug offence in the same year.

Earlier in 2015, Mpunga was arrested in Botswana at Sir Seretse Khama International Airport on arrival in Gaborone from India, via Kenya.

She had 20kg of an illicit substance and spent two months in jail in Botswana and later paid a P10 000 fine for her to be released.

Mpunga was also banned from entering Botswana for 10 years. | News24

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Mufaro 1 month ago

Drugs not good but family needs to chew, thats why people sell them because no job wife complain hungry..

Dofo 1 month ago

kupuhwa 450US pazvinhu zvine value ye 1,5million 😏Rega usungwe uribharanzi

foDo 1 month ago

iwewe newewo Uri bhambi kuswera pa pindula yemahara

@**** 1 month ago

taura hako ibharanzi uyo 450 chete nxaaaa

⚽🏆 1 month ago

ko Argentina yatamba sey guys

nimrod 1 month ago

Argentina 2 Australia1

mamalade 1 month ago

busy nezvisina basa ko magetsi ne vat

1 month ago

Next ukupinda muchikurubi hama yangu munevana vevhu
Language is not a barrier there
It's good for u undosona makaki for nothing


Grant4ED 1 month ago

Ktoita seuri kudada kan kkkkkk

🏴‍☠️ 1 month ago

Ah guys zviriko here izvi, 3 days kusina magetsi. Chinhu ichi chaora. **** ZanuPf and its leaders.

1 month ago

Derek chisora akarohwa zuro aaah

Doug 1 month ago

We have different values to those of other countries. When living in a jail in another country is better than living conditions at home, as she puts it, what can stop one from taking the risk of drug trafficking knowing that if caught they will live comfortably in jail and be able to do some work and save the money while serving the sentence?

Dofo 1 month ago

foDo Hauna kukwana Saka unoda ndibhadhare pindula iyo iri yemahara nxaa

CID 1 month ago

ndane 3days ndisina kumboona magetsi anouya ndarara oenda ndakarara😏😂 pamberi ne zanupf

Vesto 1 month ago

Welcome to Zimbabwe under ZANU

@CID 1 month ago

i advice you to sleep a little bit late ,,by doing unokwanisa kumaona

Vaye vaye 1 month ago

From the way she talks she seems not to have learnt the error of her ways. Akapihwa imwe chance anodzokorora futi kusvikira azobatirwa kuChina where they will execute her.

bellie 1 month ago

haa magetsi arikurwadza maitiro aari kuita

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