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"Zimbabwean Electronic Passport Can Be Read At Border Entry Points Around The World"

Registrar General Henry Machiri has said the Zimbabwean e-passport can now be read at border entry points around the world.

This comes after the southern African country joined and participated in the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) Public Key Directory (PKD) becoming the 84th country to do so.

ICAO PKD is a database established and maintained for the purposes of holding national cryptographic keys related to the authentication of electronic passport information.

Participation in the ICAO PKD will see the uploading of the public key data necessary for authentication of all electronic passports that are issued by a State. The Sunday Mail cites Machiri as saying:

I am pleased to inform the nation that the Zimbabwe e-passport is ICAO compliant, and Zimbabwe, on September 14, 2022, became the 84th member of the United Nations to be admitted to the ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD).

One of the key benefits of the ICAO PKD is that it supports processes of reading and verifying travel documents in an efficient and cost-effective manner,” read a statement issued after the recent feat.

This provides border control authorities with the assurance that travel documents are genuine and unaltered, which in turn authenticates the biometric information contained in e-passports and allows for automation of aspects of the border clearance process.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa launched e-passports on December 14 last year, and the country started issuing them on January 18 this year.

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Nigel 4 months ago

So that we can be deported quickly

Sir African 4 months ago

Is it news worth because to me it's like telling some about the cellphone and it's use.

Sir African 4 months ago

It's very newsworthy because it can be verified against a global database and the probability of using is diminished .moreover you can quickly scan the fingerprints of a person suspected to be using a fake passport or someone# cloned passport and verify with the global database.its something to extol Mr perennial critic of gvt

tongwai 4 months ago

yes it is otherwise how would people knlw how it works

Babassu 4 months ago

ko ma hospitals? beds or at least painkillers

ED Shweeee 4 months ago

Iwe @babassu, you don't matter. What hospital? What painkillers? Kana warara cross Limpopo and Dr. Ramathuba will cure you, and send the bill to Arundel Hospital. Inini I will get treatment for haemorrhoids and STI yandakapihwa naSusan ku New York this week

Citizen raPep naChamisa 4 months ago

Haemorrhoids from ****?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️,anyways i don’t like Zanu a bit ,but the passports is one area they improved,i took mine in 2 days,no Corruption nothing,only mazoom zoom ndiwo aitonyoreswa asi tese takangotora.4 days tanga yatobuda apa takanzi after 1 week🤝🤝chasara kupihwa Visa nditize hangu muno😂😂😂

Muguka 4 months ago

Unoiwanepi Mari yepassport owe usina kana yekutenga mudzanga uri tsuro zvako iwe

Mutoriro 4 months ago

Ko veguka vanobuda pa passport here kana itsom tsom

bhuru 4 months ago

kkkkkkkk pakaipa apa


rtgs 4 months ago

This is bullsh it goypi ndokuvaka nyika hr ikoko mbwa dzavanhu instead of fixing the economy, ur busy talking about the ****i n' passports ediots

Musorobhangu 4 months ago

Ko Ed pa passport photo yake anenge akapfeka scarfu yake here

tickey 4 months ago

Aiwa Musorobhangu, anenge akapfeka face mask paChinonzi Chinhu ChaDaddy

bhuru 4 months ago

kkkkkkk ayas

fifi 4 months ago

taka bhadhara mari yema passports 2years back haasati abuda kkkkkkk

Fifi a 20 3 months ago

Fifi a 2019 akabuda go and collect

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